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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PATIENT

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Healing, 206:from the energy to be used on behalf of the patient. He blends it with the energy of the patient'sHealing, 206:the patient. He blends it with the energy of the patient's center, governing the diseased area; theHealing, 206:study the relation between the healer and the patient as he passes out of the stage of just lovingHealing, 206:loving and sending out love or of seeing the patient in the light of love, and goes on to theHealing, 206:goes on to the scientific work of augmenting the patient's own spiritual [207] energy. He thusHealing, 207:You have, therefore, the healer, the patient and the reservoir of spiritual energy, plus theHealing, 207:via the center concerned in the equipment of the patient, the corresponding center in the equipmentHealing, 207:with the spiritual center of energy in the patient, and which then applies and directs the fusedHealing, 221:have I paid attention to the physiology of the patient. That is entirely out of my province. IHealing, 243:between the diseases arising from within the patient's own interior mechanism - tangible orHealing, 255:good humanitarian physician will not make his patient the subject of experimentation. However,Healing, 256:in cases of extreme illness or accident, the patient is physically unable to affirm or claim divineHealing, 257:with no knowledge [257] of the karma of the patient. Many of their so-called cures (and this is theHealing, 257:the hour of the end has not yet arrived for the patient and he would have recovered in any case,Healing, 259:deal with the attitudes and temperaments of the patient, taking into consideration his ray and alsoHealing, 271:technique for handling energy in relation to the patient. To this will some day be added correctHealing, 271:as required by the ray which conditions the patient's life expression, plus his point in evolution.Healing, 272:is concerned with the surgical relief of the patient; it is founded on a sure knowledge of anatomy,Healing, 273:take place within the subtle mechanism of the patient. The area of the body which has receivedHealing, 273:to be made within the vital mechanism of the patient. Along this line there is practically nothingHealing, 275:previous incarnations, and thus constitute the patient's karmic liabilities or his karmic freedoms.Healing, 283:where the trouble lies. If, for instance, the patient is suffering from such a difficulty asHealing, 284:(which frequently happens) in killing the patient. There is another point which I would seek toHealing, 285:sound occult knowledge, which can ascertain the patient's rays and which knows at least the natureHealing, 285:small to permit experiment, and the karma of the patient is necessarily (for the average healer)Healing, 286:strictly legal and human angle will be that the patient will be in the hands of a reputableHealing, 286:to success in this transitional period: The patient to be healed (or helped, if healing is notHealing, 286:orthodox medical diagnosis. The age of the patient, his birth date and some information anent hisHealing, 286:a magnetic area should be constructed around the patient which will attract the thought-directedHealing, 287:be developed to send streams of energy to the patient and to the area in the patient's body whereHealing, 287:of energy to the patient and to the area in the patient's body where the trouble lies. The healerHealing, 288:should be kept. In this aspect of the work the patient will frequently cooperate. Dates, incidentalHealing, 288:along with information as is possible anent the patient's general condition. For this reason, IHealing, 288:of health or of release by death. If, however, a patient gets worse whilst the group is workingHealing, 309:in his own body the same difficulty of which the patient is aware. This is called "occultHealing, 312:You will find it difficult to find a person or a patient "changing his focus of attention fromHealing, 314:be effected, but only again if the will of the patient is invoked. Little can be done in cancerHealing, 314:elaborate) is to blend the directed will of the patient and of the healing group together into oneHealing, 317:it manifests itself in early adolescence. The patient can, however, be greatly helped, in the earlyHealing, 318:climaxes can be obviated. To the extent that the patient intelligently tries to help himself, andHealing, 319:out. Primarily, however, the will-to-die of the patient is not based at this time on knowledge andHealing, 319:hope of real help or of recovery, and where the patient is willing (or if too ill, the family isHealing, 328:with the etheric physical energies of the patient, passing through the healer's body. TheseHealing, 328:through the healer's body. These stimulate the patient sufficiently so that he is enabled to throwHealing, 328:and produce activity, therefore, not only in the patient's physical body but also in his astralHealing, 329:pouring into and through the mechanism of the patient of pure soul energy. It was in this way thatHealing, 329:the astral nature of the healer and also of the patient, and its usually unregulated condition, isHealing, 349:cure (which may be possible or not) and of the patient's good karma, and proceeds to apply allHealing, 352:disease and the so-called physical cure of the patient. It might simply involve, if physicallyHealing, 352:body as it was. It might mean the placing of the patient (through wise teaching and patience) enHealing, 358:the quota of available physical magnetism at the patient's disposal within his own physical body,Healing, 358:immediate cure. The magnetism in the body of the patient, instead of being outgoing and radiating,Healing, 358:facility. This is equally so in relation to the patient and the healer. The case cited is a case inHealing, 359:was self-inflicted and before inflicting it, the patient (if I may so call him) held the outgoingHealing, 359:The healer is then in the position to enable the patient to throw off illusion and so stand free.Healing, 359:The will of the healer when added to that of the patient, aids in the breaking of the illusion andHealing, 359:and of the glamorous thought-form and the patient then stands free. This is a psychological healingHealing, 359:and this is the true spiritual healing: When the patient makes a sudden and frequently unexpectedHealing, 359:lies, for many of you, a clear hint. When the patient's evil physical karma is exhausted, andHealing, 369:of ionizing the atmosphere surrounding the patient. I must point out that to answer such a questionHealing, 370:them so moving. In dealing with disease, the patient can only truly be helped when the positiveHealing, 370:healer overcomes the negative condition of the patient. The radiation of the healer has to permeateHealing, 370:to permeate and overcome the resistance of the patient's disease - not of the patient, who may beHealing, 370:resistance of the patient's disease - not of the patient, who may be mentally and emotionallyHealing, 370:substance which are the seat and source of the patient's discomfort. A hint is here given of one ofHealing, 370:naturally affects the atmosphere around the patient. As yet, however, that radiation is uneven andHealing, 370:achieved this power to radiate, what about the patient? How is he to be brought into a conditionHealing, 384:attention of both the healing agency and the patient. They have reference also to man as a whole.Healing, 385:which faith enters not at all. The effort of the patient to achieve faith is frequently a greatHealing, 385:By that I mean an ability on the part of the patient or of the healer to know whether it is theHealing, 385:healer to know whether it is the destiny of the patient to be healed or else be helped to make theHealing, 385:living. The active cooperation of healer and patient - a cooperation based upon mutualHealing, 385:A determined acquiescence on the part of the patient to accept whatever may be the demonstratedHealing, 386:[386] An effort upon the part of both healer and patient to express complete harmlessness. TheHealing, 386:their associates. An effort on the part of the patient (unless too ill) to adjust and put rightHealing, 386:This, therefore, affects the relation of the patient to his soul. The capacity of both healer andHealing, 386:to his soul. The capacity of both healer and patient to integrate into the soul group with whichHealing, 387:the healer [387] or the healing group and the patient who is receiving the scientific attention ofHealing, 387:illness is present it is not possible for the patient to make the simplest physical effort in orderHealing, 387:which you must, in your turn, make clear to the patient. Cure is not guaranteed. Patients mustHealing, 387:of the healing agent should be to aid the patient to achieve a happy, sane, expectant outlook uponHealing, 388:concerns the high art of restoring to the patient that which he needs in order correctly to faceHealing, 388:may also involve the righting of wrongs by the patient, prior to receiving what he will regard asHealing, 388:This must not be forgotten. Sometimes, when the patient's karma indicates it, the will-to-live mustHealing, 388:the restitution of harmonious relations with the patient's surroundings, with family and friends,Healing, 388:to be done, and that the relation of healer and patient is basically an educational one; it must beHealing, 388:work to be done, of the restitutions which the patient must be prepared to make in order toHealing, 481:a richer and more fluid medical approach to the patient. Healing, 521:main sources: the psychological state of the patient, his karmic liabilities, and those which areHealing, 521:must be established between the healer and the patient, and finally I took up the subject of death.Healing, 524:no successful or systematized healing of any patient under any of the current healing schools.Healing, 524:"accidental healing," due to the fact that the patient would have been healed anyway, for his hourHealing, 524:contact he can easily contact the soul of his patient. The power to command the spiritual will. TheHealing, 525:the inner stage of thought and of desire" of his patient. He must have exact knowledge. We readHealing, 525:reorient and "exalt" the consciousness of the patient. The healer has to "lift the downward focusedHealing, 525:unto the soul." This refers to the eyes of the patient. This statement implies limitation, becauseHealing, 525:statement implies limitation, because if the patient is not at the stage in evolution where this isHealing, 526:within the needed center." The center in the patient's form which is nearest to the seat of theHealing, 526:medicine has already mastered. However, the patient's general morale and condition can beHealing, 527:he can pour the vital healing force upon the patient." This the healer does through a scientific
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