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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAST

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Healing, 543:and subject to three influences: first, a man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error;Healing, 544:and subject to three influences: [544] A man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error.Healing, 544:in mind is that disease has its roots in the past (a group past or an individual past) and may, inHealing, 544:that disease has its roots in the past (a group past or an individual past) and may, in the lastHealing, 544:roots in the past (a group past or an individual past) and may, in the last analysis, be aHealing, 610:Gods" of The Secret Doctrine, although perfect past our human comprehension - the comprehension ofHealing, 664:been foreseen even by the Hierarchy. During the past two hundred years the entire picture has beenHealing, 667:So great has been the progress of man during the past two hundred years that the Council Chamber atHealing, 667:in man, so that today and increasingly over the past one hundred years, goodness of heart, kindnessHealing, 672:for the vision of Christ ranged from the past, through the present and on into the future. ThisHealing, 693:There has been so much given out during the past century along the lines of magical work, that moreHealing, 714:abstruse. In this interim period between the past and that which is on its way, it is not easy forHercules, 7:of God's purposes. There is an immense past behind humanity; aeons and aeons have come and gone;Hercules, 9:in this condition. Herein lies the wonder of past achievement, and herein lies the hour of presentHercules, 14:long ago I slew all those who taught me in the past. I killed my teachers, and in my search forHercules, 69:locate Sirius, the Dog Star, the story of our past, present and future is dramatically pictured. WeHercules, 69:dramatically pictured. We have the story of our past in Lepus, the Hare, fleet of foot, deceived,Hercules, 95:rested from his labors, and time and time again, past the fourth Gate he chased the sacred doeHercules, 98:that to himself he had bequeathed in days long past, his trusty club. On every hand he sought; onHercules, 107:battle that lies ahead of him, knows that his past must work out to fulfilment in the future, knowsHercules, 127:Gate passed. Ponder upon the lessons of the past; reflect upon the tests, my son. Twice have youHercules, 128:in meditation; a time of assessment of the past. Again, strangely, the average man approaches LibraHercules, 129:merely saying, "Ponder upon the lessons of the past" (Libra's assessment). "Twice have you slainHercules, 137:of the message; to use the values born of the past, yet not sell short the future to the uncertainHercules, 142:evils, mistakes, failures of his long past) into the air of the spirit, where by its very natureHercules, 148:side of love. Desire for power. During the past few hundred years man has released the energy ofHercules, 179:cleans the Augean stables (of the karma of all past ignorance and error, the Dweller on theHercules, 183:based on what has transpired in the past, so enabling them to predicate what will happen in theHercules, 188:two diverse groups: those who are tied to the past and to the material aspect, and those who areHercules, 192:conscious. The time is coming in Aquarius when past, present and future will pass out altogetherHercules, 207:has come almost unnoticed to humanity during the past century has been the slow dawning upon ourHercules, 209:in this condition. Herein lies the wonder of past achievement, and herein lies the hour of ourInitiation, 2:its period, and abstract the accretions of the past that would dim and blur the outline. Above all,Initiation, 5:sense as that which has been demonstrated past all doubt and question) may not be a fact from theInitiation, 13:can be had, a vision of the eternal Now, wherein past, present, and future exist as one; a visionInitiation, 33:mentioning certain outstanding events of the past, and pointing out certain eventualities. For agesInitiation, 37:the active personalities have been during the past millennia of years since the Hierarchy came intoInitiation, 51:have come before the public eye during the past one hundred years, and therefore concerning these,Initiation, 52:testify to their knowledge, and thus establish past all controversy the reality of their work.Initiation, 76:with the disciple through the karma of past lives, through group work, and through the activity ofInitiation, 115:is himself, the real self. He [115] knows now past all disturbance that the manifestation ofInitiation, 115:is that eternal Entity who has for ages past been demonstrating its powers on the physical planeInitiation, 119:now it is based on sight and on a recognition past all disproving, of his own immortal nature. HeInitiation, 124:are nevertheless parts of one process: 1. The past sweeps before him, and he sees himself playingInitiation, 124:time. His Planetary Logos as he functions in the past through many evolutions and kingdoms in theInitiation, 124:so on until he has identified himself with the past of the one life flowing through all planetaryInitiation, 124:off karma, and the knowledge (from the seeing of past causes) of how it must be accomplished. 2.Initiation, 125:He then may be said to know his work past all gainsaying, and can apply himself to his task with aInitiation, 125:him a picture of a final consummation of a glory past all description, with a few outstandingInitiation, 133:phrase that "God is a consuming fire." He knows past all gainsaying that fiery energy and electricInitiation, 144:literally to "leave behind him" all the past and to have that farseeing vision which sees the endInitiation, 149:the future, as well as the resent and the past, no opportunity is ever given to an initiate toInitiation, 170:can read the akashic records and ascertain the past, thereby enabling himself to work intelligentlyInitiation, 207:all that can be seen in the three worlds, in the past and in the future. Intellect, 11:might call the personality, man stands with the past behind him, in a present that is full ofIntellect, 21:and lies in the hands of the state. In the past, education was largely colored by theology and itsIntellect, 21:entirely materialistic and scientific. In the past, both in the East and in the West, we have hadIntellect, 22:enormous advance that has been made during the past two hundred years, and yet we wonder whether weIntellect, 24:way, we may ultimately unify the methods of the past and of the East with those of the present andIntellect, 31:which has characterized the World Figures of the past. Is it not in line with evolutionaryIntellect, 60:consciousness can be lifted entirely out of all past fields of endeavor. He finds that he can walkIntellect, 70:of division; if all is one, the distinction of past and future must be illusory..." "The last ofIntellect, 71:experience, becomes definite and is known past all controversy, being recoverable at will. FatherIntellect, 111:a way through recollected senses, we rise past our own mind to the wonderful wisdom of God... ManIntellect, 133:It is not a process of thought. That is past, while the later stage is not yet achieved. It is aIntellect, 160:attuned, and which has resulted in [160] the past in the transmission of the inspired utterances ofIntellect, 189:the One and the Alone. He knows himself to be, past all controversy, God - God immanent and GodIntellect, 210:grown in mental power and strength within the past three thousand years and can do what was notIntellect, 219:eighty. But because it has been done in the past, and in the East, is no indication that it is theIntellect, 222:what I ought to do to tune them out?" During the past ten years, many hundreds of people have comeIntellect, 226:the mind closely and faithfully to it; we rushed past all that, passion for ecstasy, forMagic, 16:law enunciated. Such has been the history of the past and such will be the process in the future.Magic, 16:and such will be the process in the future. The past is purely speculative from the standpoint ofMagic, 16:equally so, but he himself is the result of that past and the future will work out of the sum totalMagic, 55:of time and space, and by an ignorance of the past career of the soul concerned. It should alwaysMagic, 55:involves some knowledge of the teaching of the past as to the constitution of man and anMagic, 58:study of magic with a brief understanding of the past situation, his equipment and the method ofMagic, 58:conveyed by my remarks hitherto. Just as in the past the instrument and its relation to the outerMagic, 86:in this relation has been made during the past fifty years, and the work of the psychologists marksMagic, 98:being at the time of his individualization in past ages. This finds its reflection in the light inMagic, 102:spiritual living. I would say to him, forget all past achievements, realize fervor, and concentrateMagic, 107:by the caliber of the physical body, by past karma and achievement, and by the ability of theMagic, 110:approach is based on the mystic perception of past lives. For him the problem is to know God, withMagic, 114:together to work out certain karma involved in past days. Men have erred grievously in the past.Magic, 114:in past days. Men have erred grievously in the past. Punishment and transmutation are the naturalMagic, 114:natural working out. Violence and cruelty in the past will reap its heavy karma, but it lies in theMagic, 121:discipleship, it may be safely assumed that the past has seen much application of the heart way,Magic, 134:as a swinging from the rank materialism of the past into a growing and profound realization of theMagic, 136:due to the lack of intuitive perception in the past and this fault lies primarily among the mysticsMagic, 170:recognitions. 1. The event is recognized as fact past all controversy. No doubt remains in theMagic, 175:and tinctured by the mystical writings of the past, which litter the desks of disciples, workingMagic, 180:ability to differentiate between that which is past, that which is, and that which will be.Magic, 197:qualities. We have behind us a long and fruitful past. We are none of us purely selfish orMagic, 198:of the physical body, or to enforced celibacy in past lives; this enforced celibacy was very oftenMagic, 198:for he has no knowledge of the history of the past, nor any prevision as to the future. He hasMagic, 200:life with a certain equipment - the product of past lives of endeavor and of experience. ThatMagic, 222:which concern the emotional history of the past, add the activities of the discarnate lives whichMagic, 232:no longer be held down by the chains of his own past habits and his karma. He has gained the vitalMagic, 238:the powers of the mind, and through memory of past pain and grievance and through anticipation ofMagic, 259:latter keynote is new from the standpoint of the past eternities. [260] In spite of this, however,
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