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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PARTS

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Healing, 438:emphasis shifts from the "I" to the constituent parts which form the garment of the Self, and thisHealing, 464:under the attractive forces of all its component parts and their mutual interaction. This forceHealing, 479:and unexpected reintegration of its component parts in response to definite action which hasHealing, 537:and surgical knowledge will play their useful parts in preventive medicine, alleviative practicesHealing, 574:this phase of the healer's work falls into two parts: The stage of esoteric "lifting up" orHealing, 598:choose always unless they are working with other parts of the Plan which have nothing to do withHealing, 645:healer and the patient are integral, intrinsic parts. There is an unbreakable (though probablyHealing, 697:of the healer will therefore fall into three parts, prior to the conscious act of healing: [698]Hercules, 7:myopic. The consciousness that we are integral parts of a greater Whole, and that knowledge of theHercules, 18:(mental, emotional and physical), with all three parts coordinated into an integrated unit. ThenHercules, 19:developed member of the human family. All three parts of his nature have to be unfolded; his mindHercules, 43:God, the Whole; Sex, the attraction between the parts within that Whole; Law, the habit of theHercules, 67:generator of opportunity: these three play their parts in the life of the aspirant as [68] heHercules, 83:of the various forces which play their subtle parts in bringing about the changes in the life ofHercules, 131:human beings, for all truths are but fractional parts of greater wholes. The search for these moreHercules, 183:essential duality and the link between the two parts of himself, two fishes linked by a band. ThisHercules, 216:0 degrees. It is divided into twelve equal parts called 'signs of the Zodiac', each containingInitiation, 56:much and passes considerable time in various parts of Europe. He works specially with masses moreInitiation, 64:the hours of ten and five every night in all parts of the world, so that the continuity of theInitiation, 65:departments of instruction watch over three parts of man's development. First: Instruction is givenInitiation, 100:exposition and a more pointed reference to the parts played by such during the ceremony. At thisInitiation, 124:to see and realize, divides itself into three parts, which are nevertheless parts of one process:Initiation, 124:itself into three parts, which are nevertheless parts of one process: 1. The past sweeps beforeInitiation, 124:before him, and he sees himself playing many parts, all of which are realized to be but the gradualInitiation, 142:from one point of view, divide itself into three parts: First. That in which the initiate isInitiation, 190:of the eye acts as a protecting shell, and both parts are required, and neither can exist withoutInitiation, 218:is, according to occult teaching, formed of two parts, the dense physical body, and the ethericInitiation, 220:knows. It is divided in some schools into two parts, higher or abstract mind, and lower or concreteIntellect, 26:and intuition begin within the extra-conscious parts of ourselves, to speak in a local figure, andIntellect, 57:activity and through the medium of the heart all parts of the body are pervaded by life." - Bailey,Intellect, 69:"Mystical philosophy, in all ages and in all parts of the world, is characterized by certainIntellect, 73:the Supreme Self. It has been said that the two parts of man have had for long ages nothing inIntellect, 73:had for long ages nothing in common; these two parts are the spiritual soul and the form nature,Intellect, 97:a fiery longing for liberation - are the three parts of the stage of aspiration and must precedeIntellect, 98:The meditation process is divided into five parts, one part leading sequentially to another. WeIntellect, 101:the brain and the nervous system are integral parts. One school deals with it as "a sort ofIntellect, 112:thought ready to its use. Reacting to the three parts of the meditation, but reacting in a unifiedIntellect, 120:and on its reciprocal relation to the other parts of the Whole, a relation which has manyMagic, 18:has a primary direct relation with the three parts of the organism which we call the brain, theMagic, 18:that multiplicity of interrelated and sensitive parts which serve to coordinate the organism, [19]Magic, 19:which exists between the many organs and parts which form the organism as a whole, and which serveMagic, 19:demonstrates primarily through the three parts of the nervous system. Cerebro-spinal system.Magic, 21:will produce right relations between the various parts of the inner nervous structure to be foundMagic, 28:with the activity produced by the component form parts and their interrelations and dependencies.Magic, 29:chemicals and elements, and the functions and parts they play, and their mutual interactions asMagic, 42:a unity. This sum total is subdivided into many parts and organisms. Yet these many subdivisionsMagic, 42:and the body is a correlated whole. Each of its parts differs in form and in function but all areMagic, 42:total called man is roughly divided into five parts some of greater importance than others, but allMagic, 42:without his arms and legs. Each of these three parts is also triple from the [43] physical side,Magic, 43:physical side, making the analogy to the three parts of man's nature and the nine of perfectedMagic, 43:significance of greater value than the other parts. Within the head are: The five ventricles of theMagic, 43:of these triplicities corresponds to the three parts of man's nature: Physical nature: - The skinMagic, 43:that all pervading soul which penetrates to all parts of the solar system, as the blood goes to allMagic, 43:of the solar system, as the blood goes to all parts of the body. Spirit nature: - The nervousMagic, 76:consideration of this rule will fall into two parts: The relation between the soul and theMagic, 103:along this line; divide the review work in three parts and consider: Harmlessness in thought. ThisMagic, 135:and of mystics is going on steadily in all parts of the world and in all organizations. One groupMagic, 169:self assertion. The aspirant has to grow in all parts of his nature, but until he can function asMagic, 236:will, therefore, divide this rule into several parts, the more easily to study it and take them upMagic, 260:relation between workers in all fields in all parts of the world. For the first time in history isMagic, 274:whole. This greater whole, formed of seven parts (or seven solar systems), is itself immersed inMagic, 285:the human family. When man has evolved, when all parts of his nervous system, his endocrine system,Magic, 290:paths through the ether [290] of space in all parts, and are therefore constantly passing throughMagic, 295:organism, thus putting man en rapport with all parts of the solar system. This results in theMagic, 319:and he breaks them up into their component parts and returns them whence they came, neutralized,Magic, 335:rumble of the transportation mechanisms in all parts of the world - trains, vessels and airplanes -Magic, 408:and the other political, also played their parts, the one producing the Renaissance and the otherMagic, 409:the fall". The time has come when the separate parts can be reunited and the whole stand togetherMagic, 416:country, in the United States of America, and in parts of Asia and South Africa are to be foundMagic, 450:with the activity produced by the component form parts and their interrelations and dependencies.Magic, 450:The chemicals and elements and the functions and parts they play, and their mutual interactions asMagic, 461:Aspirants, group leaders and thinkers in all parts of the globe can be available for this work,Magic, 491:them forth. This fourth process falls into two parts: By the use of a mystic phrase he severs theMagic, 515:intense silence differentiates itself into two parts: There is first of all the interlude which weMagic, 526:are immersed, as they constitute functioning parts of the greater form. To this all forms respond.Magic, 531:self-conscious but are unconscious constituent parts of a greater form. They have not yet evolvedMagic, 568:or the sluggishness of the most important parts of the etheric body (the centers up the spine) soMeditationfull as received, with the exception of certain parts which have a purely personal application,Meditation, 29:the causal body and find out its component parts. On the involutionary path you have what is termedMeditation, 169:the three are one, and the seven are but blended parts of one synthetic whole. They all interlaceMeditation, 169:All the three departments are but necessary parts of one organization over which the Lord of theMeditation, 238:of the one basic color into its many component parts. This is the form side, the expression of thatMeditation, 240:differentiated that ray into its many component parts, having veiled himself under all the sevenMeditation, 279:an experience far outweighs any of the strenuous parts of the work. The Master works upon theMeditation, 314:is necessarily large. As said in the earlier parts of this letter, the schools will be in twoMeditation, 352:is, according to occult teaching, formed of two parts, the dense physical body, and the ethericMeditation, 355:knows. It is divided in some schools into two parts, higher or abstract mind, and lower or concretePatanjali, 95:Things become separated into their component parts and are found to be - as all else in nature -Patanjali, 157:division of the gunas is divided into sixteen parts which deal primarily with man's reaction to thePatanjali, 170:2. The stage of discipleship in two parts: Discipleship itself or the steadfast training andPatanjali, 218:or the sluggishness of the most important parts of the etheric body (the centers up the [219]Patanjali, 220:into line with the etheric body. The two parts of the physical vehicle form a unit. 3. ThePatanjali, 220:of energy via the etheric body to all parts of the dense physical body. This energy may come fromPatanjali, 220:The ideas and teaching conveyed fall into three parts: I. The external, internal or motionlessPatanjali, 222:magician definitely utilizes these physical parts of the body to generate a type of force which isPatanjali, 223:to do. He brings about the merging of the two parts of the dense physical, and the synchronizationPatanjali, 224:and the complete unification of the two parts of the physical body so that there is no impedimentPatanjali, 246:a state of one-pointed coherent attention, all parts of his nature being directed to the attainmentPatanjali, 319:responsible for the full functioning of all the parts of man's nature on all planes, and for allPatanjali, 321:to it, and to develop full awareness in all parts of the Father's kingdom, and thus demonstrate as
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