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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PASSED

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Psychology2, 218:only a part. Those great Sons of God, Who have passed beyond the point of development of thosePsychology2, 237:after much struggle and effort; they have then passed out of human life into the silence of thePsychology2, 279:Certain of the more advanced sons of men were passed in Atlantean times and still more will bePsychology2, 279:passed in Atlantean times and still more will be passed in the immediate future, whilst a fairPsychology2, 349:He is then definitely a personality and has passed a major milestone on the Path of Return. This isPsychology2, 447:points of crisis have been surmounted and passed, and the required fusions (which are simply stagesPsychology2, 484:Masters, from Whom orders come. These orders are passed on to the rank and file of the membershipRays, 14:is therefore changing. These energies have now passed what we might call the turning point and haveRays, 21:are no longer men as are the Masters but having passed beyond that lesser stage, have linkedRays, 22:Whose star shone forth when the Door first was passed. Rule X For Applicants: The Army of theRays, 39:cold light." Only after he has successfully passed these can he - or the group, when consideringRays, 63:is made possible because "the desert life is passed; it flourished and it flowered, and then theRays, 72:informs the watching world that the initiate has passed into a secret place and that to reach himRays, 79:it focuses itself in our planetary life. Having passed through all previous phases of existence andRays, 136:no longer men as are the Masters, but, having passed beyond that lesser stage, have linkedRays, 141:these dualities have played their part. Man has passed from one expansion of consciousness toRays, 141:Rules For Group Initiation When the initiate has passed through the three doors, symbolicallyRays, 154:with the purpose lying behind the Plan. He has passed out of the human kingdom into the Hierarchy;Rays, 172:Whose star shone forth when first the Door was passed. The greatest problem facing aspirants andRays, 186:energy of life itself, via the sutratma, as it passed through the etheric plane in order to produceRays, 188:numbers sought the Path of Liberation and so passed on into the Hierarchy; they became active andRays, 216:a peculiar but sensitively expressing word - by-passed. It has by now served its purpose. Love andRays, 217:whilst the life in which the soul is "by-passed" and its ring-pass-not is destroyed, is of suchRays, 222:"inspiration" advisedly), has gone forth; it has passed beyond the sphere of the immediate groupRays, 236:the ranks of the Hierarchy and have - later - passed into the higher center, Shamballa. ParallelingRays, 259:demonstrated by a group of disciples who have passed through certain initiations and areRays, 267:belong to this solar system at all; They have passed through the human stage in such far distantRays, 284:which is known only to initiates who have passed beyond the third initiation. This provides theRays, 285:of significances. Most of you have not, however, passed beyond the stage of groping in the world ofRays, 290:of God, became clear to Him. At that point He passed through the Gethsemane of renunciation. Rays, 325:man. From the consideration of limitations we passed on to an entirely new theme and an entirelyRays, 344:the mode of approach during the Piscean Age, now passed. Today, the entire approach is totallyRays, 354:and veils a universal reality. The Master Jesus passed through the door of the fourth initiationRays, 355:thief. The Hierarchy, composed of all who have passed to liberation through the medium of humanRays, 355:of matter on the spirit; through the tomb He passed into the Hierarchy, and the destiny of theRays, 384:Ashrams were fully organized, and through them passed a steady flow of human beings liberatingRays, 405:Activity. Having learnt the technique and having passed certain tests, They move into the planetaryRays, 433:In every single case the test (in order to be passed correctly) must involve the brainRays, 475:the top to the bottom"; the fourth initiation is passed, and there then comes the revelation of theRays, 524:time over-shadowing His great Disciple, also passed simultaneously through a great initiatoryRays, 526:still more than just a name, even though He has passed out of our planetary scheme millions ofRays, 529:Courts of Shamballa. When these stages have been passed, then the goal of all the evolutionaryRays, 534:to a dispensation and religious ritual which had passed and gone (the religion of the people in theRays, 548:dispensation which should have climaxed and passed away with the movement of the sun out of AriesRays, 581:will enable groups of aspirants who - having passed through the first initiation - can undergo theRays, 624:has nearly lost the light, but when she has passed through the coming points of crisis, and hasRays, 625:The conflict of thought through which they have passed during the past one hundred years has workedRays, 632:present group of dictators and arrogant men have passed away or been forced out of power by anRays, 650:you must bear in mind that the disciple has passed, in a previous incarnation, through theRays, 655:Himself took this initiation some time ago and passed through the Resurrection Initiation and theRays, 667:with care for all those who show signs of having passed through the "birth" experience and shouldRays, 668:world of the average human being who has not yet passed through the initiatory experience of theRays, 687:of this third initiation. This voltage is passed through the body of the initiate under theRays, 693:he found himself upon the Path of Probation and passed from thence on to the Path of Discipleship.Rays, 730:sepulchre and reassume His discarded body. He passed through the great seventh initiation which weRays, 730:more important event took place and the Christ passed through the seventh Initiation ofRays, 754:of importance today, except for that which has passed away and should pass away. The "Holy Land" isReappearance, 20:upon the [20] aliveness of those who have passed over into the hidden world of being, and theirReappearance, 26:became clear to Him. At this point, He passed through the Gethsemane of renunciation. The greater,Reappearance, 37:liberated Sons of God Who, down the ages, have passed from darkness to Light, from the unreal toReappearance, 44:[44] It is a spiritual fact that those who have passed from the cave of the tomb into the fullnessReappearance, 53:it issued from the Father's House (Shamballa), passed into the understanding custody of the KingdomReappearance, 55:to a great initiation and when He has passed the test and fulfiled His task, He will pass to aReappearance, 80:two thousand years of the Piscean era would have passed away. He told His disciples to go into theReappearance, 81:dispensation which should have climaxed and passed away as a religion with the movement of the sunReappearance, 88:of crisis through which Christ and the Hierarchy passed and which [89] was ended by His announcedReappearance, 104:tempted like as we are" (Heb. IV, 15.), but also passed triumphantly the tests and trials. At someReappearance, 126:development upon it. Four ages have just passed away, astronomically speaking: Gemini, Taurus,Reappearance, 135:emotional cycle through which humanity has passed during the past one hundred years, and theSoul, 87:spirits." He taught that these animal spirits passed into the third ventricle by a narrow passage.Telepathy, 5:the inner planes, seized upon the suggestion and passed it on (or rather stepped it down) until itTelepathy, 5:the source (of which he was totally unaware), passed it on in turn to that sixth ray aspirant,Telepathy, 24:a massed reaction to solar plexus impressions as passed from group to group? What is "publicTelepathy, 44:accurately because the emanating impression has passed through an area within the divine Mind whereTelepathy, 66:of Sanat Kumara (or Shamballa) have invariably passed through the human stage of evolution, forTelepathy, 71:or the reactions to contact of Those Who have passed beyond the third initiation; these limitationsTelepathy, 73:applies to every human being. When animal-man passed through the door of individualization andTelepathy, 74:of a man who has constructed the antahkarana and passed the fourth initiation. It is an innateTelepathy, 87:direction; and only a disciple who has passed through the processes of Transfiguration and is noTelepathy, 87:their dispersal to men and groups. After he has passed the tests of the Transfiguration InitiationTelepathy, 107:body or causal body. The astral body is thus by-passed before the fourth initiation, and the soul
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