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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PATH

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Bethlehem, 270:and faulty is the lower personal man; on the path of discipleship we work at the unfoldment ofBethlehem, 272:of them as they tread the difficult path to the gate which admits into that kingdom, become theBethlehem, 272:the personal self, sweeps that self on to the path of Service. The man cannot then rest until heBethlehem, 272:and clearly indicated step upon the evolutionary Path, and there is no escape from this issue. WeBethlehem, 282:us vision clearly just where we stand upon the Path of Evolution. Have we yet set our feet upon theBethlehem, 282:of Evolution. Have we yet set our feet upon the Path of Probation, that difficult path ofBethlehem, 282:feet upon the Path of Probation, that difficult path of purification which is a necessary firstBethlehem, 282:first step? Or are we definitely upon the Path of Discipleship, knowing what we are doing,Destiny, 75:save the world (for France is essentially on the Path of a world Savior); this was aided by theDestiny, 76:of the whole and so tread again more fully the Path of a World Savior? There are as yet no signs ofDestiny, 80:the first great crisis in Scorpio upon the path of discipleship is determining in its effect uponDestiny, 132:synthesis of the mystical way and the occult path. It will lead later to the formulation of theDestiny, 142:Saturnian influence - will lead many on to the path of discipleship. When the peculiar [143] energyDestiny, 143:affairs, particularly in connection with the Path. This fourth ray is, in the last analysis, theDiscipleship1, X:of God; that this moving forward upon the Path of Evolution out of the fourth kingdom into theDiscipleship1, X:lessons; he finds that progress upon the Path brings a man into closer, conscious touch with thoseDiscipleship1, XI:unattainable goals. Some have been on this Path of Accepted Discipleship (technically understood)Discipleship1, XIV:when a man is highly developed and nearing the Path of Discipleship is it possible for the esotericDiscipleship1, XV:in every country who are seeking to tread the Path by becoming the Path Itself. October 1943 -Discipleship1, XV:are seeking to tread the Path by becoming the Path Itself. October 1943 - Alice A. Bailey Discipleship1, 7:so that you may travel more rapidly along the Path and arrive at greater usefulness to yourDiscipleship1, 17:in the hierarchical body. You are all on the Path of Discipleship at some stage or another; in thisDiscipleship1, 21:It is not easy for the average beginner on the Path of Discipleship to grasp this or to see theDiscipleship1, 21:conformity with the desired rhythms. The narrow path, which all disciples have to tread, requiresDiscipleship1, 26:shifts his focus of consciousness (when on the Path of Discipleship) on to the mental plane andDiscipleship1, 26:Such people need to move onward on to the Path of Discipleship and cease their preoccupation andDiscipleship1, 55:only reiterated advice upon the treading of the Path of Discipleship. You are adult men and womenDiscipleship1, 58:This is one of the initial platitudes of the Path. It was, however, at one time as new a concept toDiscipleship1, 77:is that whatever your particular status on the Path at this time, I shall seek to help you as inDiscipleship1, 79:of who I am leads you into the dangerous path of the devotee, it will be good for you to discoverDiscipleship1, 79:together, my brothers and chelas, along the path of service; let us together enter into the LightDiscipleship1, 79:and your determination to proceed along the path of service at any cost. This I will most certainlyDiscipleship1, 87:in its higher aspects until a man treads the Path of Discipleship.... You might ask, my brothers,Discipleship1, 95:upon your status and standing upon the Path and upon the status of your co-disciples. That is,Discipleship1, 96:treat the disciple who is ahead of them upon the Path of Initiation as someone superior and setDiscipleship1, 107:the following phrases: "I pledge myself to the Path of Love. I demand of my soul that I, the SpiritDiscipleship1, 108:a relapse of thought than a step backward on the path of progress. All growth is cyclic and oneDiscipleship1, 108:- wherein you now know yourself to be on the Path of Accepted Discipleship. I could not earlierDiscipleship1, 109:to touch and whose guide upon the probationary path you are. Yet always there has been an ache andDiscipleship1, 109:in service, then a man passes on to the Path of Discipleship. He can then find his way also intoDiscipleship1, 112:light. But, brother of old, you have walked the Path with rigidity and not with that supple easeDiscipleship1, 116:But I have no fears for you, my brother on the Path. You have a faith of tempered steel whichDiscipleship1, 118:You work with those subordinate to you upon the Path, those who are the average people or theDiscipleship1, 118:people or the probationers who are treading the Path for the first time. With this type of personDiscipleship1, 118:with those who are your equals upon the Path and those whose vibration occultly "neutralizes"Discipleship1, 119:Your recognition of those ahead of you upon the Path who can - if they so choose - call forth fromDiscipleship1, 119:standing as the soul upon the narrow razor-edged path between the pairs of opposites - your assetsDiscipleship1, 122:have in this life stepped off the probationary path on to the Path of Accepted Discipleship andDiscipleship1, 122:life stepped off the probationary path on to the Path of Accepted Discipleship and have made goodDiscipleship1, 124:measure, only to make the discovery that this path of service and of self-forgetfulness brings youDiscipleship1, 128:for training to those who are upon the Path of Discipleship. All these factors influenced myDiscipleship1, 128:steadfastness of your determination to tread the Path and to go forward towards your goal. That isDiscipleship1, 129:reach others, and as a definite asset upon the Path. With you I can and must be entirely frank;Discipleship1, 140:and near deflect you from your progress upon the path of service. You belong now to the [141]Discipleship1, 143:of the status which you have reached upon the Path of Discipleship. Your aura requires sealing (ifDiscipleship1, 147:tune in so easily on all that is around you. The path of the World Saviors is ever a hard one; theDiscipleship1, 149:I told you in my last [149] communication, the path of the World Saviors is a hard one, owingDiscipleship1, 150:because of their capacity to be used upon the Path. Therefore, your work must in the future beDiscipleship1, 150:souls and not upon some division of the Path of Approach and under my tuition, as now you are. TheDiscipleship1, 174:steadier high vibration. Your progress on the Path has been earnest and steady and your lifeDiscipleship1, 174:be speeded up. You must move more quickly on the Path; this will come through more active mentalDiscipleship1, 175:which occur to disciples who are truly on the Path. The outer plane life is followed almostDiscipleship1, 199:for service and my increased usefulness upon the Path? Is my progress upon the Path of importance?Discipleship1, 199:upon the Path? Is my progress upon the Path of importance? Why? If it is true that the blind mustDiscipleship1, 199:a ray, a goal and a light which shines from the Path. Realizing this, do I know anything of theDiscipleship1, 203:impact upon the patient, thereby weaving a path of light to him along which the healing energy canDiscipleship1, 203:fact that he was at the very beginning of the Path of Discipleship." Discipleship1, 211:of the essential loneliness which has beset your path, as it does the path of all disciples, andDiscipleship1, 211:which has beset your path, as it does the path of all disciples, and the development of thatDiscipleship1, 211:which come as one progresses along the Path must be held in the secret chamber of the heart whereDiscipleship1, 211:you may have from those who are not yet upon the Path of Discipleship. It is skill in action and inDiscipleship1, 218:remember, when once established upon the Path of Discipleship, is never broken. Stand, therefore,Discipleship1, 226:have come a long distance quite rapidly upon the Path lately, and have definitely increased bothDiscipleship1, 228:"Love is the incentive of our aspiration on the Path; Love is the substance of our living in theDiscipleship1, 249:and of your brothers, as pilgrims on the Path; discovery of the goal and a consequent pledging ofDiscipleship1, 250:real devotion to me, your teacher; you love the path which leads to light but you and the othersDiscipleship1, 253:will hinder your feet as they stumble upon the Path. Walk free, my brother, and hold to nobody andDiscipleship1, 261:to work for the Tibetan and to tread the Path of Discipleship under his instruction. [262] Discipleship1, 265:by day it sounds. The glamor holds me not. The Path of Light streams clear ahead. My plea goesDiscipleship1, 265:serve your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me." Your usefulness to my group is thatDiscipleship1, 270:teaching and information to carry you along the Path for a very long way. But I continue with myDiscipleship1, 276:cost and naught can arrest his progress on the Path. I have asked myself what I can say to you atDiscipleship1, 277:understanding or of point achieved upon the Path. The disciple can do much for the probationer fromDiscipleship1, 277:disciples, intent with them upon the chosen path. They stand unfailingly beside you. Finally, myDiscipleship1, 292:your response, you placed your feet upon the path of discipleship. This I think you know. I tellDiscipleship1, 295:your realization. Speaking symbolically, the Path of Discipleship is now real to you; the hithertoDiscipleship1, 301:each knows the weaknesses of his brother on the Path, and if all are aware of an individual'sDiscipleship1, 301:you can receive some aid in the treading of the Path if you choose to avail yourself of what I mayDiscipleship1, 302:is part of the training of the disciple upon the Path. Now the fruit of that subjective experience,Discipleship1, 303:and intensive visualization exercise: Imagine a path of golden light, leading from where you standDiscipleship1, 303:two-leaved door. Then see, rolling along this path a disk or wheel of rose, which you send forthDiscipleship1, 303:electric blue, which rolls along the golden Path but which does not enter through the door butDiscipleship1, 303:electric blue disk, having traversed the golden path and there meditating upon the following words:Discipleship1, 303:the Way myself, the door am I. I am the golden Path and in the light of my own light I tread theDiscipleship1, 304:and visualize that light pouring upon your daily path. Bring into that [305] light your groupDiscipleship1, 305:the Way myself, the door am I. I am the golden Path and in the light of my own light I tread thatDiscipleship1, 307:to follow when you first set your foot upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship. This you did two orDiscipleship1, 307:or three lives ago and you have followed this path slowly and with caution. There is now, however,Discipleship1, 307:is a necessary requirement in treading the Path, and until a disciple sees these relations in theirDiscipleship1, 307:cooperate with those who stand with him upon the Path and to work for those whom he can help, but
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