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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAST

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Discipleship2, 352:angle of it will rapidly become a thing of the past. It is the moving forward of an entire group ofDiscipleship2, 356:to you (scattered through the papers during the past few years, beginning in 1941 and moreDiscipleship2, 364:of this formula gives insight into the past and into the Law of Cause and Effect; it also givesDiscipleship2, 366:that I would ask you to reflect constantly. In past years, I have frequently called your attentionDiscipleship2, 369:that have been recognized and perceived in the past and (consequently) have been "reduced to words"Discipleship2, 386:of the realization and purpose of all past experiences; it is fulfilment (by the One Initiator) ofDiscipleship2, 411:between Initiation and Revelation." In the past, it was the Master who succinctly gave the discipleDiscipleship2, 413:which the aspirant must be taught is to know, past all interior controversy, where he stands uponDiscipleship2, 421:limitation. You have, therefore: Recognition of past attainment, leading to a point of temporaryDiscipleship2, 422:freedom of movement within those areas, all the past has prepared the initiate, and in theDiscipleship2, 438:has generated or received is projected into the Past and the subconscious mind (as theDiscipleship2, 447:faced many such periods of questioning in the past year, my brother, and your answers haveDiscipleship2, 450:varied. Do you appreciate what they mean? The past year brought you crisis after crisis; itDiscipleship2, 451:the soul, regulating timelessness and knowing no past or future, but only a sense of Being (faintlyDiscipleship2, 459:- F.C.D. To F. C. D. August 1940 MY BROTHER: The past few months have been extremely difficult forDiscipleship2, 464:my brother (as I have told you oft during the past years), your intense sensitivity has complicatedDiscipleship2, 464:a measure of world salvaging. Many times in the past, I have pointed out to you that you were onDiscipleship2, 465:you definitely how valuable has been to you the past immediate experience... Though you are aDiscipleship2, 466:at this time. Those given you during the past three years still need consideration, assimilationDiscipleship2, 467:that the picture unfolds as a unity and the past is seen freed from karma. This sentence may meanDiscipleship2, 470:the subject as to whether the sufferings of the past few years did not warrant your return to theDiscipleship2, 479:traveled to my Ashram. This will involve the Past. The Path of Service which you seek to travelDiscipleship2, 487:far more than they have ever been in the past. Your life has been a life of loveliness, thoughDiscipleship2, 490:for you during this life cycle or during the past week or day; then definitely and with fullDiscipleship2, 521:is because of this preparatory period that the past three years have seen you seriously tested, andDiscipleship2, 523:their personnel or about yourself and your past activities, as well as about your group brothers.Discipleship2, 526:difficulty - I have watched over you for the past four years with more than usual care. I know theDiscipleship2, 530:ourselves the strongest. Nevertheless, the past few years have seen real progress, pronouncedDiscipleship2, 531:He excludes the Whole and thinks in terms of the past and as he wants to think. There is no realDiscipleship2, 534:light that you have made more progress in the past three years than at any previous time in yourDiscipleship2, 538:My reason is as follows: During your past life you have five times made certain definite decisions.Discipleship2, 544:with the progress you have made during the past few years. Failure has not deterred you andDiscipleship2, 555:I can reach you more easily than in the past. I am telling you this because I know it will reassureDiscipleship2, 561:Your spiritual life has deepened during this past year and your light within the Ashram shinesDiscipleship2, 581:for the article is mine and that of A.A.B., and past history justifies the belief that theDiscipleship2, 584:- P.G.C. August 1946 BROTHER OF MINE: The past twelve months have been difficult for you in everyDiscipleship2, 592:The work, planned and outlined by me during past years, has been largely at a standstill. But whatDiscipleship2, 596:whom I have kept a supervisory eye during the past few years. There are five Masters and fiveDiscipleship2, 600:into it he can retreat thus taking refuge in the past and emphasizing certain racial attitudes. TheDiscipleship2, 611:Disciples - R.S.U. November 1944 MY BROTHER: The past year has seen much change in your life, andDiscipleship2, 615:situation, because of your relation in the past to the Ashram of K.H. and to the work which it hadDiscipleship2, 615:only to this life, but it has its roots in the past, and - unless you clear it up - will have to beDiscipleship2, 617:with clarity the trend of events. All that is past and over. Today you stand clear - a disciple whoDiscipleship2, 622:however remotely, arise out of our feelings, past as well as present? As reflecting past emotionalDiscipleship2, 622:feelings, past as well as present? As reflecting past emotional reactions, may not thoughts beDiscipleship2, 628:many drastic adjustments in your life during the past two years, I have noted the increasedDiscipleship2, 629:and some immediate revelation which you know (past all controversy and discussion) that you mustDiscipleship2, 629:you care enough and have adequate patience. The past two years have been preparatory years for you,Discipleship2, 630:your conclusions, so that the lessons of the past can stand revealed to you. Determine then withinDiscipleship2, 630:sounds, because this next truth must relate the past to the future of service, as you see thatDiscipleship2, 636:in you, for you have learnt much in the past five years; you have gone from strength to strengthDiscipleship2, 637:your spiritual sensitivity increased during the past few years so that you can be sure that you canDiscipleship2, 638:to think the matter through. You have in the past done much to help the work I planned. You areDiscipleship2, 640:AND CO-WORKER: This year and in fact during the past three years, many problems have arisen in yourDiscipleship2, 645:of new facts. So much has been given out in the past few years and decades anent initiation; it hasDiscipleship2, 646:in this life. Fortunately for you, your past immediate incarnation as a personality wasDiscipleship2, 651:service, of which you have done so much in the past years, but it is the standing steady, and soDiscipleship2, 651:My heart has gone out to you during the past year as you have struggled with fatigue, withDiscipleship2, 657:from his chosen and designated task and from all past achievements and thereby learns his next stepDiscipleship2, 664:of you based on ancient work together in past lives. You have also gained a little knowledge as toDiscipleship2, 667:the underlying purpose of all happenings in the past, and endeavor then to grasp the picture of theDiscipleship2, 672:one of the guarantees to you of the truth of the past instruction is that this instruction will beDiscipleship2, 673:this reason I would ask you to forget all this past history and any past reactions to glamor, andDiscipleship2, 673:ask you to forget all this past history and any past reactions to glamor, and to regard the presentDiscipleship2, 677:to you certain comments upon your attitude the past three years, towards the work which has itsDiscipleship2, 684:of the glamor to which you are prone. In past lives, your progress has been from one devotion toDiscipleship2, 699:on the verge of release from the struggle of the past and can enter upon a more constructive andDiscipleship2, 701:both the personality and the soul. It indicates past achievement of a high order, for the transferDiscipleship2, 701:this is so? I would answer that in the distant past - a past which lies behind all of us - youDiscipleship2, 701:so? I would answer that in the distant past - a past which lies behind all of us - you made, at aDiscipleship2, 702:years of your life, a complete reversal of the past. I look to see you apply, with will andDiscipleship2, 706:for if they emerge out of a criticism of the past [707] and of what has been done, they will proveDiscipleship2, 708:to shoulder responsibility which has, in the past, and will in the future, prove invaluable to theDiscipleship2, 713:problem is how to help you to capitalize on the past, thus enabling you to make the future a moreDiscipleship2, 713:by you now in a different manner to the past. You stand alone. You stand, however, with yourDiscipleship2, 715:do this. You need now to garner the results of past meditation work through active service, chosenDiscipleship2, 725:the two plans which you have evolved during the past six months for world salvage and unity. One ofDiscipleship2, 730:Yet you have changed quite definitely during the past year, and by your refusal to cultivate theDiscipleship2, 730:glamorous thinking which characterized you in past years and so oft proved your undoing, you haveDiscipleship2, 732:behind, press forward." Dwell no longer on the past but make the relatively few years which areDiscipleship2, 733:problem has been due to the fact that in the past you at one time achieved a most definite soulDiscipleship2, 735:to him the gain or the non-gain of the past cycle of living experience. Such a proposition facesDiscipleship2, 742:experiment all the time, but that should now be past history. I ask you now, for the sake of aDiscipleship2, 745:out your strength, but that time should now be past. I stand by you at all times, but you must nowDiscipleship2, 745:The time of spiritual adolescence is past for you. Will you realize that and now work? Discipleship2, 749:order to reassure you, for you have been in the past somewhat prone to psychic fear, though a veryDiscipleship2, 751:for the future. Hide never behind the thought of past achievement or of achievement in some futureDiscipleship2, 754:evil karma will no longer be engendered and past karma will work out in experienced, spiritualDiscipleship2, 755:the roots of all thy life. Seek freedom from the past. Yet move not from the plane where life hasDiscipleship2, 759:taken alone; hence my emphasis to you during the past few years upon the need for you to travelDiscipleship2, 759:is a recognition of unity of purpose, plus a past history of close relationship when the Master wasDiscipleship2, 767:the sons of men, the Sons of God: Think on the past, the future, and on that which is today. LearnDiscipleship2, 767:ran their courses. Man, in his distant radiant past, before his life on earth, the past that wasDiscipleship2, 767:radiant past, before his life on earth, the past that was before all time and space, evolved aEducation, xii:Teaching, if true, must be in line with the past and must provide scope for endeavor in the presentEducation, 2:has been occupied with the art of synthesizing past history, past achievement [3] in allEducation, 2:with the art of synthesizing past history, past achievement [3] in all departments of human thoughtEducation, 3:has dealt with those forms of science which the past has evolved. It is primarily backward-lookingEducation, 3:the race believes to be true, has tested in the past and found adequate. But each age has aEducation, 4:more than informing a child or student as to the past and its achievements. Those factors have
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