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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PATHS

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Astrology, 108:the privilege of passing on to one of the seven paths to which I have made reference in my otherAstrology, 166:all the other rays, as you well know. [166] PathS Rays Planets Constellations Evolution 6th and 4thAstrology, 612:planet on to one or other of the seven cosmic Paths to which our seven initiations form theAstrology, 666:"The Neptunian scheme governs one of the three paths of return and gathers to itself eventually allAtom, 35:with the planets pursuing their orbital paths around it. It would be apparent to each of us thatAutobiography, 47:touch with my family from then till now, but our paths have wandered far apart, our interests wereAutobiography, 197:party provided that they remember that all paths lead to God and that the welfare of the oneBethlehem, 48:a part of the general Plan for the race, and the paths of discipleship and of initiation are butDestiny, 49:through Conflict. 6th Ray Idealism. I carve the Paths. USA 6th Ray Idealism. 2nd Ray Love. I lightDestiny, 59:stated, is, as you know: "I carve the Paths." This will be true eventually in the spiritual as wellDiscipleship1, 518:problems which they face, or their individual paths of destiny with clarity; this, as you may wellDiscipleship2, 87:political party, provided they remember that all paths lead to God and that "the One Humanity"Discipleship2, 275:of force within the square become the seven paths of light which claim his choice, leading him onDiscipleship2, 275:man knows nothing. The words refer to the seven paths which the Master has to consider and fromDiscipleship2, 275:the symbol takes on the following form: "All paths meet at the center. The many become the sevenDiscipleship2, 338:vision, he treads one or other of the seven Paths. For this great "crisis of vision" all the lesserDiscipleship2, 338:is the Path of Discipleship or one of the seven Paths leading away from known planetary experience,Discipleship2, 346:to ray, and in relation to one of the seven Paths - will eventually work. The entire theme is tooDiscipleship2, 422:spheres of action, via one or other of the seven Paths; with these I have dealt as far as now isDiscipleship2, 518:the second ray tread one or other of the various paths, primarily that of the World Saviors; theyDiscipleship2, 680:My brother, your choice is clear and one of two paths is open to you. You can work with lovingExternalisation, 41:speaking, the left-hand and the right-hand paths came into being: white and black magic wereExternalisation, 513:may be called, and in Masonry you have the three paths leading to initiation. As yet they are notExternalisation, 513:three major rays are expressed, and the three paths to the Master are trodden, leading all three toExternalisation, 529:of the World, or on to one or other of the Seven Paths; senior Masters in charge of Ashrams areExternalisation, 531:little that I can say about it. One of the seven Paths for which the Way of the Higher EvolutionExternalisation, 559:he will follow one or other of the seven Paths; the Path of Evolution gives place to the Way of theFire, xviii:Division B. The Nature of the seven cosmic paths Division C. Seven esoteric stanzas The aboveFire, 77:no true spirituality... It is one of the three paths to Nirvana, and the lowest, in which a yogi -Fire, 255:D., I, 561, S. D., II, 201. They are the seven paths back to God - Spirit. They are the sevenFire, 312:allied manifestation of revolving forms, orbital paths and the beginning of that curious downwardFire, 401:a specific direction, and along certain destined paths. It is consequently karmic impulse,Fire, 502:the choice by a Master of one of the seven Paths of endeavor. Thus choice is based on KNOWLEDGE,Fire, 589:in that kingdom, and then again follow their own paths, finding their next point of contact on theFire, 673:which we call the "left and right hand paths," which conditions (existing within the body logoicFire, 739:of that distant time. As this concerns the seven paths of opportunity for a Master we will not dealFire, 740:the meaning will become clearer. 47 The seven Paths upon one of which all must pass: Path 1. TheFire, 750:not walk alone, he was obliged, in the higher paths, to learn to guide and guard himself, as theFire, 778:their start upon one of the three cosmic paths. The work of the Manasadevas is carried onFire, 845:Pitris of another cycle. To follow any of the paths earlier enumerated. Those who become solarFire, 899:The Neptunian scheme governs one of the three paths of return, and gathers to itself eventually allFire, 1013:vital power must be sought, are seen; the two paths face the Solar Angel; the poles vibrate. AFire, 1031:our taking up the consideration of the orbital paths of these various spheres, their centers,Fire, 1057:place of the planets on their various orbital paths. Hence the immense complexity of the matter andFire, 1176:to be regarded as planets) pursue their orbital paths around the solar center and have their ownFire, 1240:He puts His foot upon one of the seven possible paths. The only way in which any light can beFire, 1240:lies in the consideration of those seven cosmic Paths, of their names, and symbols. Very little canFire, 1241:Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths SECTION THREE - DIVISION B - THE NATURE OF THEFire, 1241:- DIVISION B - THE NATURE OF THE SEVEN COSMIC PATHS It should be carefully borne in mind that whenFire, 1241:rites which will enable him to tread those seven Paths, has transcended color, has passed beyondFire, 1241:endeavor as he sets foot upon one of the seven Paths which face him after the fifth Initiation. IfFire, 1242:and the laws of trigonometry. These seven Paths, when trodden, prepare a man to pass certain cosmicFire, 1242:One hint may here be given. Each of these Paths eventually leads to one or other of the sixFire, 1242:might be of value here to list the seven cosmic Paths as follows: 35 Path I - The Path of EarthFire, 1243:of Earth's humanity pass on to specific cosmic Paths or streams of energy, making in their totalityFire, 1243:their totality one great cosmic WAY. The seven paths at a certain stage which may not be definedFire, 1243:stage which may not be defined become the four paths, owing to the fact that our solar system isFire, 1243:"a spark of mahatic electricity." These seven Paths are not concerned with nature or the balancingFire, 1244:in their minds between these seven cosmic Paths and the seven ray Paths upon which all humanity areFire, 1244:these seven cosmic Paths and the seven ray Paths upon which all humanity are found and which haveFire, 1244:Treatise. As we have already seen the seven ray paths become three when units upon the four minorFire, 1244:Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path I. The Path of Earth Service The nature ofFire, 1245:facets which are the seven doorways to the seven Paths. The "beneficent dragons" are distinguishedFire, 1247:Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path II. The Path of Magnetic Work InFire, 1252:Only the human units can pass on to these two paths. The deva hierarchies of the third order haveFire, 1253:Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path III. Path of Training for Planetary LogoiFire, 1253:characteristic of the seven cosmic paths. The adept who chooses this path preserves in a peculiarFire, 1258:Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path IV. The Path to Sirius This path is of allFire, 1258:IV. The Path to Sirius This path is of all the Paths the most veiled in the clouds of mystery. TheFire, 1261:Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path V. The Ray Path This Path is one of theFire, 1261:Path This Path is one of the great distributing paths of the system, and is trodden by the adeptFire, 1263:the third. Hence the close link between the two paths, for those on the fifth path can pass to theFire, 1263:or the two aspects of the one Path. These three paths (with the fourth Path) constitute two PathsFire, 1263:paths (with the fourth Path) constitute two Paths and the two Paths are but one. This great mysteryFire, 1263:fourth Path) constitute two Paths and the two Paths are but one. This great mystery may not furtherFire, 1264:Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths There is no way in which we can express anyFire, 1264:give any information anent the sixth and seventh Paths. All that can be said is as follows: PathFire, 1266:Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths Path VII. The Path of Absolute Sonship ThisFire, 1266:group linked to a still higher Logos. These two paths enter into cosmic states of consciousness asHealing, 183:the ida, the pingala and the sushumna paths, and they together form the path of life for theHealing, 184:and raise the three fires. [184] One of these paths is the one along which the energy which feedsHealing, 184:relation of the three basic energies, the three paths of living fire, their relation andHealing, 185:little to him and he knows more. These three paths of life are the channels for electric fire,Healing, 690:is confronted for the first time with the Seven Paths, because each Path constitutes a mode ofHealing, 690:and arrive at a knowledge of the Seven Paths through differentiating the seven sounds which make upHercules, 170:naught save empty air. Through labyrinthine paths he threaded his way until he came to the court ofInitiation, 1:of the following articles on Initiation, on the Paths that open before the perfected man, and onInitiation, 11:be expressed as the gradual blending of the paths of the mystic and the occultist, - the rearing ofInitiation, 114:the period of gradual spiritual unfoldment, the Paths of Probation and of Discipleship right up toInitiation, 185:XVII - Diversities of Initiations THE SEVEN PATHS As might be expected, very little has appeared inInitiation, 185:has appeared in our literature as to the seven Paths which stretch before the man who has reachedInitiation, 185:any impression as to the significance of these paths, or as to the attributes needed for theirInitiation, 185:needed for the treading of the seven Paths, before we have as yet apprehended or developed thoseInitiation, 185:fact we do know, and that is, that before these Paths can be trodden, a man must be a Master of theInitiation, 185:When we have attained liberation, then these Paths will stretch before us, and the one that weInitiation, 186:direction of our further progress. These seven Paths might be enumerated as follows, and certainInitiation, 189:the above we have enumerated the principal five Paths from which a Master has to choose. TheInitiation, 189:do not lead to Sirius, as do some of the other Paths. It will be noted that four groups remain inInitiation, 189:on earth, in the system, or on Sirius. These two Paths are: 6. The Path the Logos Himself Is On ItIntellect, 37:Self. It seems to be unalterably true that all paths lead to God - viewing God as the ultimate
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