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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PASS

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Rays, 261:you will only vaguely [261] understand. Let us pass now to the second of the preparatory steps. Rays, 282:his consciousness and of its self-imposed ring-pass-not. From thence he never moves, but is awareRays, 283:and superhuman - is also clear. Within the ring-pass-not and in the world of sentiency and inRays, 283:the Master to break through the planetary ring-pass-not, and thus arrive at the door of the HigherRays, 284:that He succeeds in piercing the planetary ring-pass-not; He is then given the freedom of theRays, 296:their ashramic impulse has indicated - they pass on to a fresh expression of the dynamic,Rays, 333:important to all contained within the group ring-pass-not. They have their own chosen and differingRays, 344:too narrow, O Master of my life. I fear I cannot pass. [345] Go closer to the Door and take theRays, 347:of it to him is that it offers an opportunity to pass to new experience and fresh revelation - muchRays, 348:an open door through which he may joyously pass has no faintest resemblance to the truth; the ideaRays, 348:experience. It is eternally true that no one may pass through this door unless these characterRays, 351:and vibrate in unison that the aspirant can pass through to greater light. This gives you aRays, 352:the "door" through which the spiritual man must pass when he undergoes the first initiation. ThisRays, 352:energies symbolically "die out," and he can pass on to the Path of Initiation, free from that typeRays, 356:the remaining signs through which the sun must pass. Pentecost. This event does not portray theRays, 370:the entire ashramic life is guarded by a ring-pass-not, created by its radiation; the seven and theRays, 372:- lying beyond the planetary ring-pass-not - confront Him; His choice of one or other of the PathsRays, 379:its differentiated groups is guarded by a ring-pass-not. This ring-pass-not is provided byRays, 379:groups is guarded by a ring-pass-not. This ring-pass-not is provided by radiation. The forty-twoRays, 381:its own magnetic field, possessed its own ring-pass-not, and became a dynamic mediating centerRays, 384:out of the ranks of humanity and inside the ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy. In the beginning, onlyRays, 388:for an influx of first ray initiates. Ages must pass before this Will aspect will have reached theRays, 389:another and wider freedom on ahead, and the ring-pass-not of our planetary Life in itselfRays, 391:first vision of the Door through which He must pass on to the seven Paths. He glimpses it and thatRays, 396:Path at all. This He knows and will in due time pass on to His rightful Path. This little incidentRays, 398:given the right to follow Their decision and pass to extra-planetary service. The Hierarchy, as weRays, 401:for astral energy within the planetary ring-pass-not. I also said that many Masters Who haveRays, 403:is not so easy to comprehend, however, when we pass out of the cosmic physical plane (in ourRays, 405:are extra-planetary but within the solar ring-pass-not. Those Masters Whose decision it is to treadRays, 405:the door on the periphery of our planetary ring-pass-not. Then - out of incarnation and workingRays, 408:Them indefinitely to the limitations of the ring-pass-not of Their body of manifestation, a planet.Rays, 412:then be no need for Those on certain rays to pass to certain already determined Paths, but They canRays, 419:this change will inevitably come), that too will pass away after due service rendered. Thus theRays, 419:of humanity, standing upon the fourth Path, will pass through the initiatory process on Sirius, ofRays, 422:have however been made, and a Master can now pass on to this sixth Path directly and withoutRays, 426:Path IV to be accounted for. Upon this Path pass all those who, through devotion and activityRays, 426:of the Wisdom." The former must therefore pass to the sun Sirius there to undergo a tremendousRays, 444:this Way is completed, and the initiate can "pass to higher worlds at will, leaving the lowerRays, 444:worlds far behind; or he can come again and pass upon the way that leads from dark to light, fromRays, 453:man learns is applied - as the centuries pass - to the world of natural phenomena and of naturalRays, 466:becomes the Lighted Way across which he can pass into the higher worlds of being. Thus he liberatesRays, 471:and expressed. Within the planetary ring-pass-not the initiate moves with freedom and knows noRays, 474:centers and present the medium along which can pass the fiery will and the predetermined purpose ofRays, 486:vaster scale - He concentrated within a ring-pass-not (defining His desired [487] sphere ofRays, 487:energies are confined within a mental ring-pass-not, prior to the later process of visualizationRays, 488:restrained within the carefully delimited ring-pass-not, and the bridge-builder is ready for theRays, 489:influence which works upon and within the ring-pass-not of accumulated energies, held in a state ofRays, 489:energies: one, quiescent and held within a ring-pass-not, but at a point of extreme tension, andRays, 512:of the work to be done is necessary. A ring-pass-not of consciously gathered energies must beRays, 512:of tension within the previously created ring-pass-not. The active picture-forming energy broughtRays, 522:the aspirant and the initiate-disciple pass along the first part of the Path of Discipleship. InRays, 523:and relates all beings within the planetary ring-pass-not into Itself." By becoming the Path,Rays, 527:and opened the door through which mankind could pass to the Second Initiation. The Buddha, a stillRays, 534:the Ram, or of the Scapegoat; they have yet to pass into the sign (again speaking symbolically) ofRays, 536:The relationship also enables them eventually to pass off the cosmic physical plane on to theRays, 567:will demonstrate living purpose within the ring-pass-not of the three lower cosmic planes. WithRays, 568:of manifested life within our planetary ring-pass-not. These Lords of the Rays are the creating andRays, 569:on a large scale and in mass formation can today pass through the experience of the BirthRays, 570:with humanity, for it will enable mankind to pass through the door admitting them to the firstRays, 570:major interest of men everywhere. Humanity will pass through this "birth" initiation and manifestRays, 579:under the focused stimulation of the Hierarchy, pass through the appropriate initiation. It shouldRays, 579:of aspirants (far larger than is realized) will pass through the experience of the secondRays, 580:who are ready today, in their thousands, to pass through the experience of the second initiationRays, 584:unfolding of the Christ consciousness and thus pass through the first initiation. This often (IRays, 588:and spiritual worker in energy within the ring-pass-not of the three worlds and - as I haveRays, 595:for that time when humanity on a large scale can pass through the Transfiguration Initiation. StepsRays, 596:consequent aggressiveness. Before humanity can pass through the Transfiguration Initiation the newRays, 600:Decision that the illusion of the planetary ring-pass-not finally disappears. The Master then knowsRays, 605:and it is this ray which has determined the ring-pass-not within which humanity must work. At thisRays, 605:within the periphery of the fourth ray ring-pass-not, then (if humanity's decision is correct andRays, 606:a spiritual ideology which enables him to pass out of the control of the three worlds of forms, andRays, 662:remembered from the start that no disciple can pass through the initiatory experience unless he isRays, 677:dimension. He has, through his willingness to pass through the second initiation, struck the firstRays, 685:and makes possible the hard work required to pass the grade. All these four techniques (for that isRays, 698:is transmuted to such an extent that it can pass under the complete control of the heart center,Rays, 718:humanity is today passing and will continue to pass [719] during the next fifty years (though withRays, 722:was therefore held in 1903. Those prepared to pass through this initiation were faced with the factRays, 738:towards preparing each individual human being to pass into that kingdom. The knowledge that thereRays, 754:except for that which has passed away and should pass away. The "Holy Land" is no longer holy, butRays, 761:comes to the mind of the wanderer by the way. Pass on, O Pilgrim, with steady perseverance. NoRays, 764:Who is the threefold Path. I reach the gate and pass within, entering thus the Heart, through theRays, 766:Only those thus purified can grasp the key and pass through door the third. Reappearance, 40:Then the Buddha and the Christ will together pass before the Father, the Lord of the World, willReappearance, 40:see the glory of the Lord and eventually pass to higher service of a nature and a caliber unknownReappearance, 55:passed the test and fulfiled His task, He will pass to a still more exalted position in theReappearance, 58:Him, every ear will hear Him and every mind will pass judgment upon Him. We can freely aid in theReappearance, 81:in the sign Aries, the Scapegoat; they have to pass - again speaking symbolically - into the sign,Reappearance, 96:to condition human living, then the Buddha will pass to the work which awaits Him. One of theReappearance, 122:the teaching which humanity needs in order to pass from darkness to Light, from the unreal to theReappearance, 127:of thousands of men and women everywhere will pass through some one or other of the greatReappearance, 166:walk clear-eyed through world difficulties and pass unscathed and successful through the midst ofSoul, 71:p. 75. Two points merit discussion, before we pass on to a detailed account of the Eastern teachingSoul, 95:base, it is possible that one form of matter may pass into another." - Avalon,Arthur (Sir JohnSoul, 117:the sympathetic chain on each side nerve fibers pass to the viscera of the abdomen and thorax. FromSoul, 117:From these, nerves are also given off which pass back into the spinal nerves, and others which passSoul, 117:back into the spinal nerves, and others which pass into some of the cranial nerves; these are thusSoul, 118:by the anterior roots of the spinal nerves, and pass through short branches into the sympatheticSoul, 118:more than trace the paths by which impulses may pass between one portion of the system and another,Soul, 125:and to bring the dead to life. Christ could pass unseen into rooms, and could raise the dead. (SeeSoul, 153:eternal circle life pursues. For men begin to pass their nature's bound, And find new hopes and
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