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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PASSING

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Astrology, 25:comes when there is a reversal in the way of passing - as a soul - around the zodiac. This isAstrology, 76:the final stages of the Path, with the emphasis passing rapidly away from the lower centers intoAstrology, 83:of the path) to exactly twelve incarnations, passing one in each of the twelve signs. In them heAstrology, 108:final planetary initiation and the privilege of passing on to one of the seven paths to which IAstrology, 111:from the standpoint of our planet, to be passing through the twelve signs of the zodiac; this is aAstrology, 119:is awakening [119] and instinct - after passing through the emotional stage - is being transmutedAstrology, 122:the synthetic consciousness of divinity, after passing through the interim period or the "vitalAstrology, 129:of the great cycle through which we are passing; also, in the Piscean Age, the lesser cycle out ofAstrology, 175:their progressive effect upon the subject [175] passing under their influence periodically andAstrology, 177:the arrow which I sent and speed upon my way, passing from door to door, and each time the arrowAstrology, 200:when Aquarius rules and when our sun is passing through that sign of the [201] zodiac. Hence theAstrology, 203:Path of Discipleship the man may find himself passing into this sign for testing and experienceAstrology, 209:to the methods of the Piscean age which is just passing. Mars and Mercury control and Mars isAstrology, 238:transition period through which the world is now passing and in this interlude between twoAstrology, 238:activities - that of the Piscean Age which is passing and that of Aquarius which is coming in -Astrology, 285:of the Zodiacal Constellations Leo, the Lion Passing as we are into the Aquarian Age in which theAstrology, 302:which produces the reversal of the mode of passing around the zodiacal wheel and it takes placeAstrology, 379:That which is gold will some day, too, respond, passing from East to West in that dire time whenAstrology, 409:over two thousand years ago. This process of passing out of, or entering into, a particular signAstrology, 409:not yet free from incidental turmoil. The passing of our Sun out of the sign Pisces into the signAstrology, 409:notably affecting our planet. In the process of passing from sign to sign, as for instance [410]Astrology, 411:this as he studies the events which are today passing before his eyes. Speaking with a wideAstrology, 432:responded to the light from Sirius which, passing through the sea of Pisces, lifted the fishes intoAstrology, 437:owing to its being the sign which is now passing out of influence as we progress upon the greatAstrology, 508:is not) a major determining factor, prior to passing on to the Probationary Path. The four houses,Astrology, 517:life cycle of humanity through which we are now passing, in the relation between the centers andAstrology, 526:the Rays and the Signs I would also point out in passing that the two major divisions of the worldAstrology, 653:the angle of the soul. Spiritual order. Correct passing through sign. Aries Through the Signs toAtom, 35:the religious and economic world. Everything is passing through a period of transition; the oldAtom, 90:all groups. We suppose, and we hope, that we are passing rapidly out of the atomic stage, and thatAtom, 109:stage is rapidly approaching, and that men are passing out of the atomic period into somethingAtom, 120:has refused to admit their existence. We are passing beyond the sphere of what has been calledAtom, 136:the throwing open of one's personality to any passing entity or spook. This can be seen occurringAtom, 148:there are also units of the human family who are passing into the second stage, they are becomingAtom, 148:forms and are becoming group conscious; they are passing out of, the "I am" stage into the "I amAtom, 150:turn, work by means of lesser centers or groups, passing their energy on down through [151] groupsAutobiography, 78:orthodox days, I was sure it was a question of passing on to other work. Subconsciously I reallyAutobiography, 133:of knowable things." It was whilst I was passing through the difficult time in which I worked as aAutobiography, 150:my door. He hoped to find his door easily by passing his hand along the wall as his door was nextAutobiography, 232:of the sign through which the sun may be passing at any particular world period is irrefutable andAutobiography, 232:of Egypt the sun was in the sign Taurus. It was passing through the sign of the Bull. We then hadAutobiography, 233:of Aries, the Ram, through which the sun was passing for the next 2000 years. Then we have theAutobiography, 233:and all this was due to the influence of the passing of the sun through the sign of the bull andAutobiography, 302:of any messages of any sort or kind. Humanity is passing through the greatest spiritual crisis ofBethlehemand divinity of man can bear testimony. We are passing through the transition period between theBethlehem, 3:Pfleger, p. 236. [3] I. We are in process of passing from one religious age into another. TheBethlehem, 18:of approximately two thousand years, our sun is passing through that sign in the zodiac which weBethlehem, 19:(the two thousand years wherein the sun was passing through the sign Aries, the Ram) and theBethlehem, 19:communion service is the forecast. We are slowly passing into this new sign. For more than twoBethlehem, 36:we are on the point of widening our horizon, and passing through an open door into a larger room.Bethlehem, 54:lives by the incarnation of God in himself. By passing through the gate of the new birth, he canBethlehem, 68:disciple, prior to taking initiation and passing through the experience of the new birth, is everBethlehem, 69:for that form of worship which should have been passing off the earth at the time Christ came.Bethlehem, 69:worship prevalent in the age when our sun was passing through the age of Taurus, the Bull, andBethlehem, 76:as it developed in His consciousness in the passing of the years, became far broader and wider inBethlehem, 97:of our seeing and manifesting divinity without passing through the waters that cleanse. In theBethlehem, 105:us an example, and through His triumphant passing of the tests of the three temptations HeBethlehem, 112:world today two dominant concepts, both of them passing out as factors in the consciousness of theBethlehem, 132:it my delusion is gone. "For the birth and the passing of beings have been heard by me at lenthBethlehem, 183:seen in the east, with the line of the horizon passing through her center, and this is one of theBethlehem, 186:are ready to do as He did - pay the price, and, passing through the gates of death, attain to aBethlehem, 187:into more definitely in our next chapter, but in passing, it may be said that the race is so imbuedBethlehem, 237:expressed the stages through which the man was passing. He was brought into the chamber ofBethlehem, 263:the unfoldment of the human consciousness we are passing out of the necessary stage ofBethlehem, 264:citizen of that kingdom. What we are in reality passing through is "a religious initiation into theBethlehem, 273:given in the old age which is fortunately now passing. All forms of life will be regarded from theBethlehem, 282:Some, perhaps more than one can estimate, are passing on their way to the Baptism in Jordan, whilstBethlehem, 283:that moment a buzzing gnat was snapped up by a passing bat. 'Stay,' mused the Enlightened One, 'theDestiny, 5:time) coming into play: Those energies which are passing out of manifestation, as the sixth Ray ofDestiny, 5:as the sixth Ray of Devotion is at this time passing out. Those energies which are coming intoDestiny, 15:Love, their influence may be powerful, but it is passing and undesirable, at least where that phaseDestiny, 15:Testament. When the first ray was in control and passing through one of its rare cycles of activityDestiny, 17:emergence of new and better conditions, and the passing away of the loved, but slowly decayingDestiny, 48:are filled by those who have passed, or are passing, through the stages of aspirant and disciple,Destiny, 72:and influential part of the Piscean Age, now passing out; she colored and dominated, by her LeoDestiny, 100:of Certain Cities I would also point out in passing that the two major divisions of the world - theDestiny, 112:sixth ray influence which is so [112] rapidly passing out. Though there has never been a time whenDestiny, 114:The instinct which has characterized this passing sixth ray period and which has been noticeablyDestiny, 136:are now in manifestation (either coming in, passing out or in full expression). Speaking withDestiny, 144:to do this. [144] RAY VI - This ray has been passing out of manifestation for quite some time now,Destiny, 145:full expression through the medium of the group, passing from service to himself and expression ofDiscipleship1, 11:the highest point in the meditation process, passing quickly through the stages of concentration,Discipleship1, 17:As you face this opportunity in a world which is passing through a major crisis, I would like toDiscipleship1, 73:[73] These groups of disciples are all passing through the formative stage and change andDiscipleship1, 110:centers - from the solar plexus upwards. You are passing through a dual process of psychicDiscipleship1, 259:as a golden pathway. Then picture yourself as "passing between." As you do this remember that yourDiscipleship1, 291:to summer realms, so souls unite in flight. Passing through the gate they thus alight before theDiscipleship1, 313:it not. Rest on that thought, my brother, and passing through the door, close it with care, andDiscipleship1, 314:becomes that of a planned withdrawing. He is passing through that stage upon the Way to whichDiscipleship1, 422:you need interludes of stabilization before passing on to greater knowledge. Discipleship1, 458:through which the bulk of the members have been passing. You would be surprised could you see itDiscipleship1, 471:undeveloped resources. You have passed and are passing through a hard experience and out of thisDiscipleship1, 503:forward in the service of humanity. You are now passing through a cycle of difficult preparation,Discipleship1, 524:but I seek to see you free before the time of passing over into the "clear cold light" comes toDiscipleship1, 580:there is a transference of energy. You are passing through an interim period. One or two of myDiscipleship1, 594:group supports and protects the one who is passing through the experience of over-stimulation. TheDiscipleship1, 609:upon this particular field of service and your passing through the door to this cycle of work isDiscipleship1, 626:of life with our brothers that we find ourselves passing eventually through the portal ofDiscipleship1, 687:and an inclusive vision; if that is lacking, the passing of time will adjust the matter. ThisDiscipleship1, 727:stages of development and also of disciples, passing through the many different stages of the Path.
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