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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAST

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Discipleship1, 277:feel for you a sense of [277] gratitude for your past consecration to the Plan and a sense ofDiscipleship1, 283:at the time? If you cast your mind back over the past three years, you will note a life full ofDiscipleship1, 286:of the entire psychic nature during the past six months, due to the close [287] attention you haveDiscipleship1, 294:I have watched the result with attention. The past six months have brought to you three things:Discipleship1, 295:of illumination and inspiration and that the past year has greatly strengthened your realization.Discipleship1, 298:to you at this difficult half year period. The past few months have been times of difficulty toDiscipleship1, 310:- D.L.R. August 1936 MY FRIEND OF OLD: The past six months have seen you making many readjustmentsDiscipleship1, 331:life. It is due to the fact that you have - in past lives - achieved a fair measure of soulDiscipleship1, 341:free from the major trends and tyrannies of the past caste system, churchianity and financialDiscipleship1, 345:1937 MY BROTHER: You have worked hard the past six months and, though you need no cheering, yourDiscipleship1, 348:of the inner spiritual insight, back over the past eight years, and thus awaken the recognitionDiscipleship1, 357:Disciples - R.S.U. June 1934 BROTHER OF OLD: The past six months have seen you making much effortDiscipleship1, 362:of destruction. You have been used in the past months to institute a work which can be of realDiscipleship1, 367:of commendation to you. You have progressed this past year and have passed out of a relativelyDiscipleship1, 367:increased sensitivity and growth. Having in the past pointed out to you your failures and havingDiscipleship1, 368:the instructions which I have given you in the past and which I will summarize by saying: SubmitDiscipleship1, 374:not say that you lacked love. You used, in the past, to supplement this defect by an intuitiveDiscipleship1, 382:preserve. You are evidencing a purpose which the past two years have enabled you to make objective.Discipleship1, 386:MINE: The buffeting of life has tried you in the past six months, and thereby you have grown inDiscipleship1, 388:let the tired body and mind rest back upon the past. There is needed the incentive of a focusedDiscipleship1, 390:has been in your mind much thought in these past months anent the practice of the Presence. This isDiscipleship1, 391:theme upon which you have been engaged in the past months, I am going to ask you to ponder over andDiscipleship1, 394:- D.P.R. August 1936 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: The past six months have seen you subjected to muchDiscipleship1, 396:plus the serious accident of the immediate past, loneliness, pain and clouds of recognized glamorDiscipleship1, 398:I seek to say to you that you have, during the past seven months, made more definite inner progressDiscipleship1, 404:heart is always helpful. You learnt much in your past incarnation along this line and learntDiscipleship1, 419:applicable to your own experience during the past six months). Two planks of the raft on which theDiscipleship1, 422:D.H.B. February 1936 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: The past six months have been for you months of battleDiscipleship1, 423:for which the difficulties and the pain of the past year have prepared you. Think not, my brother,Discipleship1, 423:work which precipitated the crisis of the past year. Such was my intention, hard though that mayDiscipleship1, 433:of deep depression (mounting at times in the past almost to crises of despair), are well nigh over.Discipleship1, 436:or to complicate your mind in any way. The past three years have brought to you many changes - someDiscipleship1, 445:asked the question, that you would regard the past year as one of the most educational and mostDiscipleship1, 446:at all times. I would ask you, in view of the past year's events, to proceed for the next fewDiscipleship1, 448:at this time. Your spiritual life during this past year has been vivid and alive. See that it soDiscipleship1, 450:have learned much and unfolded much during the past two years. There are still areas of unresolvedDiscipleship1, 453:with them in two ways: As they grow out of the past, seeking to note what should be rightlyDiscipleship1, 455:- D.I.J. January 1934 BROTHER OF OLD: The past six months have been for you a period of change, ofDiscipleship1, 457:which your soul has been teaching you during the past twelve months. Physically, mentally andDiscipleship1, 458:this you know. But you have learnt much these past two years, both about yourself and others, andDiscipleship1, 463:say to you, my brother, look not back at the past. In that direction lies glamor and distress. ItDiscipleship1, 463:glamors of one's own distress, the maya of the past distorts one's point of view. Only the soulDiscipleship1, 464:you to live much upon the astral plane for the past few months in an emotional vortex. Mount up, myDiscipleship1, 471:of apparent failures and the destruction of past civilizations; a joy, which is founded upon theDiscipleship1, 473:at the close, fresh work might come to you. The past period has seen much inner progress towardsDiscipleship1, 473:the established lines will see you breaking - past recovery - old thought habits and ancient forms.Discipleship1, 474:utterly within yourself but forget yourself. The past lies behind you. The future will be of yourDiscipleship1, 474:simultaneously the future and expresses the past. The past works out through the medium of the veryDiscipleship1, 474:the future and expresses the past. The past works out through the medium of the very qualities youDiscipleship1, 475:month - Unto my group I give the gain of all the past, my love and understanding. 6th month - ThatDiscipleship1, 476:the way you have "loved all beings" during the past six months or has that side of your life beenDiscipleship1, 478:the need." Had you done this during the past few months, your way would have been easier and yourDiscipleship1, 478:tell you that you have made little progress the past few months, you will be discouraged and that IDiscipleship1, 479:effort, and progress has resulted during the past few months. Today, you walk not all the time inDiscipleship1, 479:You are freer from the thought-forms of the past. I can look towards you and catch your aura withDiscipleship1, 487:gains. You care not for the future nor for the past. Life has been hard and your problems great.Discipleship1, 490:to sum up the situation, to leave behind the past, and to go forward into the new life with a senseDiscipleship1, 499:have been so occupied with service during the past twelve months that you have had little time toDiscipleship1, 501:Power and hence much of your difficulty in the past. A first ray astral body is a powerful assetDiscipleship1, 509:instructions I have given you during the past years and - on some quiet day - read them throughDiscipleship1, 509:you would look back with amazement upon your past life of illusion and self-induced misery. YourDiscipleship1, 510:to measure your success or failure during the past twelve months, do you know for yourself whatDiscipleship1, 513:Now you not only recognize it but have in the past and will in the future deal with the problem inDiscipleship1, 514:spiritual strength was notably augmented. The past six months have marked an interlude whereinDiscipleship1, 518:done much to dissipate glamor in your life this past two years, more than perhaps you realize. We,Discipleship1, 519:tempered by a just need of recognition for true past achievement and for your unfalteringDiscipleship1, 520:through, my brother, from the trammels of the past and be the true sannyasin, desiring nothing forDiscipleship1, 521:Disciples - C.D.P. January 1938 MY BROTHER: The past few months have seen the working out of muchDiscipleship1, 522:physical plane. Much you have learned during the past years and though old rhythms and thoughtDiscipleship1, 531:you will find it shedding a light upon your own past relationships; you may then feel pained atDiscipleship1, 531:at much that you may have failed to do in the past. [532] Forget not, that under the Law governingDiscipleship1, 532:inevitably arise which will enable you to adjust past conditions and any faulty handling. See thatDiscipleship1, 545:and this climaxed in the illness of the past summer. This I know you realize. Such tests produce anDiscipleship1, 548:with a good deal of close attention during the past four months. I realize that your major need atDiscipleship1, 551:of the future and embodies the new technique. In past ages, it was the service of one's own soulDiscipleship1, 552:has held for you much of difficulty during the past three months; many adjustments, inner andDiscipleship1, 555:February 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: The past six months have produced in you a definiteDiscipleship1, 560:your way into increased usefulness during the past three years, and I know well your determinationDiscipleship1, 562:lesson of utter self-forgetfulness. Forget the past and all that it brought to you of pain and ofDiscipleship1, 563:have had to wrestle along these lines during the past six months; your major weakness is thisDiscipleship1, 564:to you. 1st month - The present embodies all the past. The future depends upon the clear seeing ofDiscipleship1, 564:of the immediate vision. 2nd month - Forget the past and press anew into the glory of the ComingDiscipleship1, 567:force. This you have steadily done during the past months and your group brothers should be awareDiscipleship1, 569:You have been through deep waters during the past year, and the lesson of decentralization is hardDiscipleship1, 575:easy and I have sought three times during the past four months definitely to help you. I wonder ifDiscipleship1, 578:you with care and understanding during the past year. I know what you have undergone and theDiscipleship1, 578:These you faced, as usual, with courage. The past lies behind you and though I looked at you withDiscipleship1, 578:was critical. At three such moments, during the past year, I definitely intervened and interposedDiscipleship1, 584:to the point which you have reached during the past few months, if you can begin to utilize theDiscipleship1, 593:the center" which is the gift of your immediate past experience. The second thing which you have toDiscipleship1, 593:disaster to you. The danger is now, however, past. You are aware of this and will cautiously guardDiscipleship1, 599:consideration of the faults and mistakes of the past. Self-depreciation is not necessarily a signDiscipleship1, 600:grows in strength. What your teacher in the past, myself, may think is of small moment. What anyoneDiscipleship1, 601:has not moved forward but has been held back the past six months by the situation for which youDiscipleship1, 603:That which I have accomplished during the past few hours, has it been clearly understood by me?Discipleship1, 604:deed? Having thus analyzed the activities of the past few hours, then dedicate them to the serviceDiscipleship1, 604:BROTHER: You have done much sound thinking the past six months and the fruit of your meditation isDiscipleship1, 604:depression or to waste time in regret over the past. The only regret that is justifiable is basedDiscipleship1, 605:I should be able to make to you. But during the past six months some of the glamor with which youDiscipleship1, 613:levels. Again and again, my brother, during the past years I have sought to help you. The
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