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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAST

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Rays, 20:Door is left behind. That is a happening of the past. Let the cry of invocation issue forth fromRays, 25:to trial in the belief that the witness of the past and the testimony of the ages warrant theRays, 30:in any of the expedients which have acted in the past as interceptors of the truth. This wholeRays, 34:if at times delayed, as it has been during the past fifty-five years. (Written in February, 1943.)Rays, 40:fully conscious individual - aware of his past, conscious now of his ray and its conditioningRays, 43:the disciple-in-training upon the basis of his past experience; it is anchored in the past andRays, 43:of his past experience; it is anchored in the past and firmly grounded in the highest, rightlyRays, 67:Door is left behind. That is a happening of the past. Let the cry of invocation [68] issue forthRays, 70:that the initiation of the moment becomes the past achievement of the masses eventually. ThisRays, 71:Door is left behind. That is a happening of the past. [72] The first point which should be noted isRays, 72:the initiate (as I have earlier pointed out) the past is left behind: "Let there be noRays, 73:makes true help possible. Thus the door and the past are left behind. St. Paul attempted to expressRays, 79:These superhuman [79] Beings are the product of past evolutionary systems and are in Themselves theRays, 87:darkness of the war with the evil history of the past, and the appearance of a living civilizationRays, 88:effects on human bodies have faded into the past, it will be apparent to the understanding aspirantRays, 101:it has touched and colored by its quality in the past. The soul and the causal body no longer existRays, 113:the will-aspect, the first divine aspect. In the past, during the cycle of mysticism through whichRays, 118:present in his equipment, and revealed the past, the present and the future of the individual, soRays, 132:along new lines which are based upon the past but which produce very different results to thoseRays, 133:Much, very much, has been given out during the past one hundred years anent the Masters, and (as weRays, 135:completely chaotic conditions existing for the past five hundred years within all the kingdoms ofRays, 135:the bad, the desirable and the undesirable, the past and the future (for the two are one); the plowRays, 135:the sword of the spirit has severed an evil past from the radiant future, and both are seen asRays, 137:for the newer type of disciple to grasp. In the past, the emphasis has been on what the individualRays, 177:and for which all that has transpired in the past will have prepared Him. Whichever Way He goes,Rays, 191:in the new era and in the interlude between the past (wherein prominent disciples worked within theRays, 225:which is related in a peculiar way to both the past and the future. This rule might also be calledRays, 229:forces must work. It has been produced by the past. As these three constellations pour theirRays, 229:and made sensitive by Piscine energy, during the past two thousand years. You have, therefore, aRays, 234:that of mankind, conditioned and ruled for the past two thousand years by Piscean energy. This is,Rays, 236:that which is rooted in and related to the past, which is crystallizing, reactionary, blind in itsRays, 237:been as lesser conflicts were dealt with in the past - by a process of final intervention.Rays, 259:a state of being and of awareness for which all past relationships have provided no guidingRays, 285:point out again (as I have so frequently in the past) that the obvious meaning - no matter howRays, 294:major need is the recognition of the folly of past separateness and the cult of goodwill. TowardsRays, 313:traced in a definitely unfolding process. In the past I have incidentally referred to these points,Rays, 318:for the new world religion. In the immediate past, the keynote of the Christian religion has beenRays, 327:are some of the things which I have hinted at in past writings; they have been touched upon,Rays, 327:been touched upon, vaguely and mysteriously, by past teachers and somewhat more explicitly byRays, 327:Teaching, if true, must be in line with the past and must provide scope for endeavor in the presentRays, 330:world. I have made two affirmations during the past years anent the Hierarchy. One was that as aRays, 341:the initiation of an individual aspirant. In the past, and in order to get the idea of initiationRays, 360:naturally dependent upon ray determinations and past activity but is nevertheless a free choice,Rays, 366:disciple; dim recognitions, based on past acceptances are, however, possible to some of you. WeRays, 378:direct ray activity. This process lies in the past history of humanity and I shall only brieflyRays, 390:extent. Men have been so aroused by the past agony that never again will they fall asleep; they mayRays, 391:make; His ray, which still determines Him, His past activities as they may fit Him for specializedRays, 393:of crisis. These moments of crisis, based on past karma, conditioned by the point in evolutionRays, 401:of this essential energy, and because of His past relation to the Earth, He is part of theRays, 401:three factors create great trouble; during the past crisis of the world war (1914-1945) it reachedRays, 428:here, remembering what I have told you in the past anent points of tension. This present tensionRays, 437:leading to their inability to "bring through" past events with accuracy, by a false humility asRays, 437:to penetrate into their understanding, then the past, the present and the future will be lost toRays, 437:negated; it is at present so closely related to past and future. The dual life of the disciple willRays, 444:he discovers this as an existent fact and knows past all controversy that "faith is the substanceRays, 446:developed. Much of the instruction given in the past has laid down the rules for the cultivation ofRays, 447:focusing. In this last process the gain of the past months or years is closely assessed; the effectRays, 452:complete new terminology of their own during the past forty years, so this science must develop itsRays, 453:They are (for the disciple) a fusion of the past (consciousness thread) and the present (theRays, 453:and the other in the head. Throughout all the past centuries, the creative thread, in one or otherRays, 453:fact in nature his creative activity during the past two hundred years is an indication, so thatRays, 454:parts, form the antahkarana. They embody past and present experience and are so recognized by theRays, 459:which the average disciple has worked in the past has been soul contact, leading eventually to whatRays, 475:threads are, for the disciple, a fusion of [475] past knowledge (the consciousness thread) and theRays, 477:Initiation The Construction of the Antahkarana - Past In connection with this there is no need forRays, 477:who is the product of a very long and fruitful past experience is equipped to undertake the task ofRays, 478:of the Aryan race. It is only during the past five thousand years that it has gradually become theRays, 479:threefold thread. This brief summation of the past process is intended simply to give a syntheticRays, 498:taught by the Hierarchy. This does not mean that past teaching is abrogated, but it is shifted backRays, 499:by the masses - a thing hitherto unknown. In the past, it was the intelligentsia or the elect whoRays, 521:Age) of a mentally polarized humanity. In the past, religion has had an entirely emotional appeal.Rays, 524:then gave the teaching which summarized all the past and indicated the new aspects of the futureRays, 526:from the Secret Place, from the illimitable past until the present time) has been to anchor,Rays, 531:not here saying that the teachings given in the past by various occult groups, or in my bookRays, 548:is the cause of their constant emphasis upon the past - a past which is based on their experiencesRays, 548:of their constant emphasis upon the past - a past which is based on their experiences in Aries andRays, 559:(lying now in the far distant and forgotten past) when individuals who had attained a certain stateRays, 569:destruction, death and cleavages of the past century; old things are passing away as the Lord ofRays, 596:Today, tremendous cleavages between the past and the present are in order. The importance of thisRays, 600:sense; he now differentiates sharply between past and present and that which has to be ascertainedRays, 603:expressed. In the climaxing war of the immediate past, the mental plane was the focus of theRays, 604:a climaxing point which is indicative of the past and of the present, but leaving (as is the caseRays, 609:of divinity summarizes in a unique manner all past achievements of the two principles and brings inRays, 610:producing crises and tensions, sometimes almost past endurance; they indicate nevertheless rapidRays, 620:Agents of the divine Will see it, embracing the past of the nations involved (a past which isRays, 620:embracing the past of the nations involved (a past which is seldom good), seeing the effects ofRays, 620:is seldom good), seeing the effects of that past as they work out in the present and as they areRays, 624:is very old, and the German leaders during the past one hundred years have confused racial issuesRays, 625:through which they have passed during the past one hundred years has worked well for them. Torn asRays, 633:true and spiritual sense) and the present and past period of an intense individualism is not easy,Rays, 634:to note that the main contention in the past of Poland, lately of the Irish, and today of the Jews,Rays, 635:Jewish conflict because it is the symbol of all past conflicts in human history, based uponRays, 637:in the lives of disciples have - during the past few decades - been many; a point of tension hasRays, 646:knowledge to humanity; the many civilizations - past and present - are the result of this. I wouldRays, 651:- The Aspirant and the Major Initiations All his past realizations - both his material and also hisRays, 658:There are always these two phases. Through the past civilizations and their eventual catastrophicRays, 665:still greater light of the soul. They have (in past lives, even though recollection may be lacking)Rays, 671:part of the general endocrine system and past imbalance is avoided. Simultaneously, the head centerRays, 697:of entrance into a new life for which all the past has been a preparation. After the ninthRays, 698:of their own (related to the selfish aeonial past) is left; they are simply pure receptacles for
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