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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PATH

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Discipleship2, 252:eye of vision is the illumined mind. Upon the Path of Initiation it is that of which the eye of theDiscipleship2, 253:adjustment. [253] In all forward stages upon the Path of Initiation, there are three phases whichDiscipleship2, 254:you that this does not refer to the man upon the path of life, pulled as he is between the pairs ofDiscipleship2, 254:soul contact when a man is upon the Probationary Path and passing through the early stages ofDiscipleship2, 275:his choice, leading him on to the seven fold Path of initiate evolution." This is the Way of theDiscipleship2, 281:that the initiate - as he progresses upon the Path of Initiation - works first with the idea, thenDiscipleship2, 287:with the light of his Countenance irradiate the path of the prisoners of the planet." He sentencesDiscipleship2, 288:humanity, prior to moving on to the Probationary Path, he is sensed and dimly sought under theDiscipleship2, 288:lives rebuilt and humanity led onward upon the Path of Return. These few thoughts upon theDiscipleship2, 292:unfoldment and his first real entrance upon the Path of Light. Ponder on this. It has also interiorDiscipleship2, 292:the five physical senses. Then later, upon the Path of Initiation, the initiate develops his tinyDiscipleship2, 317:regards his personal advancement upon the Path as of less importance than his developed capacity toDiscipleship2, 324:has proved his capacity to move forward upon the path. Such is not in any single point theDiscipleship2, 327:to realize that progressive stages upon the Path indicate a progressive ability to "take theDiscipleship2, 332:way or another; no one moves forward upon the Path without creating a new relationship and becomingDiscipleship2, 338:For the aspirant, whether his goal is the Path of Discipleship or one of the seven Paths leadingDiscipleship2, 370:Concerns the throat center. Light upon the Path. There follows next the fifth revelation, which isDiscipleship2, 376:and are consciously trying to tread the Path or - to express the idea in Christian phraseology - toDiscipleship2, 382:the group have to be at the same point upon the Path of Discipleship, or can they be at manyDiscipleship2, 393:the entire human family onward along the Path of Evolution. Discipleship2, 395:dynamic, underlying next step forward upon the Path of Return. It is there that the words "in timeDiscipleship2, 403:aspect is presented to the initiate upon the Path. This, through certain later activities, willDiscipleship2, 409:own devices thus to learn the Way and tread the Path of Return through individual experiment andDiscipleship2, 412:disciples to aspirants upon the Probationary Path. They serve to clarify thought; they removeDiscipleship2, 413:attention from aspirants upon the Probationary Path, and left them to be trained by disciples inDiscipleship2, 413:where he stands upon that part of the Path of Evolution which stretches across the mental planeDiscipleship2, 432:therefore, that a disciple enters upon the Path of Initiation, he is - from the second to the ninthDiscipleship2, 433:personality. We have, therefore: The Path of Evolution - The stage of Penetration. [434] The PathDiscipleship2, 434:Evolution - The stage of Penetration. [434] The Path of Discipleship - The stage of Polarization.Discipleship2, 434:of Discipleship - The stage of Polarization. The Path of Initiation - The stage of Precipitation.Discipleship2, 437:he has penetrated into the higher stages of the Path of Initiation, he has moved forward into aDiscipleship2, 451:in relation to your activities upon the Path. It is easy to over-estimate the importance of anyDiscipleship2, 451:of any particular incarnation upon the path of life; it is easy to foster the consciousness of theDiscipleship2, 452:the rhythm of your effort; later, upon the Path of Initiation, you will relearn this same processDiscipleship2, 460:elucidation. You are, my brother, upon the path of the Christ, and in preparation for treading thisDiscipleship2, 460:the Christ, and in preparation for treading this path of aiding and salvaging humanity, you have toDiscipleship2, 464:preparation for a definite assignment upon the Path of World Saviors. Assignment after assignmentDiscipleship2, 464:out to you that you were on that most difficult path of service. K.H. desired to find out if youDiscipleship2, 466:faith and hope. On this too you must count. The path of a world Savior is, as you know, a hard one,Discipleship2, 468:themselves are at various stages upon the path of their peculiar evolution. You will see,Discipleship2, 469:who - like yourself - is also on the difficult path of teaching and of world salvage. Discipleship2, 474:into a life cycle which will reveal to you the path which, as an initiate, you are choosing toDiscipleship2, 477:personality by your soul: You are treading the Path of Discipleship. You have arrived at a certainDiscipleship2, 477:at a certain Ashram or center of power upon that Path. You are intelligently aware of these factsDiscipleship2, 479:now in relation to yourself, and ponder upon the Path in three ways: The Path which you haveDiscipleship2, 479:and ponder upon the Path in three ways: The Path which you have traveled to my Ashram. This willDiscipleship2, 479:to my Ashram. This will involve the Past. The Path of Service which you seek to travel now, movingDiscipleship2, 479:out of my Ashram. This involves the Present. The Path of Initiation for which you are being [480]Discipleship2, 491:to the effect you have, as a human being on the Path to all you meet and seek to aid. Couple everDiscipleship2, 498:your present abode - undeviatingly followed the path of ceaseless, constant service. You haveDiscipleship2, 517:by the ignorant or the less advanced upon the Path - have endeavored to interfere and prevent theDiscipleship2, 523:way - you had naught for them. Detachment is the path of least resistance for a first ray nature,Discipleship2, 541:the day: A am preparing to move forward upon the Path of Initiation." Let this affirmed realizationDiscipleship2, 545:for your sincere desire is to follow the path of spiritual development but you make the astral bodyDiscipleship2, 552:pine trees, a purling brook a winding, mounting path, and at the end a low built bungalow ofDiscipleship2, 554:These are to you the platitudes of the Path and require from me no explanation. There is one fire,Discipleship2, 562:did not say neglect of concentration. It is his path and destiny in life to enter upon what hasDiscipleship2, 605:August 1942 Your feet have onward marched. The Path stands clear revealed. You know the step ahead.Discipleship2, 621:becomes more difficult as progress on the Path is made, for the subtler qualities and weaknessesDiscipleship2, 622:of the inorganic chemical? As we progress on the Path of Return, do we not but successively 'gatherDiscipleship2, 625:so each appropriation marks a new point upon the Path of Return and so the Eternal Pilgrim, theDiscipleship2, 626:does the same in a lesser [626] way. On the path into physical manifestation, the bodies or formsDiscipleship2, 626:the bodies or forms are built. On the Path of Return, they are appropriated and used, and theDiscipleship2, 626:deepest and truest occult significance) on the Path of Descent. We learn to use it consciously. WeDiscipleship2, 628:means that you have reached that point upon the Path of Discipleship where you need no longer askDiscipleship2, 645:service to you for they are not yet upon the path of discipleship. They are in the earliest stagesDiscipleship2, 645:They are in the earliest stages of the path of probation and are unaware of it also. You have,Discipleship2, 648:I now can serve by Being. Before me streams the Path of Light. I see the Way. Behind me lies theDiscipleship2, 648:I see the Way. Behind me lies the mountain path, with stones and cobbles on the way. Around me areDiscipleship2, 649:[649] The threefold load, the blazing star, the path of light, the greater Star and through themDiscipleship2, 657:and thereby learns his next step upon the Path of Liberation. This detachment, based on a phase ofDiscipleship2, 663:awareness. Secondly, you have stepped upon the Path of Accepted Discipleship and are definitely inDiscipleship2, 665:they face when they step off the Probationary Path onto the Path of Discipleship. Have you foundDiscipleship2, 665:they step off the Probationary Path onto the Path of Discipleship. Have you found and recognizedDiscipleship2, 670:special group is called, and are upon a peculiar path of training. Step by step, the nature of thisDiscipleship2, 670:of training. Step by step, the nature of this Path will be revealed to you, and, little by little,Discipleship2, 676:when you face the Initiation of Decision, the Path which you must follow will clearly appear toDiscipleship2, 697:Disciples - L.U.T. To L. U. T. August 1942 The path of the pledged disciple is one of constantDiscipleship2, 704:it; stand free and move forward on your chosen path, refusing to be limited by those who cannot goDiscipleship2, 713:You have served without any deviation from the path of duty. Forget this not, and avail yourself ofDiscipleship2, 720:the shining, round-faced moon. Across the sea, a path of light, and moving slowly down that path aDiscipleship2, 720:a path of light, and moving slowly down that path a little boat and - smiling, with the oars inDiscipleship2, 721:Before the door lie rocks and bits of stone. A path winds towards that door, and o'er its lintelDiscipleship2, 725:the clear, steady enlightened progress upon the Path which should be yours. You will note that IDiscipleship2, 731:last life, a great risk of wandering on to the path of black magic. Your recognition of me and myDiscipleship2, 745:always joy and effectiveness. We have walked the path of life in relation to each other for yearsDiscipleship2, 756:prior to that tremendous step forward upon the Path. You will note that I am not preoccupied withDiscipleship2, 757:and to put them, as a consequence, upon the Path of Return. This will undoubtedly surprise you, butDiscipleship2, 762:point on the ladder of evolution, or on the Path; and secondly, an intuitive perception of theEducation, xii:from point to point and stage to stage upon the Path of Evolution, unfolding steadily andEducation, 7:occult aphorism that "before a man can tread the Path he must become that Path itself." TheEducation, 7:a man can tread the Path he must become that Path itself." The antahkarana. is the PathEducation, 7:that Path itself." The antahkarana. is the Path symbolically. This is one of the paradoxes of theEducation, 7:by step and stage by stage, we construct that Path just as the spider spins its thread. It is thatEducation, 21:and beauty which drives the human unit along the path of evolution to an eventual return to hisEducation, 27:unfoldment of all forms. It is, therefore, the path of life, which reaches from the monad to theEducation, 27:of subjective realities and of meaning. This "Path of Return," by means of which the race isEducation, 27:wherein some human beings can follow along this path from the physical consciousness to theEducation, 28:being. Increasingly he learns to tread this path of consciousness, and thereby ceases to beEducation, 40:the same recapitulation goes forward upon the Path when a man develops the mystical consciousness
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