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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PASSED

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Discipleship2, 466:which is left when you have trodden upon and passed the burning ground, through the Portal into theDiscipleship2, 510:center of light, and in September, 1951, he passed into clearer light and life in the inner Ashram.Discipleship2, 563:the corroboration of many thoughts which have passed through your mind. You can [564] now ceaseDiscipleship2, 586:the inner link. Even those who have passed on should be mentioned, for they are still active in theDiscipleship2, 594:your development during fifteen years since you passed into my Ashram to get the training whichDiscipleship2, 616:to live in the world of meaning. Last year you passed through a terrific test and it looked for aDiscipleship2, 616:is always trouble when that which should be passed and gone seeks recognition along ancient lines,Discipleship2, 634:"pillars of propriety," meaning that each pillar passed indicates the attainment of certain aspectsDiscipleship2, 636:you have gone from strength to strength and have passed from pillar to pillar, even if you did notDiscipleship2, 649:trouble and struggle ephemeral, and that we have passed oft this way before upon the unhappy littleDiscipleship2, 652:be turned into a mount of initiation. You have passed the three score years and ten of ordinaryDiscipleship2, 666:plus the esoteric quality of those who have passed through a certain door and undergone a certainDiscipleship2, 711:of a group, when A.A.B. is not with you and has passed on to other and more important inner work;Discipleship2, 734:trained mind from the educational angle (for you passed through college, did you not, my brother?)Externalisation, 22:the space of the next two years (one has already passed), because after the early autumn of 1936,Externalisation, 190:order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to aExternalisation, 248:earlier to inaugurate and to synthesize, has passed through a negative stage and through anExternalisation, 300:Many initiates became Masters; many Masters passed to still higher work, and many disciples tookExternalisation, 367:the ending of the war. The critical point is now passed, and the humanitarian grasp of the issuesExternalisation, 409:were rare indeed. [409] Countless ages passed between them. Today, owing to the greatly increasedExternalisation, 409:The kingdom of man appeared on Earth. Aeons passed away whilst primitive man continued to evolve,Externalisation, 472:failed, attained success, endured death and passed through the experience of resurrection. They areExternalisation, 473:Their great Master is the Christ; They have passed through the initiations of the new birth, theExternalisation, 487:yet human Leader, the Christ. The Christ has passed through all human experiences, and has neverExternalisation, 535:crisis through which the world has just passed and, from some standpoints, is still passing. [536]Externalisation, 559:they have attained; the fact that they have only passed a milestone upon the endless Way of BlissExternalisation, 563:believed possible of accomplishment when the sun passed into Capricorn about 2300 years hence. ButExternalisation, 568:Though the Masters of the Wisdom have all passed through the human experience and are simply menExternalisation, 569:all the senior initiates, many of whom, as they passed into higher grades and under instructionExternalisation, 581:into manifestation before many generations have passed, but only from the angle of its incarnatingExternalisation, 593:liberated Sons of God Who, down the ages, have passed from darkness to Light, from the unreal toExternalisation, 597:It is a spiritual fact that those who have passed from the cave of the tomb into the fullness ofExternalisation, 605:it issued from the Father's House (Shamballa), passed into the understanding custody of the KingdomExternalisation, 608:to a great initiation, and when He has passed the test and fulfiled His task He will pass to aFire, 17:wheel, that responded to that fifth great turn, passed through the cycle and entered into peace.Fire, 17:need till the sixth wheel and the seventh had passed it through their fires. The Sons of GodFire, 18:adding of the power, had waited for millennia, passed in a flash of time, and lo, the work wasFire, 28:fivefold groups developed the lower Fifth. They passed from stage to stage. The watching Lords,Fire, 28:on its way. When the lesser Fifth had midway passed and all the lesser four were peopling the land,Fire, 29:*** From the coming of the heaven-sent One peace passed upon the earth. The planet staggered andFire, 33:It is circled to the midmost point and somewhat passed. Yellow the band that cometh, orange theFire, 41:thousands of millions of such Maha Kalpas have passed, and as many more are yet to come. (VideFire, 58:of solar systems, is caught up by our sun and passed out in a manifested form to the utmostFire, 73:and having laid down certain hypotheses we passed to the consideration of the first of the fires,Fire, 90:of a very high order, and of a golden hue. It is passed through their bodies and emitted asFire, 90:of the etheric body, the head and shoulders, and passed down to the etheric correspondence of theFire, 92:prana, therefore, is solar prana which has passed throughout the planet, has circulated through theFire, 97:blend and blaze and till all that exists, is passed through the fire - from a solar system to anFire, 97:life at all; but as it rises again when it has passed its nadir it shows itself somewhat moreFire, 99:organ. The vital essence from the sun is passed into the etheric spleen, and is there subjected toFire, 99:rate of vibration will be keyed up before it is passed on into the physical spleen; or it will beFire, 105:on the evolutionary arc of the universe, and has passed many stages beyond the human. The planetaryFire, 106:pranic currents, owing to the unhealthy lives passed by so many. This involves the cutting off ofFire, 136:normally enjoy. When the fires of matter have passed (united) still further along the ethericFire, 163:at the close of his long pilgrimage, will have passed through the five kingdoms of nature on hisFire, 175:reached in a mass the stage of Buddhahood and passed out of the objective existence into theFire, 240:and who, in [240] past kalpas, reached and passed the stage where man now is; on the other side areFire, 259:is only revealed to initiates who have passed the third Initiation, and even to them in a carefullyFire, 318:the cosmic Entity, involving cycles which have passed into the dim mist of retrospect, even fromFire, 363:that five Hierarchies out of the twelve have passed out and that seven remain. Of these seven, ourFire, 364:[364] developed manas in an earlier system; They passed out of the wave of manasic influence as farFire, 366:may be made still firmer. Again, as lives are passed, the Ego (in connection with a human being)Fire, 378:our chain, and have (with the utmost brevity) passed in review the larger aspect of the question.Fire, 393:state) the old story dreamt in a dream that has passed way. So also will he, who, investigating theFire, 439:that it is completely abrogated; it has simply passed beyond the periphery of whateverFire, 439:elsewhere, until practically all of it will be passed on unabsorbed. This is what is beginning toFire, 459:became closed, and no more of the animal kingdom passed into the human. Their cycle temporarilyFire, 461:into two groups: A number of these lives were "passed," and the tide of life sweeps through them,Fire, 461:be subjected to an analogous test; some will be passed and will continue their evolution on thisFire, 462:next round. Just as the human Monads, who are passed in the fifth round, will enter into the fifthFire, 462:monads (if I may employ such a term) who were passed in this round will achieve individualizationFire, 469:Lords of Light, Who achieved intelligence, and passed through the human kingdom many kalpas ago.Fire, 526:in words, nor comprehended by man before he has passed out of the human kingdom into the spiritual.Fire, 543:of human endeavor, has achieved his goal. He has passed through the three Halls and in each hasFire, 585:yet if we count the five hierarchies that have passed on, it is in reality the ninth. Nine is theFire, 589:life at all; but as it rises again when it has passed its nadir it shows itself somewhat moreFire, 605:the ninth, for five hierarchies have earlier passed on and are considered as pure abstractions. InFire, 677:and when the last of the Lemurian Egos has passed into the fifth root-race they will be slowlyFire, 677:into the fifth root-race they will be slowly passed out of the solar system altogether. They areFire, 723:which we call "a hundred years of Brahma" have passed since They approximated the human stage, andFire, 741:human units who have achieved, and who have not passed to other distant cosmic centers, will findFire, 771:force has been that of the first aspect, and has passed from the central points to other centralFire, 780:only arrived at by certain cosmic entities who passed through conscious substance, and gave to itFire, 780:but (unlike the Agnishvattas) they have not passed through the human stage; for them it has yet toFire, 781:solar Angels. The matter of those sheaths has passed through three chains and three rounds and isFire, 794:vital energy has left, all solar live has passed off, no remnants of pranic energy remain, and thatFire, 826:units of the human family on earth who have passed out of the Hall of Ignorance, and those who areFire, 826:love and service. This cycle covers the period passed by the man in the [827] Hall of Learning andFire, 828:Third. The 7 incarnations. These are those passed upon the Probationary Path. This is anFire, 838:outer warmth ascended to Their place. The aeons passed. The glow increased. The Spheres took form,Fire, 838:dissipated rapidly, lacking coherent force. They passed. They came again. Action incessant, noiseFire, 839:until the fourth responds. The sixty seconds passed in dynamic concentration produce forms ofFire, 845:in systemic construction has been passed on into that force-matter which we call that of the lunarFire, 850:within these halls, for its two great gates are passed. Discord and strife both disappear and onlyFire, 874:our globe, having taken the place of One Who passed on to higher work in connection with the Chain,Fire, 887:arc, the greater entities who either have passed through the human kingdom, and therefore have leftFire, 914:in their particular line. They have attained, or passed through, the human kingdom, and are ofFire, 920:fire. They are all fully self-conscious, having passed through the human stage in earlier kalpas.Fire, 962:plane. This is brought about by egoic energy passed down the sutratma to the physical brain, andFire, 972:be remembered that the thought form has now passed from the mental plane, taken to itself an astral
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