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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PASS

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Fire, 110:in connection with its work of providing a ring-pass-not from the purely physical to the astral. AsFire, 110:both here and in the books of H. P. B., the ring-pass-not 48a is that confining barrier which actsFire, 111:formations, and this is the fact that the ring-pass-not acts only as a hindrance to that which isFire, 111:indwelling entity over its vehicle. 48a "Ring-pass-not. The circumference of the sphere ofFire, 111:passes at night from out of his etheric ring-pass-not and functions elsewhere. Therefore, under theFire, 111:under the law, the planetary Logos likewise can pass His ring-pass-not at stated seasons whichFire, 111:the planetary Logos likewise can pass His ring-pass-not at stated seasons which correspond in theFire, 111:the threefold sumtotal of the logoic nature, can pass the bounds of the solar ring-pass-not inFire, 111:nature, can pass the bounds of the solar ring-pass-not in Their stated cycles. This is a profoundFire, 113:of Manas while in process of evolution, and who pass under Their influence all the sons of men.Fire, 113:to make Their escape from Their planetary ring-pass-not, or from the etheric web that has itsFire, 114:and second plane. - S. D., I, 155. They can pass the ring-pass-not. - S. D., I, 157. They areFire, 114:plane. - S. D., I, 155. They can pass the ring-pass-not. - S. D., I, 157. They are connected withFire, 114:escaped permanently from the personality ring-pass-not, on the fourth subplane of the mental. ThereFire, 114:At the first Initiation he escapes from the ring-pass-not in a more temporary sense, but he has yetFire, 114:spirit before he can escape from the solar ring-pass-not, which is achieved at the seventhFire, 115:the fourth manvantara will see the solar ring-pass-not offering avenues of escape to those who haveFire, 142:the material circumscribed by the entire ring-pass-not, and secondly differentiating it, accordingFire, 142:the matter of any plane within the plane ring-pass-not shows first as a totality and then as aFire, 143:the solar system, or within the solar ring-pass-not, and in their seven major differentiations theyFire, 145:is a literal driving forward of the solar ring-pass-not through space, and until the end of thisFire, 151:formulates the hypothesis that the solar ring-pass-not similarly rotates in its appointed placeFire, 155:counter to the rotations of the sphere and pass down from the north southwards to a midway point.Fire, 156:can be predicated likewise of the entire ring-pass-not of the solar system in relation to itsFire, 159:evolution. The circle. This stands for the ring-pass-not of undifferentiated matter. It stands forFire, 161:progress from inertia to rhythm, via mobility, pass through all stages, whether they are logoicFire, 161:channels of fire from the center to the ring-pass-not - fire within, without and around until theFire, 169:that fire can perfectly vivify them, and thence pass on to other transmutations. We might enumerateFire, 183:yet be imparted. What lies beyond the solar ring-pass-not may be of intellectual interest, 78 but,Fire, 198:line and the path upon which an must eventually pass. 84 The Initiations spoken of in this TreatiseFire, 205:become interlinked by triangles of fire which pass and circulate from one to another, till we haveFire, 207:of Neptune includes apparently the entire ring-pass-not. Vulcan is within the orbit of Mercury.Fire, 232:immediate sphere of influence, the logoic ring-pass-not. Both the light of the Son and the heat ofFire, 232:occult heat beyond their own individualized ring-pass-not. Occultly blaze forth and demonstrateFire, 238:on planes entirely without the solar ring-pass-not. That manifestation is periodical and that theFire, 247:distinguished by: Its spheroidal shape. Its ring-pass-not is definite and seen. Its internalFire, 247:in form, he can be seen as a circular ring-pass-not, a sphere of matter with a nucleus [248] ofFire, 249:therefore by: His spheroidal shape. His ring-pass-not is definite and seen. His internalFire, 250:be seen as spheroidal in shape. He has His ring-pass-not as has the atom and the man. ThisFire, 250:as has the atom and the man. This ring-pass-not comprises the entire planetary scheme; the denseFire, 254:therefore by: His spheroidal shape. His ring-pass-not, during objectivity, is definite and seen.Fire, 255:is equally spheroidal in shape. His ring-pass-not comprises the entire circumference of the solarFire, 258:of His manifesting existence. His solar ring-pass-not is definite and seen. This can only beFire, 277:space, with all that is included within the ring-pass-not. 2. Rotation around an orbit. This is theFire, 281:and purposes are worked out - the solar ring-pass-not. The space wherein a planetary Logos worksFire, 281:use. Man again repeats the process and his ring-pass-not is included in the radius of hisFire, 283:planetary Logos, gathers out of the solar ring-pass-not that which He needs for each incarnation.Fire, 289:place, and of energized activity within the ring-pass-not of their particular planetary Logos.,Fire, 289:realized control of their own individual ring-pass-not, or of their own sphere of activity. ThisFire, 290:with conscious activity within Their Own ring-pass-not, a planetary scheme. This covers a period inFire, 292:to the full consciousness of His entire ring-pass-not, or of the seven planes of the solar system.Fire, 298:physical planets will be perfected and man will pass at will from on to another. I would here pointFire, 306:cycle of incarnations through which a man must pass, but holds the key to the three major cyclesFire, 319:to activity within the [319] solar-ring-pass-not. This is the first syllable of the Sacred Word.Fire, 329:be felt at the furthest bounds of the solar ring-pass-not. Automatically then all lesser lives andFire, 334:bodies which are included in the solar ring-pass-not. A man is a coherent unit in objectiveFire, 341:case brings about escape from the planetary ring-pass-not and enables Him to function consciouslyFire, 341:and of mind liberates Him from the solar ring-pass-not, and gives Him the freedom of the cosmicFire, 355:Each discriminated, and thus formed His ring-pass-not; each has a purpose in view for everyFire, 355:this self-realization till it includes the ring-pass-not of the Entity through Whom the fifthFire, 355:lesser lives who go to the content of the ring-pass-not or sphere of influence of the indwellingFire, 363:from the heart of our scheme through every ring-pass-not to the cosmic correspondence, foundFire, 364:Name. One point here needs emphasis: all Monads pass at different times under the influence of theFire, 372:Sun in His glory; then the kundalinic fire will pass in higher progressive spirals, and He willFire, 374:Logos takes some initiation. He may, and does, pass through many incarnations without takingFire, 375:force of the different schemes can pass from scheme to scheme, and thus the units of life on theFire, 390:be closing, and the Venus scheme will begin to pass into obscuration, preparatory to transferringFire, 390:and the attention of logoic kundalini will pass from the present triangle in process of formingFire, 391:focused on the astral. There two fifths will pass into temporary pralaya, preparatory to theirFire, 404:Man come into existence. Outside a solar ring-pass-not, for instance, and as far as our evolutionFire, 405:factor, that of pure Spirit.) Outside the ring-pass-not, we have that abstraction which we callFire, 405:results in light or objectivity. Within the ring-pass-not, therefore, the electric fire of pureFire, 407:of the mass of the human family will gradually pass on to the fourth subplane of the mental plane,Fire, 407:Maharajahs who apportion karma within the ring-pass-not will reach its culminating point during theFire, 407:in connection with our system outside the ring-pass-not will become more prominent. This isFire, 410:scheme to an atom) within the solar ring-pass-not, and of the relation existing between: A schemeFire, 415:which is united to ours within a cosmic ring-pass-not. Hence the impossibility of yet enlargingFire, 433:is felt at the seventh Initiation. Let us now pass on to the brief consideration of the futureFire, 434:the coming subraces His cycle will begin to pass out, and the influence of His Brother, the fourthFire, 437:the occult truism that all forms of existence pass at one stage of their career through the humanFire, 437:the influence, being centers in the body logoic, pass it through Their schemes, circulate itFire, 439:passed beyond the periphery of whatever ring-pass-not it was energizing, and the force of itsFire, 446:hundred years, a specific number of men will pass on to the Path of Initiation, and take at leastFire, 447:material, as we know, is found within the ring-pass-not in seven grades, and in forty-nineFire, 451:work with forms and force within [451] the ring-pass-not of his own planetary Logos within theFire, 451:Logos within the three worlds, within the ring-pass-not of the polar opposite of his Logos, orFire, 451:polar opposite of his Logos, or within the ring-pass-not of three planetary Logoi who form aFire, 469:the only unit in form [469] permitted to pass beyond the plane ring-pass-not. All other units inFire, 469:[469] permitted to pass beyond the plane ring-pass-not. All other units in manifestation on a planeFire, 469:through which they function before they can pass on to subtler levels. Fire, 477:human monads or Heavenly Men. The solar Ring-Pass-Not, the aggregate of all lesser atoms. In allFire, 484:fusing, burning period, through which all atoms pass during the disintegration of form. The solventFire, 484:concerns itself with the form or the ring-pass-not which encloses the burning lives. TheFire, 490:and escapes by radiation from within its ring-pass-not. This is seen in an interesting way asFire, 493:substance which is enclosed within the ring-pass-not viewing it as a homogeneous whole, is "fire byFire, 507:and the sheath of the causal body - the ring-pass-not of the central Life is formed. Within thisFire, 510:many septenary lives, and as the cyclic sevens pass over him, man passes under the influence of theFire, 511:certain allied etheric spheres within the ring-pass-not, are parts of that heart center, and areFire, 524:hinder the evolutionary process. As the cycles pass away, the balancing of these fiery currentsFire, 535:and have not carried it beyond the solar ring-pass-not. All the permanent atoms concern physical
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