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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PASS

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Discipleship2, 385:processes through which the disciple must pass are primarily concerned with the thought of theDiscipleship2, 402:Logos employs as he gathers into his ring-pass-not that extra-planetary substance which mustDiscipleship2, 405:of the redemptive energies brought into our ring-pass-not through the activity of Beings atDiscipleship2, 405:They can then precipitate them into the ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy, and consequently hasten theDiscipleship2, 405:This is the mental quality "within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind" which is increasinglyDiscipleship2, 408:by the sons of men who seek pure light. "They pass across the bridge into the Light serene whichDiscipleship2, 414:effort to advance, to develop usefulness and to pass through the door of initiation. It is at thisDiscipleship2, 419:and the attainment of a new and greater ring-pass-not in consciousness. Let me list the leading andDiscipleship2, 421:questions which you must answer before you can pass on to a deeper meaning and significance.Discipleship2, 421:activity which lie outside our planetary ring-pass-not. For their [422] understanding, and forDiscipleship2, 463:lessons of the dark have likewise been revealed. Pass out between the two. The best is yet to be.Discipleship2, 474:for the remainder of this incarnation - you will pass on into a life cycle which will reveal to youDiscipleship2, 487:assurance that you are within the ring-pass-not of the Ashram and are functioning as a consciousDiscipleship2, 489:as you withdraw it from the brain and pass out on the subtler levels of awareness. You are notDiscipleship2, 506:working out in the daily life within the ring-pass-not of the three worlds and in the life of theDiscipleship2, 510:rare joy of looking back (when the time comes to pass through the Portal into clearer light andDiscipleship2, 532:to mine and strengthens day by day, each year. Pass onward on this bridge of light. [533] Ever toDiscipleship2, 539:When the time comes, therefore, for you to pass over to the other side, you will find that you canDiscipleship2, 547:- I.B.S. August 1942 As the hours of service pass around the clock of time look for the sounding ofDiscipleship2, 552:You stand before the door, the outer door, and pass inside and hear a voice which says, "You standDiscipleship2, 559:the physical limitation unduly control you, but pass courageously along the Lighted Way in spiteDiscipleship2, 565:Ashram of the Master K.H., and some day you will pass through to the higher and more potent center.Discipleship2, 583:The entire group has, therefore, within its ring-pass-not all that is required to make itDiscipleship2, 613:in your next incarnation, to step into the ring-pass-not of the Ashram of the Chohan K.H. No oneDiscipleship2, 617:over. Today you stand clear - a disciple who can pass back and forth into all second ray Ashrams,Discipleship2, 623:and feeling is the production of emotion. We pass on then to your second question where you seek toDiscipleship2, 633:and relationships - within the ashramic ring-pass-not - which can be his some day. Yet he alsoDiscipleship2, 633:realizes that he has not yet earned the right to pass along the corridor to the Master's sanctum,Discipleship2, 634:of behavior are developed, the disciple can pass up and down the corridor at will, which symbolizesDiscipleship2, 634:pillars which you must develop the ability to pass before you have the complete freedom of theDiscipleship2, 634:of the Ashram. You have already learnt to pass seven of them and they, for you, are nowDiscipleship2, 635:in moments of emergency, and can be trusted to pass in and out of his study, whenever he deems itDiscipleship2, 636:The interim should be a time wherein you pass the pillars, wherein you go from point to point withDiscipleship2, 648:and hence I have no fear. Through it, I may not pass. And from this hour and henceforth upon theDiscipleship2, 649:the Earth. We come to know that we shall not pass this way so oft again. Did you grasp theDiscipleship2, 654:with and consumes the little one. I turn and pass back - out of the light and warmth - into theDiscipleship2, 654:I turn, I hear a voice crying aloud: "Well done. Pass through the gloom; enter the mist; dry up theDiscipleship2, 664:two contrasting aspects of your life, and then pass on to fuller light and service? I told you inDiscipleship2, 685:belongs to a passing age - an age which should pass. This affects also your sixth ray personalityDiscipleship2, 689:and that from stage to stage of liberation we pass onward into light. You are not young. You have aDiscipleship2, 716:of life. I unlock the door for others and they pass through - yet see me not. 7th month - As I amDiscipleship2, 721:above and all around, whilst through the room pass many. It is their right to pass. A golden door,Discipleship2, 721:through the room pass many. It is their right to pass. A golden door, wide open to the sun. BeforeDiscipleship2, 730:at the quiet of the coming period before you pass over to the other side. Make full use of the timeDiscipleship2, 732:some line. E'en the Masters fail at times to pass through one or other of the highest initiationsDiscipleship2, 742:the periphery to the center, from the outer ring-pass-not to the lighted dynamic center. As theyDiscipleship2, 762:some of which we recognize, and others pass by unnoted. The revelation of a certain type ofDiscipleship2, 762:is one through which all disciples have to pass; it is a test of that occult detachment which everyEducation, 9:the world of Reality and through which he may pass at will and there assume and work out hisEducation, 51:with a complete triple integration. Not all can pass into the higher grades, and this must beEducation, 65:They have mastered this science, They can then pass on to the Science of Life and deal with theEducation, 84:through which every [84] young person will pass and through which, today, many thousands do pass.Education, 84:pass and through which, today, many thousands do pass. In the future, education will make a farExternalisation, 7:it has opened a door through which many will pass before long and take their second initiation, andExternalisation, 34:slowly developed to the point where theory could pass into practice. Yet these people would not beExternalisation, 58:- Section I - Introductory Remarks Let us now pass on to a brief indication of the work of theExternalisation, 127:conflict to an end and so enable humanity to pass into the new Aquarian Age relatively free andExternalisation, 233:ultimate triumph of the Forces of Light comes to pass? Are you going to take the position that youExternalisation, 278:disappearing of great and active energies which pass in and out of manifestation, fulfiling theExternalisation, 280:such power that it can repulse those who seek to pass in their pursuit of evil and wickedExternalisation, 290:Transcendence. This means the innate capacity to pass beyond so-called natural law. ThisExternalisation, 292:worlds of human living. Then, as the centuries pass, that truth and the effect of Their lives andExternalisation, 333:of those with whom you work are forgotten or pass unnoticed. Let love be the keynote in allExternalisation, 375:eminence. [375] This is the old order which must pass, but its dangers must be recognized. For itsExternalisation, 413:endeavor. Forget the self in group activity. Pass through the portal to initiation in groupExternalisation, 419:[419] Then will begin, as the ages pass away, the regeneration of material nature, with the twoExternalisation, 559:by life; from the Hierarchy, the initiate must pass to Shamballa, and from Shamballa he will followExternalisation, 564:a potency that it has penetrated beyond the ring-pass-not (symbolically understood) of theExternalisation, 608:passed the test and fulfiled His task He will pass to a still more exalted position in the Father'sExternalisation, 611:every ear will hear Him, and every mind will pass judgment upon Him. Externalisation, 619:- holding His five-pointed star before them - pass unscathed and successful through the midst ofExternalisation, 642:and may you do your full share in helping men to pass from 5darkness into light and from death toExternalisation, 665:Ashram, just as my Ashram lies within the ring-pass-not of the Ashram of the Master K.H. ThisExternalisation, 667:Ashram, and therefore enfolds within its ring-pass-not all the Ashrams to be found upon the thirdExternalisation, 675:energies, through which directed energies can pass to carry out the creative process, are five inExternalisation, 686:be understood by you and which will necessarily pass unnoticed; you will respond, however, to theExternalisation, 696:share of the preparatory work. Some will not pass through these relatively limiting phases, butExternalisation, 696:these relatively limiting phases, but will pass back and forth between the outer world and theFire, 24:surmount the sevenfold display. Within the Ring-pass-not the Word of Love sounds forth. TheFire, 41:It controls the movements of the entire ring-pass-not in connection with its cosmic center.7 6 "OneFire, 41:Vol. VII, p. 11 15. 7 The term "ring-pass-not" is used in occult literature to denote the peripheryFire, 41:up to the great atom of a solar system. The ring-pass-not of the average human being is theFire, 42/43:existence, from the logoic atom, the solar ring-pass-not, down to the minutest atom of the chemistFire, 58:the bounds of its sphere of influence, its ring-pass-not by means of a threefold channel. 17 17Fire, 60:atmosphere of a planet, or its electrical ring-pass-not. It is the opposite pole to the solarFire, 80:the system. All receive in order to give, and to pass on to that which is lesser or not so evolved.Fire, 83:logoic etheric web, and escape beyond the ring-pass-not of His objective manifestation. In thinkingFire, 91:along one of the three channels of approach, pass them through their organism and focalize themFire, 97:perfection. Fire then passes out from the ring-pass-not as perfected essence, whether essenceFire, 97:whether essence emerging from the human ring-pass-not, the planetary ring-pass-not or the solar.Fire, 97:from the human ring-pass-not, the planetary ring-pass-not or the solar. The wheel of fire turns andFire, 100:from the circumference of its temporary ring-pass-not as emanative human prana, which is the sameFire, 100:the escape of all essences from within any ring-pass-not when the cycle has been completed. ThisFire, 100:of the etheric sheath as a separator or ring-pass-not, and its functions as a receiver andFire, 101:all evolutions found within the planetary ring-pass-not. Its mission might be described as theFire, 104:from the angle of providing a physical ring-pass-not, and acting as a separator between theFire, 105:trouble in the etheric web, which forms the ring-pass-not for the involved planetary Spirit. Here IFire, 105:web within the circumference of the solar ring-pass-not. 46 Again from the systemic standpoint,Fire, 105:in connection with the solar or logoic ring-pass-not. We might now, for purposes of clarity, takeFire, 109:trouble be caused through the etheric ring-pass-not having been destroyed in some one place. In
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