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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAST

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Destiny, 81:devious diplomacy and subtlety which has in the past distinguished Great Britain's politicalDestiny, 81:Such distrust has been warranted in the past but is not as justifiable now, for the nation is oldDestiny, 82:results of such relations, but not because that past event has any true repercussions at this time.Destiny, 85:determines that this great nation, having in past centuries been one of the major aggressors of theDestiny, 87:Earth. It was this Earth influence which, in the past, gave Italy her world dominion and whichDestiny, 100:the leaders of the Allied Cause. No matter what past history may indicate in connection with manyDestiny, 100:in connection with many of the allied nations (past aggressions, ancient cruelties and wrongDestiny, 104:- not because of their power, their historical past and their material resources or [105]Destiny, 109:work which characterize those who worked in the past under the influence of the sixth ray and thoseDestiny, 110:do this relying upon the lessons learnt in the past and must base his new structure of truth uponDestiny, 110:potencies which have been established during the past two thousand years. These must be countedDestiny, 111:and hence the effort of the Hierarchy during the past twenty centuries was to lay the emphasis uponDestiny, 112:it is of value to bear in mind that during the past two thousand years a much higher, rarer andDestiny, 112:to the higher intuitional values. In the past, highly developed but rare people have here and thereDestiny, 114:relatively high stage of development during the past two thousand years and "good taste" is aDestiny, 115:more acutely sensitized and developed during the past two thousand years than in any previousDestiny, 115:of the sixth ray and of its relation during the past few centuries to its major field ofDestiny, 118:the magicians, alchemists and performers of the past than c-a-t, cat, has to an algebraicalDestiny, 120:misuse of the incoming energy by man. War in the past, speaking generally and esoterically, hasDestiny, 121:and is not so definitely the desire force of the past. Destiny, 122:by him, grounded as he is in the methods of the past; hence the appearance of the fundamentalistDestiny, 122:and worn-out methods from the ancient past is all too prevalent at this time and is responsible forDestiny, 127:I refer has been drawn by the churchmen of the past and by no one else; the lines have beenDestiny, 128:of his labor has produced much difficulty in the past by arresting the true expression of theDestiny, 131:to them is laid upon purity of motive. In the past, the emphasis has been laid upon purity of bodyDestiny, 133:future will differ in detail from that of the past but the basic rules remain authoritative. TheDestiny, 133:is studied in connection with its eventful past. The use and misuse of this law and its constantDestiny, 151:of the spiritual man. The emphasis during the past two thousand years has been on death; it hasDiscipleship1, XV:just as they have loved themselves in the past. Think on this with clarity, my brothers, and grasp,Discipleship1, 5:position is assumed by the teacher as in the past, and I do not assume it. I shall with franknessDiscipleship1, 31:what the Great White Lodge has done during the past twenty-five years and the extent of the work inDiscipleship1, 32:kingdom in nature, the kingdom of God. In the past history of the race, a great event occurredDiscipleship1, 33:impersonality. On two points, disciples in the past have ever been emphatic. They have seen andDiscipleship1, 34:and co-workers. If any of you have in the past or may in the future become initiates, it will notDiscipleship1, 37:will distinguish the New Age methods from the past, for the work will be group work and, usually,Discipleship1, 40:soul with soul. They also evoke the soul of the past, linking it with the present and finding itDiscipleship1, 44:spiritual history of the race of men during the past two thousand years (which is far enough forDiscipleship1, 44:has characterized the mystical history of the past. Some of these people emerged along the way ofDiscipleship1, 58:and physical brain. The disciple in the past sought to establish harmonious relations with hisDiscipleship1, 65:the concept that separation is a thing of the past and that unity is the goal of the immediateDiscipleship1, 75:of close in the work and also in past personality relations and family ties. TheDiscipleship1, 77:at this time, I shall seek to help you as in the past. I shall speak the truth as I see it from myDiscipleship1, 87:the awakening of the heart center. In the past and up until the last few years, the keynote hasDiscipleship1, 93:of service. These powers are conditioned by past developments and the presence of these capacities,Discipleship1, 99:to Disciples - Part IX I have given you in the past a very great deal of instruction, help andDiscipleship1, 109:you are now acquiring and as a result of the past two years' work (for you only began to shift yourDiscipleship1, 111:upon the mind aspect. It was, however, your past psychic links which led you into the organizationDiscipleship1, 112:to it as a means of contact and only during the past two years have you begun to bring it intoDiscipleship1, 116:suggestions which I seek to make are based upon past instructions. Since June, 1935, we have setDiscipleship1, 121:with the progress you have made. During the past few years I have many times spoken to you withDiscipleship1, 123:training and formulated definite expression. The past year has not been an easy one for you, myDiscipleship1, 123:of thought-detached, serene and isolated. The past ten years have seen you change all this; thoughDiscipleship1, 124:been much questioning in your mind during the past few months and also much mental discomfort, if IDiscipleship1, 128:a definite relationship with myself, dating from past experience, even if that experience is as yetDiscipleship1, 137:and compensation for all the struggle of the past. To serve has long been your aim for you haveDiscipleship1, 142:of your work. That has happened and the past year has seen you making many contacts and theDiscipleship1, 147:Life has been peculiarly hard for you the past six months for you can tune in so easily on all thatDiscipleship1, 148:BROTHER AND FRIEND OF OLD: The strain of the past six months has been great. But it is now over andDiscipleship1, 150:information which must now be regulated. In the past, its expression has been of value. In theDiscipleship1, 152:Disciples - F.C.D. January 1938 MY BROTHER: The past year has seen the many changes which haveDiscipleship1, 157:the existing condition differ. During the past years, I have many times conveyed to you a messageDiscipleship1, 166:of the first, for just as money has been in the past the instrument of men's selfishness, now itDiscipleship1, 169:consideration of the wisdom or the non-wisdom of past undertakings. Go forward with confidence andDiscipleship1, 174:1937 BROTHER OF MINE: The implications of the past year, in your particular case are not hard toDiscipleship1, 184:and which are those definitely emerging from the past. These cannot be evaded and frequentlyDiscipleship1, 200:- S.S.P. August 1937 MY BROTHER: During the past six months, you have made definite progress andDiscipleship1, 205:I feel that if you had to define just what the past year of experience and service has given youDiscipleship1, 207:an understanding of the relation of the past to the future and their united effect in the presentDiscipleship1, 208:difficulty and mental readjustment during the past year, but then who has not in these days ofDiscipleship1, 208:One situation, the first, is based upon the past, under the Law of Cause and Effect. The other isDiscipleship1, 208:in the inevitable swing of the pendulum between past and future as they both affect the present;Discipleship1, 208:and tendencies brought into expression in past lives, you will find yourself increasingly beingDiscipleship1, 210:Then say slowly and thoughtfully: "The past has gone. I am that past. It makes me what I am. TheDiscipleship1, 210:and thoughtfully: "The past has gone. I am that past. It makes me what I am. The future comes. IDiscipleship1, 210:I am that. The present flows from out the past. The future colors that which is. I make the futureDiscipleship1, 210:the future also by my present knowledge of the past and the beauty of the present. And, therefore,Discipleship1, 215:physical brain registers not the fact.) The past year has been a hard one for you, as it hasDiscipleship1, 217:the truest and the most significant sense, the past few months have constituted an intense periodDiscipleship1, 219:has been for a long time subordinated to the past ray of your soul, that of devotion to the soul,Discipleship1, 221:August 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY CHOSEN FRIEND: The past few months have been difficult for you. TheyDiscipleship1, 232:you that you have made more real progress the past year than in any previous ten years. You mightDiscipleship1, 234:of the heart center. Much have you done in the past five years anent the increased sensitivity ofDiscipleship1, 238:effort has not characterized your work the past few months. You have been swept by an emotionalDiscipleship1, 238:- a cooperation which has been interrupted the past few months - or it may lead you to work inDiscipleship1, 240:ground to regain physically as a result of the past few months... Again I say: Be not discouraged.Discipleship1, 240:Go forward with fresh courage. Learn from the past but refuse to be held by that past. Do not letDiscipleship1, 240:from the past but refuse to be held by that past. Do not let the words or the influence of anyoneDiscipleship1, 241:it as you have so oft and foolishly done in the past. Keep busy with the Master's work and withDiscipleship1, 242:may emerge. If no other result eventuates, this past experience will serve to make you and yourDiscipleship1, 242:begin now our real work and can regard the past cycles as simply preparatory in nature. TheDiscipleship1, 243:Disciples - I.B.S. November 1935 MY BROTHER: The past year of effort should have prepared you forDiscipleship1, 249:have unfolded in your consciousness during the past few years. You have learnt and known much. NowDiscipleship1, 251:you have written about your work during the past two years. Gather them together and run withDiscipleship1, 256:in the group. You have traveled far during the past six years and your life trend (and by this IDiscipleship1, 262:of a sixth ray personality during the past three years. I have watched you now for seven years andDiscipleship1, 270:on. I have told all of you so much during the past four years that (should I now cease myDiscipleship1, 272:all of you to pay attention: As money has in the past ministered to personal and family need, so inDiscipleship1, 272:to group and world need. Each unit has, in the past, attempted to act as a magnet and to attract toDiscipleship1, 272:they must all manifest at once. The need in the past has not always been real, though it has beenDiscipleship1, 276:of this knowledge has come to you during the past year, awakening you to certain values, revealing
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