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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PASSING

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Discipleship1, 737:at this time. Many other people are today passing through the stage of Accepted Discipleship. TheDiscipleship2, 32:that he has reached his high water mark and is passing through a period - definitely temporary - ofDiscipleship2, 64:who are not yet even upon the Probationary Path. Passing through a process of reorganization. ThisDiscipleship2, 70:which the planetary Logos is at this time passing should result in the emergence of many initiates;Discipleship2, 118:to each of you, entering by the head center, passing from thence to the heart center, and then fromDiscipleship2, 209:indications. The great Wheel of Life, with its passing manifestations and its recurringDiscipleship2, 229:as a great stream of flowing golden substance, passing out of the control of the Forces ofDiscipleship2, 254:when a man is upon the Probationary Path and passing through the early stages of discipleship. ThisDiscipleship2, 268:Destroyer aspect. It is therefore related to the passing Piscean Age and with all processes ofDiscipleship2, 275:on his way." He has penetrated to the center by passing along the antahkarana which he has himselfDiscipleship2, 279:with the ephemeral, the transitory and the passing. The factor which is enduring in knowledge isDiscipleship2, 301:- a period in which the whole of humanity is passing through the reorientation required by the timeDiscipleship2, 345:constructive work of the Destroyer aspect. The "passing" of zodiacal and other cycles. This sixthDiscipleship2, 372:this [372] planetary crisis through which we are passing at this time - or at any one time orDiscipleship2, 401:for yourselves after due study of the teaching. Passing on to the fourth Point of Revelation, weDiscipleship2, 409:civilization and to express the results of the passing civilization. Men have had, therefore, toDiscipleship2, 409:and soon will stand wide open to admit the passing of the "Son of Man, the perfected Son of God,"Discipleship2, 462:plexus energy up the spine into the head, after passing it through the heart. Believe that thisDiscipleship2, 474:loves and helps. Some of these may be just passing by to other goals, and with them he has noDiscipleship2, 487:find it helpful to grasp is that the process of passing over to the other side involves noDiscipleship2, 520:constellation through which our sun may be passing, from the Great Bear and other cosmic centers.Discipleship2, 547:What hour is that? As the minutes tick away the passing hour, watch for the minute when My voice isDiscipleship2, 547:When will that be? As the seconds note the passing of the minute hand upon the clock of time,Discipleship2, 548:silence. Yet both must play their part. You are passing on the Lighted Way, my brother. You haveDiscipleship2, 552:Then imagine yourself obeying the summons and passing beyond the partitioning curtain into theDiscipleship2, 553:I do not mean that the future holds for you any passing through the fires of purification. You haveDiscipleship2, 553:all your group brothers. The whole of mankind is passing en masse through the fires which precedeDiscipleship2, 573:upwards from the soul towards the Hierarchy, passing through the members of the group. Then breatheDiscipleship2, 585:death, nor am I [585] referring to the imminent passing away of any of you in the group. I referDiscipleship2, 623:to realize that he is undergoing an emotion, or passing through an emotional crisis. This emotionDiscipleship2, 632:and at the end a room; within that room the passing figure of the Master appears and disappears.Discipleship2, 634:to him of greater moment than his own success in passing along the corridor. What has happened toDiscipleship2, 649:you had been through in the interim and are now passing through, she realized how extremelyDiscipleship2, 672:position that, in the eventuality of A.A.B.'s passing over, you were slated to take her place asDiscipleship2, 685:(as the saying is) and that which belongs to a passing age - an age which should pass. This affectsDiscipleship2, 722:your mental fluidity has militated against your passing into any closer relation within the Ashram.Discipleship2, 742:of constant flux and movement. Disciples are passing out of it to form their own Ashrams or to takeDiscipleship2, 745:energy, entering into your head center, passing from thence to the ajna center, and involving inDiscipleship2, 761:taken (I might say it is usually taken) after passing the milestone of [762] half a century. TheEducation, 14:in the world of phenomenal appearances. We are passing through one of the great naturalEducation, 44:and truism to state that humanity is today passing through a crisis of immense proportions. TheEducation, 89:integration is not possible for every student passing through the hands of our teachers. All,Education, 104:undesirable lines. In the Piscean Age which is passing, the youth in every country has been broughtEducation, 132:souls who are in the processes of evolution and passing through the periods of continualEducation, 134:Many souls are rapidly achieving perfection and passing away altogether from our planetary life.Education, 147:From the physical body to the etheric body, passing from the heart to the spleen, and thence to theExternalisationnumber: This is a transition period between the passing out of the Piscean Age, with its emphasisExternalisation, 10:Few mediums know the technique governing the passing in or out of an informing entity, nor do theyExternalisation, 10:is better understood, we shall have the medium passing out of his body in full [11] wakingExternalisation, 14:according to his point in evolution, and his passing into a group, optimistically hoping thatExternalisation, 69:and a truism to state that humanity is today passing through a crisis of immense proportions. TheExternalisation, 88:period between the old Piscean age which is passing and the new Aquarian age which is coming in. ItExternalisation, 105:The World Crisis September 1939 Humanity is passing through an acute crisis and its karma or fateExternalisation, 114:deterioration and subsequent death or the passing away of the form. Forms are ever open to attack.Externalisation, 115:and needed. It is this realization of the passing of a civilization which gives rise to theExternalisation, 212:or other of these ephemeral states of mind and passing human attitudes. I have no particularExternalisation, 241:will be the outcome of the civilization which is passing and the culture which is the flower ofExternalisation, 285:of human approach to reality and to truth are passing out of the realm of the tangible andExternalisation, 459:major importance. At the stage which we are now passing through, these responsive people fall intoExternalisation, 470:world war, 1914-1945 through which we have been passing. Externalisation, 482:from the death cycle through which it has been passing. The restoration of men's mental conditionExternalisation, 499:they will not permit, if they can help it, the passing of the control of this illimitable powerExternalisation, 529:the three planetary centers. Chohans are today passing out of the Hierarchy into the CouncilExternalisation, 530:with the Hierarchy are all at this time passing through a cycle of great activity. In theExternalisation, 535:just passed and, from some standpoints, is still passing. [536] Shamballa, as I have told you, canExternalisation, 536:direct impact between Shamballa and Humanity, by-passing the Hierarchy, the Hierarchy was left freeExternalisation, 543:the Jewish dispensation which should have been passing out. So effective has been their work thatExternalisation, 562:before, and at the same time, the Masters are passing with greater rapidity on to the Way of theExternalisation, 602:(John XIV.12). He here indicates that this passing to the Father's House would result in such anExternalisation, 605:Today, on a large scale (even when by-passing the implications of divinity) the glory of man andExternalisation, 605:the Jews, He created a disturbance! Humanity is passing from glory to glory and, in the longExternalisation, 630:Humanity is sound and rapidly awakening. We are passing through the stage where everything is beingExternalisation, 653:the Hierarchy works ever under law) They are passing them into the halls of initiation. At the sameExternalisation, 673:call the "events" of the day; they condition our passing civilizations and are so much a part ofExternalisation, 696:follow this ordinary pattern, some are already passing through it today and are in the stages ofFire, 99:vortices with a closely woven threefold channel passing from each center to the other, and formingFire, 144:of distinguishing the real from the unreal, and passing from one illusion to another until theFire, 175:to work consciously with Mind, the sixth sense, passing first upon the four minor Rays andFire, 365:effected in four different ways: First, through passing the interim between egoic cycles ofFire, 392:the obscuration of our scheme, and the gradual passing into pralaya, during the remaining two and aFire, 414:Chain It might be of interest here, if, before passing on to other matters, we took up the veryFire, 422:sounding it forth by their lives, and are thus passing on the vibration, and setting it in motionFire, 422:in this system. After the fifth round and the passing into temporary obscuration of two fifths ofFire, 424:or vibration on the planet. Certain of them are passing out of power at this present time, andFire, 431:the units of the fifth root-race, prior to their passing out of and into another race, globe,Fire, 436:with the influence of a force that is waning and passing out of dominance, that of the sixth Ray ofFire, 440:on the future effects of the Ray which is passing into temporary obscuration as far as we areFire, 445:in of a Ray, such as the present one, or its passing out, may involve. In the particular case underFire, 498:of the animal kingdom, which in its turn is passing it on to the vegetable, and the latter to theFire, 512:force emanating from the cosmic existence, and passing to it in ever lessening degree, via theFire, 517:line of the least resistance of force, and is passing out of the control of the Deva Lord andFire, 530:considered a principle. That which is gradually passing into obscuration. It is impossible toFire, 537:produces their eventual obscuration, or their passing out of manifestation; they occultly 'die.'Fire, 595:as a gradual expansion of the love faculty, passing through the stages of love of mate, love ofFire, 597:for us to do more than hint at, and get a passing vision of, the complexity and the interweaving inFire, 603:emanation as it can be sensed and viewed by passing the history of the races in retrospect. Man'sFire, 604:sources of these three fires, I may observe in passing, constitute the three principal deitiesFire, 652:the war of that period, and the result was the passing on to the Path of Initiation of many whoFire, 675:Elementals and Fire Elementals 2. Summary Before passing to the consideration of [676] those devasFire, 678:faiths. This is made possible now through the passing out of the sixth Ray and the coming in of the
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