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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAST

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Rays, 703:consciousness. That they are factors related to past experiences, and yet which have reference toRays, 704:each brings to the experience as the result of past effort, his point in consciousness and theRays, 706:is equipped with a full realization of the past, with a sound appreciation of what He has to offerRays, 711:Nevertheless he still possesses awareness of all past events and knows now why he is what he is;Rays, 711:is what he is; much of the information anent the past he discards; it has served its purpose,Rays, 711:totally unrelated to the three worlds of his past experience. He, the sum total of that past, facesRays, 711:his past experience. He, the sum total of that past, faces new spiritual adventures, and has now toRays, 716:of the divine love. Since its impact during the past few years, human thinking has been moreRays, 720:initiation He expresses the sum total of all past attainment. His entire past is involved in whatRays, 720:the sum total of all past attainment. His entire past is involved in what He demonstrates. This isRays, 724:is forced thereto by the accumulation of past karma. All evil karma has necessarily been workedRays, 724:He is then - in Himself - the summation of all past experience. Unless He deliberately chooses theRays, 725:He rejects, refuses or repudiates His entire past and enters upon His chosen path entirely "free ofRays, 726:also. The Master severs all connection with the past and with the planet, but never with the OneRays, 728:the average disciple, is contained within his past and is implemented in his present. This is notRays, 728:initiation. He is entirely liberated from his past; the Law of Karma no longer [729] has any holdRays, 741:struggle for supremacy is equally as bad as the past war; the effects are more lasting, because theRays, 746:but it is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, as Britain gives freedom of choice and democraticRays, 748:pondering, wondering, planning and deciding. In past centuries, it was only those who had benefitedRays, 758:which wisdom brings; this has in the past safeguarded human aspiration and human progress intoReappearance, 5:and His coming is anticipated. Always in the past, it has been the religious teachers of the periodReappearance, 15:and happenings have taken place within the past century which have never before occurred; it mightReappearance, 17:and from orthodox religion during the past century, and this will present a unique opportunity forReappearance, 19:publicized the fact of the Hierarchy during the past century; the spiritualists have laid theReappearance, 22:for human welfare. This effort, in the light of past aeons of human history, is a relatively newReappearance, 24:theologically from the ignorance of the past; it is a peculiar thing that an ancient commentator isReappearance, 30:to the Cross but to the resurrection. In the past, the keynote of the Christian religion has beenReappearance, 30:and unique middle point, between an unhappy past and a future which is full of promise if theReappearance, 33:recognized; he differs from the mystics of the past by his practical interest in current worldReappearance, 34:but the modern mystic differs from those in the past in that he is able clearly to indicate toReappearance, 55:- spread over the entire cycle of living - past, present and future - of humanity. He comes toReappearance, 64:extraordinary story, having no relation to the past, emphasizing a period of only 33 years andReappearance, 69:behind the Christ; it is in the field of long past experience. The consequent point of tension isReappearance, 84:of our present civilization and culture. Past attainment is ever the guarantee of futureReappearance, 85:of the work undertaken by the Christ in the past, and foreseen by Him as His future responsibility.Reappearance, 90:Their energetic denial of all that is of the past, and the destroying energy which they directReappearance, 90:and the restoration of that which has, in the past, proved useful and good and which could form theReappearance, 98:fusion of Piscean energy, generated during the past two thousand years of Christ's spiritualReappearance, 108:on the verge of reappearing. In the light of the past, therefore, and of humanity's present need,Reappearance, 117:conditioned by the unfulfilment of the past; by the remains, the failures of the past - preservedReappearance, 117:of the past; by the remains, the failures of the past - preserved in the records of nature in theReappearance, 117:writings have foolishly laid the emphasis upon past incarnations and upon their recovery; thisReappearance, 121:facts have been widely given out, during the past two years, as the result of the cleansing of theReappearance, 130:prefer the term!) becomes complete. Then this past sentient control and its entire area ofReappearance, 135:Them Their disciples and initiates, during the past two thousand years. It has reached a point ofReappearance, 135:through which humanity has passed during the past one hundred years, and the emotional tension inReappearance, 138:that which is old and which sufficed in the past to satisfy the enquirer, but which now fails to doReappearance, 142:to guide humanity who are grounded only in the past interpretations. These young men enter uponReappearance, 142:head. The presentation of religious truth in the past has blocked the growth of the religiousReappearance, 144:fundamental principles of living, covering the past and the present and providing a platform forReappearance, 149:universal faith which will have its roots in the past, but which will make clear the new dawningReappearance, 158:Age) of a mentally polarized humanity. In the past, religion has had an entirely emotional appeal.Reappearance, 182:by groups far more than by individuals. In the past we have had world saviors - Sons of God WhoReappearance, 182:the Reappearance of the Christ Religions in the past have been founded by a great soul, by anReappearance, 186:they have made much headway [186] during the past ten years; the inner integration of that part ofSoul, 13:or internal psychology, and, secondly, looking past scientific psychology to the larger realm ofSoul, 16:intelligently. It is a humanity with a long past, much gained experience and accumulated knowledge,Soul, 83:like, is an isolated organism determined by its past karma, and has its own peculiarly associatedSoul, 102:here in the body The purusha dwells, Lord of the past and the future; He who knows him frets noSoul, 102:in height The purusha is in size, Lord of the past and the future; It is he today and alsoSoul, 130:the speculations and vague hypotheses of the past ages? Has not what was regarded as unprovable inSoul, 130:Has not what was regarded as unprovable in the past been proved and demonstrated in the presentSoul, 133:first time, generally possible, and, from the past conclusions of the philosophers and saints ofTelepathymany factors (emerging out of a dim and distant past) which have contributed to make each personTelepathy, 45:as it has, in the economic troubles of the past two hundred years, and in the theological impasseTelepathy, 76:major importance; they are, again, the result of past ages of soul development (as far as theTelepathy, 81:concept involves of events, opportunity, the past, the present and the future, the good and theTelepathy, 121:based upon knowledge of divine guidance in the Past, the recognition of progress out of that PastTelepathy, 121:Past, the recognition of progress out of that Past into the Present, plus the effort to becomeTelepathy, 121:immediate Future. The Purpose is related to the Past, the Present and the Future; the Agents of theTelepathy, 126:is, or will be a man. This has reference to the past, to the present and to the future of everyTelepathy, 131:The fission of the nucleus of the atom in the past few years is the outer sign or demonstrationTelepathy, 170:Much emphasis has been placed by teachers in the past upon the "killing out" of the centers below
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