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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PASSED

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Fire, 1065:connotation of that term; it is consciously passed through in the human kingdom, and in the higherFire, 1067:their part; in every case the four stages are passed through; in every case transmutation,Fire, 1078:radioactivity, and many hundreds of men passed out of the fourth Creative Hierarchy into anotherFire, 1079:achieved the goal, yet no large numbers have passed successfully through the fires ofFire, 1091:14 is contacted after the fifth kingdom has been passed through, and group consciousness is mergingFire, 1137:groups are closely allied, and until a man has passed out of the period of existence wherein he isFire, 1157:Angel. All these various streams of energy are passed through certain groups or centers, becomingFire, 1158:the head center likewise, that which is being passed out being seen as differing in color, beingFire, 1164:have their place here, and one scheme which has passed out of activity, and is in a condition ofFire, 1175:is the round that is followed by those who have passed through the human stage and have consciouslyFire, 1184:of as the "seven cosmic Initiates Who have passed within the Heart, and there remain until the testFire, 1184:the Heart, and there remain until the test is passed." These are the seven Hierarchies of Beings,Fire, 1197:literally the sixth, for five hierarchies have passed on, being the product of the earlier system,Fire, 1201:(in previous kalpas of logoic manifestation) passed beyond the human stage altogether. They are,Fire, 1225:The symbols for the five hierarchies which have passed on may be stated as follows: A ball of greenFire, 1241:those seven Paths, has transcended color, has passed beyond the veil and has expanded HisFire, 1246:This entrance takes place after he has passed the fifth Initiation and has demonstrated his fitnessFire, 1248:triangle within the solar system. He has passed on also to a comprehension of the forces whichFire, 1251:the shores of the river of life and has to be passed prior to the third Initiation. [1252] TheFire, 1252:nature. When these three burning grounds are passed then the adept is prepared for another andFire, 1252:deva hierarchies of the third order have already passed upon them, and it is their previous workFire, 1252:animated solely by love, and all have therefore passed through the sacrificial burning grounds. ItGlamour, 70:themselves from the environing mists and passed on into a world of clear horizons. So much of theGlamour, 101:reality and illusion. When this stage has been passed through it leads to the third initiation,Glamour, 109:Causes of Glamor Then the Lemurian race slowly passed away and the Atlantean race came intoGlamour, 126:experience of initiation through which he has passed, with the emphasis, first of all, in theGlamour, 135:and eventually pass away, as all else has passed in the history of the race and will give place,Glamour, 201:but once that testing has been triumphantly passed, then can the task of dissipating both theseGlamour, 254:pledged to tread the Way, but it has been passed on and its use enjoined by many unscrupulousGlamour, 272:to greater activity - once the burning ground is passed - is my deepest wish for you; and that theHealing, 37:of expression as they had attained when he passed out of life in a previous incarnation. The manHealing, 230:and in the soil of the planet. As the ages passed away, humanity entered into the Atlantean stageHealing, 273:use such a phrase. This flow, which has hitherto passed through the area of surgical attention,Healing, 287:center and there permitted to accumulate. It is passed through the center, first of all to theHealing, 365:know and also see. As regards those who have passed into the light, whom you want to help, followHealing, 377:from the other side by those who have passed over. The work will be done from there, with theHealing, 377:This is an instance of the inaccurate statements passed on by ignorant mediums or by those who onHealing, 384:passing through that door; down the ages man has passed through its portals and has entered intoHealing, 398:the bereaved person, but not with anyone who has passed over), the seeing of thought-forms by theHealing, 404:the Eternal Now. In the case of those who have passed through the door of death and who stillHealing, 413:Through the use of the radio by those who have passed over will communication eventually be set upHealing, 446:taken care of, and oft is unaware that he has passed through the episode of death. For the wickedHealing, 509:through which every Member of the Hierarchy has passed. Study and meditation combined are theHealing, 604:process of radiation ends. This radiation has passed through two stages: The stage wherein the soulHealing, 612:stages through which this divine mechanism passed in preparation for the task to be undertaken inHealing, 670:would not be understood by you who have not yet passed through the door which leads to the Way ofHealing, 682:the instructions to vacate. This is then passed on by the man in the body to the heart (where theHealing, 685:and understood, at least by those who have passed out of the sphere of elementary instinctualHercules, 2:hand, bring him to me." Again the centuries passed. The great wheel turned and turning, carried allHercules, 2:of God upon their way. And as these centuries passed, a group of men emerged who slowly turned theHercules, 2:turned the other way. They found the Way. They passed the Gates and struggled towards the mountainHercules, 4:undertook certain tasks, symbolic in nature, and passed through certain episodes and events whichHercules, 6:We shall trace the story of Hercules as he passed through the twelve signs of the zodiac. In eachHercules, 11:Through the twelve signs of the zodiac he passed, struggling to work subjectively and trying toHercules, 22:it not be suggested in this connection that he passed through that unwholesome state common to allHercules, 24:with knowledge, he overcame all obstacles and passed undeterred from Aries to Pisces; starting inHercules, 24:symbol of vocation. The vocation of Elijah had passed on to Elisha; the vocation of the Christ, theHercules, 32:form-life loses its attraction until, having passed around and around the zodiacal wheel, the manHercules, 38:and worn with deep distress, Hercules slowly passed between the pillars of the Gate into the lightHercules, 55:and his strength. Through the third Gate he passed, going due north. Throughout the land he passed,Hercules, 55:passed, going due north. Throughout the land he passed, seeking the sacred tree, but found it not.Hercules, 55:guide him on his way; none knew the place. Time passed, yet still he sought, wandering from placeHercules, 55:failure. "The first of the five lesser tests is passed," replied the Teacher, and failure marksHercules, 56:reporting on the deed. "The second test is passed. The danger is surmounted. Success at this pointHercules, 57:turning to Nereus said: "The third great test is passed. You taught him how to meet it and in dueHercules, 58:fourth stage on the way unto the sacred tree is passed. There has been no delay. The rule upon theHercules, Known:the serpent that stood in his way, Hercules passed on in his search. His next encounter was withHercules, 80:she sees." Into the shrine for one brief moment passed the huntress of the Lord and saw the form ofHercules, 80:mine." And Hercules, returning from the test, passed through the Gate again and found his way, backHercules, 97:Labors of Hercules - Labor V From place to place passed Hercules, seeking the lion. He found theHercules, 98:club. On every hand he sought; on every way he passed, travelling from point to point upon theHercules, 98:man and yet a son of God, entered that cave and passed throughout its darkened length into theHercules, 114:too looked on. Through the sixth Gate again passed Hercules, and seeing this and seeing both theHercules, 119:practice of offering slain animals at the altar passed, so should pass the idea of [120]Hercules, 120:and it is notable that Hercules, though he had passed through five Gates failed at the sixth Gate,Hercules, 125:who is a son of man and yet a son of God, passed through the seventh Gate. The power of the seventhHercules, 125:the seventh Gate. The power of the seventh sign passed through him. He knew not that he faced aHercules, 127:seventh labor is completed, the seventh Gate passed. Ponder upon the lessons of the past; reflectHercules, 129:then the wise Teacher, when assessing the labor, passed lightly over the brawl, to which all hadHercules, 129:bear). There is no special praise, Hercules just passed, not cum laude; but the seventh labor wasHercules, 129:labor was declared complete and the seventh Gate passed. Justice with mercy. "If Thou O God wilt beHercules, 140:Through Gate the eighth, then, Hercules passed. The stagnant swamp of Lerna was a blot dismayingHercules, 152:we are going to die to an old emotion. It has passed away - "death". Some crystallized, long-heldHercules, 158:fluctuates in the early stages. In Cancer he passed on to a certain amount of mass consciousness;Hercules, 158:to be intuitive, not psychic. Then Hercules passed into that difficult sign Leo, where so many nowHercules, 170:also a son of God, embarked upon this quest, and passed through Gate the tenth. Downward, everHercules, 173:He is an initiate, a world disciple. He has passed round and round the zodiac, learned all theHercules, 183:forces playing upon our planet as our sun passed through the sign Taurus. The lesson for man isHercules, 183:wrestle with the animal in himself. Then our sun passed into Aries, the Ram, and we had theHercules, 183:wrestling with the animal nature. Then the sun passed into Pisces, the fishes. The forces thatHercules, 184:training he could find a larger self; and so he passed on into Scorpio, where he was tested to seeHercules, 186:climbed up to the top of the mountain. He had passed all the great tests, passed from CapricornHercules, 186:the mountain. He had passed all the great tests, passed from Capricorn into the spiritual kingdomHercules, 208:nature but universal in character, and that he passed through certain episodes and events whichHercules, 219:birth of Christ, astronomers tell us, the sun passed into the sign Aries, the Ram or Lamb, and theHercules, 219:which our Christian dispensation starts, the sun passed in to the sign Pisces, the Fishes. We have,Hercules, 220:upon that of the lamb, and this as the sun passed apparently from Taurus into Aries and from AriesInitiation, 10:first step into the spiritual kingdom, having passed out of the definitely human kingdom into theInitiation, 10:human kingdom into the superhuman. Just as he passed out of the animal kingdom into the human atInitiation, 10:university, or the Hall of Wisdom. When he has passed through that school he will graduate with his
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