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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PATH

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Astrology, 614:and general sense might be stated as follows: Path of Evolution and Probation. Unfoldment ofAstrology, 614:The mind takes control. Personality functions. Path of Discipleship. Unfoldment of the love nature.Astrology, 614:the intuition is in control. The soul functions. Path of Initiation. Unfoldment of the will.Astrology, 614:evolutionary process, carried forward upon the Path of Initiation and entered into (as far asAstrology, 645:and are concerned with egos who are on the Path, and who are therefore group-active. In connectionAstrology, 692:and are concerned only with egos who are on the Path, and who are therefore group-active. InAtom, 41:with the ability of the atom to choose its own path, to reject and to select, and showed thatAtom, 53:universe which leads them simultaneously, by a path sown with destruction, but uninterrupted andAtom, 62:of form, spirit or life progresses, until the path of return has been traversed and the point ofAtom, 63:life which we call human, and sweeps into the path of its energy the tiny life which functionsAtom, 114:is an initiation. Every step forward along the path of awareness is an initiation. [115] When anAtom, 134:upon what is called in the religious world, "The Path." You will have him definitely taking himselfAtom, 134:is really meant by the teaching given about the Path in the Protestant, Catholic, and BuddhistAtom, 134:churches. They all teach the treading of this Path, calling it by different names, such as the Way,Atom, 134:names, such as the Way, the noble Eightfold Path, the Path of Illumination, or the Path ofAtom, 134:such as the Way, the noble Eightfold Path, the Path of Illumination, or the Path of Holiness. YetAtom, 134:Eightfold Path, the Path of Illumination, or the Path of Holiness. Yet it is the one Path, thatAtom, 134:or the Path of Holiness. Yet it is the one Path, that which shineth ever more and more unto theAutobiography, XI:too. Why did she suffer? Because her chosen path is on the line of the World Saviors. She has goneAutobiography, 48:saw me take a definite step forward along the Path. Slowly, and without knowing it in my brainAutobiography, 52:occurring in occult books is the word "Path," meaning the Way back to our Source, to God, and toAutobiography, 139:humanity step forward a little further upon the path of return to God. I discovered, for the secondAutobiography, 139:I knew so little, that the teaching about this Path or this Plan was uniform, whether it wasAutobiography, 189:lines extant today. It is called "The Aryan Path" and is exceedingly fine. The word Aryan here hasAutobiography, 194:It is difficult to tread the narrow, razor-edged path which leads between the higher psychism, orAutobiography, 196:is, those on the last stages of the probationary path and that our emphasis was impersonality andAutobiography, 196:a beginner who is way ahead of them on the Path of Discipleship. Why people should think that anAutobiography, 213:angle of the aspirant and is the science of the Path, and it instructs man in the techniques of theAutobiography, 213:and thus enables him to set his feet upon the Path of the higher evolution. The curriculum of theAutobiography, 216:is, however, exceedingly good for those on the Path of Probation. The Arcane School was, therefore,Autobiography, 232:the angle of the zodiac, which is the imaginary path of the sun in the heavens, the sun appears toAutobiography, 237:seeker in the Orient. At a certain point on the path of return to God all ways meet and then theAutobiography, 239:[239] work of the Buddha prepared people for the Path of Discipleship, whilst the work of theAutobiography, 239:of God and consciously endeavoring to tread the path of return. This has taken place on such aAutobiography, 241:healing. He gives the technique for building the path of Light between soul and spirit, just as manAutobiography, 241:soul and spirit, just as man has created a path between himself and the soul. He emphasizes, also,Autobiography, 262:indicates to them the necessity to tread the Path and (usually) takes the place of the ultimate andAutobiography, 264:schools have dealt with aspirants upon the Path of Probation or of Purification. The schools nowAutobiography, 264:disciples and preparing them to tread the Path of Discipleship and to come - at some later date -Autobiography, 264:take disciples and prepare them to tread the Path of Initiation. We have thus one graded, unifiedAutobiography, 264:They are definitely for neophytes upon the Path of Probation. They are concerned with the heartAutobiography, 270:by step the disciple is led forward along the Path until the time comes when he is ready for thoseAutobiography, 270:He then begins consciously to tread the Path of Initiation with which the esoteric schools of theAutobiography, 270:he has been taught and led forward along the Path. He is, therefore, a conscious worker, well awareAutobiography, 273:they are aspirants upon the Probationary Path and of no great advancement. 2. There are also aAutobiography, 274:and give false ideas about the Masters and the Path, but their lasting power is practically nil.Autobiography, 279:rapid progress upon the "Lighted Way," as the Path is often called. He will find himself finallyAutobiography, 281:so that they may take their next step upon the path of evolution. The Arcane School recognizes theAutobiography, 283:Adult Men and Women for their Next Step on the Path of Evolution When you enter the Arcane SchoolAutobiography, 285:impression by this means and by following the path of true occult obedience. The school workers andAutobiography, 285:by teaching him the ancient rules governing the Path of Discipleship, adapting them to modernAutobiography, 288:are then instructed in the rules governing the Path of Discipleship; these, when consistentlyAutobiography, 288:compulsion to apply these rules or to tread the Path of Discipleship; our experience, however, hasAutobiography, 289:nations) which is banded together to tread the Path of Discipleship, to bring into manifestationAutobiography, 291:only claim is that they are seeking to tread the Path of Discipleship. This is the only legitimateAutobiography, 296:spiritual consciousness, demonstrating upon the Path of Evolution and culminating in the Path ofAutobiography, 296:the Path of Evolution and culminating in the Path of Initiation. The great primary truths areBethlehem, 8:who have penetrated a considerable way along the path of return. There is life and truth andBethlehem, 15:of suffering is by treading the noble Eightfold Path, wherein are expressed right belief, rightBethlehem, 17:time before the portal [17] which leads to the Path of Light, and the life of Christ will flowerBethlehem, 21:Tibetans call "straight knowledge." Upon that path [22] vision and hope give place to realization.Bethlehem, 23:some day pass. Humanity stands today upon the path of probation. The way of purification is beingBethlehem, 24:will assuredly be confronted as one treads the path Christ trod, takes courage of the rarer kind.Bethlehem, 28:are today proclaiming this. We are on that path of transition (can we call it the Path ofBethlehem, 28:on that path of transition (can we call it the Path of Discipleship?) which will lead us into a newBethlehem, 30:will be revealed to the Pilgrims the Endless Path, which reaches to the heart of the universe. Man,Bethlehem, 35:to that of the final resurrection, via the steep path of Mount Golgotha. In his innermost nature heBethlehem, 44:stand before the portal of Initiation. Upon that path he meets those who, like himself, areBethlehem, 45:others to reach the point he has reached. The path of service and cooperation with the divine willBethlehem, 46:time ready to take the great step on to the path of discipleship and of purification which precedesBethlehem, 46:and of purification which precedes the path of initiation. Individuals have ever emerged out of theBethlehem, 48:of initiation are but the final stages of the Path of Evolution. The earlier steps on the Path areBethlehem, 48:the Path of Evolution. The earlier steps on the Path are concerned with human living andBethlehem, 51:of this is apparent. "The treading of the Path" is a familiar way of describing the approach of aBethlehem, 57:thenceforth increasingly in that light, for "the path of the just is as the shining light, thatBethlehem, 68:are on a journey. Today the teaching of the Path and of the Way to God is engrossing the attentionBethlehem, 68:of the aspirants in the world. We are on the Path of return to the individual and to the racialBethlehem, 78:enable us to take the next step forward upon the path of discipleship, the next step to God. UntilBethlehem, 78:own homes, they can make no progress. Until the path of life is trodden, happily, silently and withBethlehem, 80:and His call goes out for us to tread the Path of holiness, and to achieve that perfection to whichBethlehem, 102:staggering disclosure. Dim anticipations of the path which He might have to tread must at timesBethlehem, 102:of service and the difficulties which attend the path of every conscious son of God. The sameBethlehem, 103:which comes when we decide to tread the Path of probation, and to prepare ourselves for initiation.Bethlehem, 104:and what we can be, and enter [104] upon the Path of discipleship, or - in the terminology of theBethlehem, 104:to Him His Sonship, His Messiahship and the path of His suffering. This vision is the heritage andBethlehem, 105:into the kingdom of God, and a revelation of the path to be trodden on our way there. It is anBethlehem, 115:achievements. The further men progress upon the Path of Evolution, the more they become consciousBethlehem, 126:could cause him to swerve the slightest from the path of spiritual living and expression. All HisBethlehem, 183:souls. Clement of Alexandria tells us that "the path of souls to ascension lies through the twelveBethlehem, Italic:as one progresses from stage to stage upon the Path of Evolution. [205] In the early stages thereBethlehem, 225:Christ shared with us, as a human being, the path of world experience. He mounted the Cross andBethlehem, 240:or of the simple person rightly guided on the path of everyday duty. These are mainly four: (1) 'IBethlehem, 246:significance, then he is ready to tread the path of purification and probation in preparation forBethlehem, 246:the processes of initiation, and tread the path of holiness. He can be "born in Bethlehem," becauseBethlehem, 250:will be revealed to the Pilgrims the Endless Path, which reaches to the Heart of the Universe. Man,Bethlehem, 258:He outlined to them the Noble Eightfold Path governing right conduct, and gave in reality the rulesBethlehem, 258:the rules which should control one upon the Path of Discipleship. Then, having Himself achievedBethlehem, 267:for the masses of men, who are yet upon the path of becoming, and in many cases are scarcely humanBethlehem, 268:is essential to any progress upon the path of initiation, and it presupposes a development ofBethlehem, 270:man, is the ideal man, the divine man." On the path of purification we discover how weak and faulty
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