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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAST

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Problems, 6:confidence in the ultimate destiny of man. The past is in reality more like the prenatal stage thanProblems, 7:as it has in the economic difficulties of the past two hundred years and in the theological impasseProblems, 15:the people perish". History indicates a long past of battle, of war, of changing frontiers, of theProblems, 16:need, in the general interest, to face up to our past, to recognize the new trends, to renounce theProblems, 17:the nature of the soul of man. France has in the past revealed the nature of the human soul in itsProblems, 19:the firmness of her political maneuvers in the past have warranted this charge. She has playedProblems, 20:and planning. This she had lost during the past few centuries but is now slowly regaining. HerProblems, 21:and are disturbed at what the history of the past has brought to them of dislike. If the emergenceProblems, 23:As for the Polish people, a long historical past lays upon them the responsibility of a definitelyProblems, 28:the spiritual life. Every nation, owing to its past history, and to its own deeds and enactments,Problems, 29:forms of human expression. The world of the past has gone and gone forever, and the new world ofProblems, 30:carping criticism which has distinguished the past and which breeds a growing hatred, and recognizeProblems, 32:rebuilt and - if we have learned anything from past history and its dire consequences in ourProblems, 33:had the teaching given to the young during the past few hundred years been of a different nature,Problems, 34:of religion. It is an indictment of the past methods of the churches and of the old theologiesProblems, 35:immediately employed, which will link the past and the future by using all that is true, beautifulProblems, 35:is true, beautiful and good (inherited from the past) but which will emphasize certain basicProblems, 39:and consideration of all the best the past has given, and its evaluation and study of the arts, theProblems, 39:the music and the creative life of all nations - past and present. It concerns the refiningProblems, 39:the world of meaning (as inherited from the past) to the world of appearances in which he lives andProblems, 42:the factor of education which has in the past so greatly failed to promote world unity (as the warProblems, 51:the human family. The very best of all that is past must be preserved but should only be regardedProblems, 52:education will be more psychological than in the past and the information thus gained will beProblems, 53:is, first of all, a process of acquiring facts - past and present - and of then learning to inferProblems, 54:of memory training which has been distinctive of past methods. Problems, 58:in this direction and it is good and sound. The past of Humanity as the foundation for presentProblems, 59:evoked along true and right lines; the world of past human effort will be presented to him in aProblems, 59:The above in no way implies an indictment of past methods except in so far that the world todayProblems, 60:in every country. The errors and mistakes of the past techniques are obvious but there is no needProblems, 62:on social organization than has been done in the past. Problems, 63:has, as we have seen, been the history of the past. Man has been developed from an isolated animal,Problems, 65:is essentially right interpretation of life, past and present, and its relation to the future ofProblems, 74:housing problem of munitions workers during the past several years and the situation around theProblems, 81:Humanity has suffered so terribly during the past two hundred years that it is possible to bringProblems, 81:be taken at once whilst patent evidences of the past are still present, and the aftermath of worldProblems, 83:again of the materialistic systems of the past, can stop the re-emerging of the old ideas andProblems, 90:These distinctions, which have in the past set peoples and races so far apart, are rapidly dyingProblems, 91:at any cost, and all possessing an historical past and local tradition which condition theirProblems, 98:owing to the inevitable intermarriage during the past centuries and the emphasis laid by theProblems, 98:and the emphasis laid by the orthodox Jew in the past upon racial purity. The young and modern JewProblems, 105:we are considering a people who have (during the past two hundred years) begun to rise in the scaleProblems, 127:Shri Krishna. The little minds of men at their past and present stages of evolution cannot todayProblems, 129:the teachings of the churches in terms of the past theology, and a rejection of imposedProblems, 131:of truth to the people; its roots are in the past but it is not growing into the light; its vastProblems, 131:power as the Roman Catholic Church did in the past. The refusal of the revolutionary party inProblems, 134:through the earth, leaving the world of the past and the civilization which controlled our modernProblems, 135:of truer value than those which conditioned the past and for the appearance of those virtues,Problems, 139:between God and man. The time for that is past. This problem has been slowly shaping up forProblems, 141:churches and obliterate all the failures of the past. In these three attitudes there are certainProblems, 149:on the part of man, it has been in the past largely unconscious, forced upon humanity by theProblems, 149:and man or man and his brother. Back in the dim past of history (hinted at through symbolism and inProblems, 152:universal faith which will have its roots in the past, but which will make clear the new dawningProblems, 154:also draws nearer to men. What has been in the past shall indeed be in the future; revelation willProblems, 160:of invocation and evocation has its roots in past methods of human approach to Deity. Men have longProblems, 161:will link it with all of the good which the past has given, which will make it spirituallyProblems, 167:groups desirous of retaining as much of the past as possible, having great power and no vision. TheProblems, 168:of the word "spiritual". The time is long past when a line of demarcation can be drawn between theProblems, 169:built upon different principles to those in the past, and one in which men will carry the spiritualProblems, 179:human relations in world affairs is already past the blueprint stage. The nucleus for this work isProblems, 181:not through the usual warlike measures of the past or the enforced will of some aggressive orPsychology1, xxv:beg all of you to go forward. Let nothing in the past - physical inertia, mental depression, lackPsychology1, xxv:service. That none of you may be hindered by the past or by the present, but may live as Onlookers,Psychology1, 29:humanity. Take courage from this thought. The past guarantees the infinite expansion of the future.Psychology1, 63:Let dynamic power, electric light, reveal the past, destroy the form that is, and open up thePsychology1, 67:of the triangle. Let the Researcher of the past uncover the thought of God, hidden deep within thePsychology1, 75:is the revelation of the mind of God. The past reveals the form, but the present indicates thePsychology1, 83:world has been changed beyond belief during the past five hundred years, and during the next twoPsychology1, 88:This ray was the dominant one in the past solar system; it is the foundation or basis of thisPsychology1, 91:today to guarantee to us their existence in the past, not to speak of their continuing existence inPsychology1, 93:find expression in the formulated schemes of the past, the present and the future, or in the fieldsPsychology1, 101:in the early primitive races of the far distant past. This mutability and obliteration of earlierPsychology1, 104:omniscience and its freedom from categories of past, present and future (for they are lost in thePsychology1, 154:a fact and the basis of immortality; he knows, past all controversy, that there is a Plan, and thatPsychology1, 172:of the few mystics and intuitive. During the past few years this process has been going on, and thePsychology1, 174:who work with and through ideas has - during the past few years - materialized on the physicalPsychology1, 193:by [193] substance in the early stages almost past all recognition. These three propositionsPsychology1, 213:lies hid in the capacity to "recover" the past and to see that past as a whole. The kingdoms whichPsychology1, 213:capacity to "recover" the past and to see that past as a whole. The kingdoms which we shallPsychology1, 241:given rise to the wild and incorrect reading of past lives. Only those who have been for ten yearsPsychology1, 256:to man has been purely physical in the long past ages. Animals preyed upon men in the days whenPsychology1, 256:which has been lost in the dark silence of the past. The animal world was then far more potent thanPsychology1, 257:To this there has been added, during the past two hundred years, a third relation, that of thePsychology1, 271:analysis of the marriage customs of the ages, past and present. It is not my work to enlarge inPsychology1, 274:been monogamists. Women have been more so in the past than men, but are perhaps less so now, asPsychology1, 275:economic conditions. The moralities of the past may be pointed out to them, and they may be warnedPsychology1, 295:regarded as a fact in nature and as a product of past evolutionary cycles, and not be looked uponPsychology1, 306:conditions in order to offset and rectify past errors and give the lower nature time to readjustPsychology1, 309:process as it has been carried on during the past ages, and he brings into contact with thatPsychology1, 313:of the few inspired sons of God who have, in past ages, incarnated as the guarantee of the futurePsychology1, 314:and in truth from glory to glory that we go. The past glory of individualization must fade away inPsychology1, 315:ray as they are over the portrayal of their past incarnations. The "new teaching on the rays" viesPsychology1, 316:The Rays and the Races We have been told in the past teaching of the Ageless Wisdom that a humanPsychology1, 318:races here enumerated, which summarize for him past and future achievement. Consequently, inPsychology1, 319:throat center. Creative power. Occult. 4th and past root-race. The solar plexus center. PsychicPsychology1, 356:the future because they have glimpsed the past and touched the vision. [357] Later, we shall have aPsychology1, 359:should grasp the relation of the immediate past to the immediate future, and see in this relationPsychology1, 371:received much scientific attention during the past one hundred year, and medicine and surgery havePsychology1, 376:The Law of Economy. This law determines the past, conditions the planetary consciousness, andPsychology1, 382:the historical influence of the rays during the past two thousand years, and of the way in whichPsychology1, 383:till they cease living in the wonder of their past and go forth into the [384] future to
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