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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PATHWAY

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Bethlehem, 173:who, humble and nameless, The straight, hard pathway plod - Some call it Consecration, And othersBethlehem, 179:Christ they know, and with Him they tread life's pathway. They may argue about whether He was GodDiscipleship1, 71:and also as a group of disciples - a great pathway of light between the personality and theDiscipleship1, 111:in effect. It can (and often does) mark a pathway fraught with psychic disaster. At the same time,Discipleship1, 195:over which you might stumble as you tread the pathway towards the light. You have, as you know andDiscipleship1, 259:light. See the narrow way between as a golden pathway. Then picture yourself as "passing between."Discipleship1, 460:a little moment and then I fly - into the golden pathway that leads unto the sun." Phrase II. ForDiscipleship1, 559:a little moment and then I fly into the golden pathway which leads into the sun. Phrase II. ThereDiscipleship2, 51:spiritual vision), and to the establishing of a pathway of Approach, symbolized in the ritual IDiscipleship2, 51:as a group, to your Tibetan brother. This pathway of Approach is the Path which it is plannedDiscipleship2, 51:case in the religious life of the race. 4. This pathway of light leads to the heart of a dark blueDiscipleship2, 52:approaches nearer and nearer to reality, the pathway or the band of light shortens (symbolically)Discipleship2, 57:that in the blue disk, at the end of the golden pathway, was an ivory door which was slowly openingDiscipleship2, 127:from the light, in your direction. In the clear pathway of the light you can see me distinctly. YouDiscipleship2, 742:a disciple reaches the age of forty-nine his pathway of life service should be clearly defined.Education, 74:of giving their child a right start upon the pathway of life in this incarnation. He is left to hisFire, 345:irradiating the cave of matter, and lighting the pathway that must be trodden by the Pilgrim on hisFire, 868:may be worth following. That meditation is the pathway to the source of light, and that the hintHercules, 209:knowledge. We see him passing around the great pathway of the heavens and in each sign performingHercules, 218:"... to the astronomer the Zodiac is merely the pathway of the sun, the moon and the planets,Intellect, 171:light" referred to above) and from this a golden pathway of light leads out. This has sometimesMagic, 294:of desire and of sentient reaction, is but a pathway leading him to wider and ever wideningMeditation, 292:himself into the right vibration, he builds up a pathway (if so we may term it) that leads himPsychology2, 38:" Ray Seven "The Blessed One sought the pathway into form, but held [39] with firmness to the handRays, 416:releasing Agency; it is that which provides a "pathway of power" [417] between our Hierarchy andRays, 619:concluded, will bring about a clear channel or pathway of return or line of light or magnetic powerRays, 698:will which - using the spinal channel as the pathway or the symbol of the antahkarana - will pourRays, 710:to this great adventure of constructing a pathway for himself from the dense material world intoRays, 752:kind of ambitious selfishness have created a pathway to the "door where evil dwells." Evil is in
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