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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PATHS

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Intellect, 265:programs; they will lead the young along the paths of right education; they will control ourMagic, 219:vital power must be sought) are seen; the two paths face the solar Angel; the poles vibrate. AMagic, 220:The plane of dual forces. The plane of the two paths. The plane whereon the vital power is sought.Magic, 226: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Seven - The two Paths The two Paths Passing from ourMagic, 226:White Magic - Rule Seven - The two Paths The two Paths Passing from our consideration of the natureMagic, 228: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Seven - The two Paths It is interesting to note the occultMagic, 229:directions, and he becomes then aware of the two paths, mentioned in our rule. One path leads backMagic, 229:personal self. Clear discrimination of these two paths reveals what is called in some occult booksMagic, 229: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Seven - The two Paths By the exercise of the two main weapons ofMagic, 230:a center of peace within his head, where the paths of the bodily forces and the spiritual inflowingMagic, 230:forces and the clear discrimination of the two paths leads to the development of the vital power.Magic, 230:the Master it is the choice between the seven Paths, and it will therefore be apparent how muchMagic, 289:constantly circulating and following definite paths through the ether [290] of space in all parts,Meditation, 77:will be eliminated. When these triangles are paths of threefold fire, emanating from the base ofMeditation, 88:against an enthusiasm that may lead him along paths that will hinder development, and that mayMeditation, 152:of the mystic and the occultist. Here their paths become one. I spoke earlier in this letter of theMeditation, 158:They tend to merge the occult and the mystic paths in the life of the pupil. Should he be on theMeditation, 158:of occult tendency, till the time comes when the paths merge and all forms are alike to thePsychology1, 69:Quality - scientific investigation. Let the two paths converge. Balance the pairs of opposites [70]Psychology1, 382:ray of art. 6th ray of idealism. "I carve the Paths." [383] USA 6th ray of idealism. 2nd ray ofPsychology1, 430:ray of art. 6th ray of idealism. "I carve the Paths." [383] USA 6th ray of idealism. 2nd ray ofPsychology2, 30:Cosmic Fire and in all references to the seven Paths which open up before the adept of the fifthPsychology2, 149:Law of Repulse, as it expresses itself upon the Paths of Discipleship and Initiation. The Law ofPsychology2, 159:or Group Life b. The Law of Repulse upon the Paths of Discipleship and Initiation When thePsychology2, 385:aspect. Thus the work carried forward upon the paths of evolution, of probation, and ofPsychology2, 659:begin the work of swinging the world on to new paths and producing in the minds of the people newRays, 177:altogether along one or other of the various Paths by means of which a Master can start upon theRays, 266:be trodden and a choice between the seven cosmic Paths made - a choice which curiously enough isRays, 266:ray, for all rays are to be found on all these paths. This can only be done through synthesis. ThisRays, 327:Hierarchy, but not an abiding place. The seven Paths which stretch out before a Master are enteredRays, 340:Shamballa Three major rays Systemic Seven Paths Being Existence Rays, 356:Central Spiritual Sun - to which all the seven Paths eventually lead. Rays, 360:direction, the initiate is faced with the seven Paths and with the choice to tread one or other ofRays, 361:Master then chooses which of the seven Ways or Paths He will follow, because His aeonial experienceRays, 361:that He has chosen aright. Though these seven Paths, being one of the septenates, are necessarilyRays, 361:related to the seven rays, they are not ray paths, nor are they governed by the seven rays. Any oneRays, 371:confronted with the choice between the seven Paths. With this development and decision we shallRays, 371:and decision we shall later deal. The seven Paths are all concerned with purpose, just as the sevenRays, 371:later see, a direct relation between the seven Paths and the seven Ashrams. Though we shall notRays, 372:therefore, curiously interrelated: The seven Paths The seven Rays The seven Ashrams The seven RacesRays, 372:when He is faced by the choice of the seven Paths. At that high point of will expression, HeRays, 372:confront Him; His choice of one or other of the Paths is conditioned by the quality of His previousRays, 377:the energy of the will, is faced with the seven Paths whereon that will can come to fruition andRays, 389:ago (in 1922) when I gave the names of the seven Paths along one of which a Master must goRays, 390:significance will emerge as we study the Seven Paths and the Nine Initiations. I shall do no moreRays, 390:This Higher Way is a sevenfold Way. The seven Paths form its seven modes of approach to the One WayRays, 390:the One Way and together create it. These seven Paths are not ray-conditioned. By that I mean thatRays, 391:Door through which He must pass on to the seven Paths. He glimpses it and that is all, but betweenRays, 391:of the Central Spiritual Sun, to which all the Paths eventually lead. The fifth and sixthRays, 394:determine with great accuracy which of the seven Paths a certain Initiate will choose. In thisRays, 395:and the Mysteries of Initiation The Seven Paths confronting the Master It will be apparent to youRays, 396:distinguishes the sixth initiation. The seven Paths are, as you know from your study of Initiation,Rays, 396:definition of the exoteric significance of these Paths - so simple as to convey but little. I wroteRays, 397:[397] As we approach the subject of the seven Paths, I would point out that the only basic pointRays, 397:to you is that of relationship. All these seven Paths lead to some objective which is thereby putRays, 397:and necessarily inadequately - these seven Paths, taking them one by one: Rays, 397:but to postpone moving on to one or other of the Paths until He gives the word. This word He hasRays, 398:be recognized that these energies reach us along Paths leading to our planet as well as away fromRays, 399:center to tread the way of love. All these seven Paths lead either to the cosmic astral plane or toRays, 399:Sonship leads to the cosmic mental plane. Three Paths, therefore, lead to the realm of lovingRays, 399:lead to the realm of divine Mind. Four of the Paths relate the advancing Master to the Heart of theRays, 404:magnetic attraction and distribution. All these Paths gradually came into being when our planetaryRays, 404:to evolution. They are therefore, all of Them, Paths of Return. This second Path was one of theRays, 409:with our consideration of the seven cosmic Paths, I would like to pause here and clarify your mind,Rays, 409:In both these volumes I touched upon the cosmic Paths. I gave (in very abstruse terms) someRays, 409:to give any further information anent these Paths; it was felt that enough had been said about thisRays, 410:initiate of the sixth degree on to the cosmic Paths. You will find, if you study closely the threeRays, 411:the passage of initiates on to the seven Paths; only a certain number are required to fulfil cosmicRays, 411:and the supreme Directors of the seven cosmic Paths are today in the same position as was theRays, 412:rays to pass to certain already determined Paths, but They can move forward under Their OwnRays, 412:units to tread not only the one or two cosmic Paths hitherto open to them, but all of them, ifRays, 417:Later on, when moving to one of the seven Paths, the Master will work with the Law of Freedom. ThisRays, 422:Who discover this Path. Just as one of the seven Paths produced ultimately relationship to theRays, 423:energy is what produces the seven cosmic Paths. There is no such grouping as the seven solar Paths.Rays, 423:There is no such grouping as the seven solar Paths. In most cases, the Paths lead away from ourRays, 423:as the seven solar Paths. In most cases, the Paths lead away from our solar system altogether. IfRays, 424:revelation of the true united goal of the seven Paths and likewise a vision of their varyingRays, 424:in my earlier presentation of the seven Paths in Initiation, Human and Solar of a conditioningRays, 425:Cosmic Fire, for this teaching anent the seven Paths is as a climaxing comment. I shall not enlargeRays, 425:give much time to the consideration of the seven paths. The treading of one or other of those PathsRays, 425:paths. The treading of one or other of those Paths lies far ahead of you, and it would be a wasteRays, 425:on Cosmic Fire, Pages 1243-1266 The seven Paths, at a certain stage which may not be defined,Rays, 425:stage which may not be defined, become the four Paths, owing to the fact that our solar system isRays, 426:"a spark of mahatic electricity." These seven Paths are not concerned with nature or the balancingRays, 459:Master's Ashram The Council Chamber The Seven Paths The Seven Paths In reality, you have here theRays, 459:The Council Chamber The Seven Paths The Seven Paths In reality, you have here the two majorRays, 561:period and during the cycle of treading the Paths of Discipleship and Initiation. Great [562]Rays, 566:the Path of Discipleship, even though the two paths are very closely related; we are not dealingRays, 600:For Him, the choice between the seven Paths becomes possible. This basic illusion constitutes forRays, 609:in Shamballa Leading to one or other of the 7 Paths In the above tabulation you have a wide andRays, 651:great moment when the revelation of the seven Paths is accorded to him at the following or sixthRays, 654:concerned decides usually which of the seven Paths He intends to tread; some Masters decide toRays, 655:Their future progress on one of the seven Paths of the Higher Evolution, but - at the same time -Rays, 656:the instructions earlier given upon the seven Paths (pages 395 - 427) you may glean some ideasRays, 694:will and not His mind) which of the seven Paths He will decide to follow. From that time on, theRays, 721:Master can move forward on any one of the seven Paths which He may decide is, for Him, the field ofRays, 724:makes His decision and chooses one of the seven Paths which unitedly form the planetaryRays, 736:when the Master decides which of the seven Paths He will follow to His destined place. I know notRays, 737:may be revealed to the Initiate on other paths we know not, but the goal of all endeavor upon ourReappearance, 170:event, to "prepare the Way of the Lord, make His paths straight" (Matthew III, 2.) to [171]
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