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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAST

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Education, 4:Those factors have their place, and the past must be understood and studied, for out of it mustEducation, 5:principle, etc. With this, religion in the past has professed to deal. The higher abstract mind,Education, 23:ultimate [23] soul objective and not, as in the past, from the angle of a particular standard ofEducation, 26:which has developed so remarkably during the past thirty years, is preparing us. Students shouldEducation, 34:the knowledge which you have gained. In the past the mystic expressed his realization through loveEducation, 38:as the minimum requirement; to know something of past events - historical, geographical, literary,Education, 39:and racial memory, not only national history but past history as well. I mention this in order toEducation, 39:the danger of such undue emphasis upon the past, for if this were done on a large scale it wouldEducation, 39:into a better direction than the evocation of past glory, so-called, and the emphasizing of theEducation, 44:must be sought in many factors. They lie in the past, in the growth through evolution of certainEducation, 44:evolution of certain basic tendencies in man; in past mistakes, present opportunities and theEducation, 57:is essentially right interpretation of life past and present and its relation to the future ofEducation, 58:average citizen what has "come to light" in the past. Evoke interest in the new sciences andEducation, 58:which is presented to the mind. Correlate the past with the present. Train citizens in the rightsEducation, 58:of knowledge of what has been discovered in the past and what is his intellectual heritage; with aEducation, 64:is from a previous solar system - is colored by past events, and is (as has been said) "alreadyEducation, 68:hitherto developed by esotericists in past decades. If esotericists would accept, in its simplestEducation, 68:We have to live down some of the mistakes of the past. I have given you many other definitions inEducation, 71:The tracing and relating of basic trends to past racial unfoldments and to ancient racial episodesEducation, 71:and of import, and though the recovery of past lives will be of no interest, the recognition ofEducation, 71:which have been inherited from the past will serve real purpose. Young people will then be studiedEducation, 80:the human family. The very best of all that is past must be preserved but should only be regardedEducation, 81:education will be more psychological than in the past and the information thus gained will beEducation, 82:is, first of all, a process of acquiring facts - past and present - and of then learning to inferEducation, 83:of memory training which has been distinctive of past methods. The new education will consider aEducation, 85:in this direction and it is good and sound. The past of humanity as the foundation for presentEducation, 86:evoked along true and right lines; the world of past human effort will be presented to him in aEducation, 86:written above in no way implies an indictment of past methods except in so far that the world todayEducation, 87:in every country. The errors and mistakes of the past techniques are obvious but there is no needEducation, 88:and try to give a truer perspective than in the past upon social organization. When the youngEducation, 90:has, as we have seen, been the history of the past. Man has been developed from an isolated animal,Education, 93:forward looking. Information as to the past history of the race will be given to him from the angleEducation, 93:achievement as is now the case. As the past, in the child's mind, is correlated with the present,Education, 99:them; they are inevitably conditioned by past history, by national tradition and by racial trendsEducation, 110:studied somewhat deeply into the records of the past and into the modes of meditation, and hasEducation, 110:achieved thereby a measure of inclusiveness of past, present and future which is naturally notEducation, 116:are based upon causes which lie in so remote a past that history knows nothing of them, and theyEducation, 121:been the keynote of our civilization during the past fifteen hundred years. Fourth, the coming intoEducation, 123:is growing in the world and is not, as in the past, confined to a few advanced groups or one or twoEducation, 130:family and group from group. The grip of the past upon families is a factor which is largelyEducation, 140:have been seeking to impart to humanity for the past years, for it was in 1919 that I first startedEducation, 148:anent the new education - to have some grasp of past foundational implications and basic tendenciesExternalisation, 9:of the higher kind with its power to reveal the past and the future, are the prerogatives of theExternalisation, 28:These differ peculiarly from those of the past, and it is these widely different ideas which areExternalisation, 28:Two ways in which these determining ideas in the past came into being and played their part inExternalisation, 30:angle, it might be stated that the effort of the past has been to raise the consciousness ofExternalisation, 30:endeavor. This is relatively a new thing. In the past, a man had a vision and sought to materializeExternalisation, 38:relatively in the background and only during the past half century has it become definitely active.Externalisation, 54:unity which has proceeded apace during the past 150 years, the work of the sixth group (religion inExternalisation, 69:must be sought in many factors. They lie in the past; in the growth, through evolution, of certainExternalisation, 70:of certain [70] basic tendencies in man; in past mistakes, present opportunities, and the powerfulExternalisation, 70:you that some of the causes lie in so remote a past that history knows nothing of them. You wouldExternalisation, 101:you attach yourself to it as you have, in the past, attached yourself to individuals; the vision isExternalisation, 106:been speaking with increasing clarity for the past fourteen years. The stimulation which was set upExternalisation, 112:increasing clarity and understanding during the past two hundred years. Such crises have takenExternalisation, 115:produce the great and divine transition from the past into the future, and from the old into theExternalisation, 115:to die. The processes of evolution have in the past and will in the future prove successful inExternalisation, 118:problem. With broad generalities I cover the past, indicate the effects which are now beingExternalisation, 120:or lower turn of the spiral of existence. The past few hundred years have seen a major problemExternalisation, 131:unprepared to rule and of those whose past unfoldment has as yet brought them only to the nurseryExternalisation, 131:of which have been laid in a long historical past of preparation for government; another, that ofExternalisation, 131:result of the control for many centuries in the past by the aristocracy, with its paternalism,Externalisation, Esoter:and the will-to-change and who (during the past 150 years) have altered the character of theirExternalisation, 135:and appalled. They are only the product of the past and the victims of the present. At the sameExternalisation, 140:done when it is over. I have given much in the past which can provide a platform of objectives andExternalisation, 146:thought-form which men have created in the past and which has had (and is having) such disastrousExternalisation, 148:Much has been said and written in the past by the curious investigator and by those engaged inExternalisation, 152:that all the world is now suffering and that the past twenty-five years have been those of aExternalisation, 164:linked and all the planes are interrelated; the past has contributed its finished work; the presentExternalisation, 167:lies much to justify the sorry story of past evolutionary processes and methods. When it isExternalisation, 168:as well as the best of the externalized past. Then and only then will the new esotericism beExternalisation, 168:between this coming stage and that of the past is that, in the past, the soul has sought thisExternalisation, 168:stage and that of the past is that, in the past, the soul has sought this development andExternalisation, 172:with fresh ardor in joyful service, forgetting past weaknesses and failures in the urgency of thatExternalisation, 181:today. The present situation is the result of past tendencies, of underlying pressures and of humanExternalisation, 183:for right political thought. The history of the past is the history of many forms of government.Externalisation, 184:considerations; British imperialism has in the past outraged other nations; German hegemony andExternalisation, 185:and the new way of life. The selfish, wicked past can give way to a future of understanding, ofExternalisation, 189:culture given to the youth of Germany during the past twenty years has proved the effects ofExternalisation, 195:of mistakes, by sorrow for wrong action in the past, and by restitution, if possible. It will comeExternalisation, 195:and racial quarrels are relegated to the unholy past and only a future of cooperation and ofExternalisation, 196:way of living is very simple. It is a product of past wrong educational methods, of competition andExternalisation, 199:the ancient dictatorships and autocracies of the past are summed up. There is nothing new in theExternalisation, 201:in man-made interpretations of truth nor in past quarrels between the major world religions. At theExternalisation, 202:is now known as Intelligence and Love. That the past has given us. He must be known as Will andExternalisation, 206:truths: That the errors and mistakes of past centuries, culminating in the present world war, areExternalisation, 207:vision which will make the mistakes of the past impossible in the future. One basic divineExternalisation, 207:some degree and all have grievously erred in the past. Germany has precipitated the evil which hasExternalisation, 207:The recognition of joint responsibility for past world conditions. The truth that "all have sinned"Externalisation, 208:information. The recognition that the past has gone with all its evils, and that a future ofExternalisation, 209:in a non-partisan spirit. The emphasis upon past historical boundaries as a determining factor isExternalisation, 210:education. During these interludes between the past and the new world order, the men and women ofExternalisation, 212:reaches into the future and is inclusive of the past (for this is the prerogative of all trainedExternalisation, 214:- Section II - The General World Picture In past communications I have oft spoken of the Forces ofExternalisation, 218:and freedom. To evade responsibility because of past national mistakes and historical sins andExternalisation, 224:such methods seem to have been successful in the past, and because they are told that "faith canExternalisation, 225:endeavor can be related, or there is nothing to past beliefs, to ancient stories of manifestingExternalisation, 225:great changes may take place, for which all the past has been only preparatory and through whichExternalisation, 230:with its concrete tendency to hark back to the past and its fear to venture with faith into theExternalisation, 233:There are those in the world today who (despite past national selfishness and wrong) are fearlessly
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