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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PATIENT

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Healing, 527:"Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient." This again is brought about through aHealing, 527:the sentimental and mystical desire to love the patient negates all efforts to hold the will inHealing, 529:spiritually capable of invoking the soul of his patient, and also to be magnetically pure, andHealing, 529:type of radiated energy to stimulate the patient to heal himself - through the medium of his ownHealing, 529:With his own soul. With the soul of the patient. With the particular type of energy which is to beHealing, 529:either in the soul or the personality ray of the patient. With any one of his own centers which isHealing, 529:area governed by some center in the body of the patient. With the center in the patient's ethericHealing, 529:the body of the patient. With the center in the patient's etheric body which controls the areaHealing, 535:can he pour the vital healing force upon the patient. This is magnetic work. It cures disease orHealing, 535:Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation. The handsHealing, 535:are needed not. The soul displays its power. The patient's soul responds through the response ofHealing, 538:energies, directed via the etheric body of the patient, or emanating from that body, may bringHealing, 538:may bring about a cure if the destiny of the patient permits, or they may so stimulate the area ofHealing, 538:the disease will be brought to a crisis and the patient will die. This often happens under theHealing, 539:What must the healer do when, faced with a patient, he realizes the inhibited condition which theHealing, 539:he, under the law, work with the soul of the patient? Does he seek to get that soul (on its ownHealing, 539:real and serious illness, the condition of the patient is usually such that it is not possible forHealing, 539:disease, unless the illness is so acute that the patient has reached the stage where he simply doesHealing, 540:The healer is aware that because the patient is still alive, the soul is definitely present throughHealing, 540:consciousness and the life principles. If the patient is unconscious, the difficulties of theHealing, 541:or "occultly see" the etheric body of the patient, and thus arrive at the following knowledge: TheHealing, 541:point of soul life in the etheric body of the patient. He will do this with a view of attracting,Healing, 541:a fuller inflow of the soul energy of the patient into the head center, in order that the lifeHealing, 541:supply of life to the heart. In this manner, the patient's own "livingness" will bring about theHealing, 541:contact are recognized and used: The soul of the patient, anchored within his etheric body. [542]Healing, 542:the vital body of the healer to that of the patient, via both their head centers and the heart ofHealing, 542:via both their head centers and the heart of the patient, because there the life principle isHealing, 542:response is coming from the head center of the patient, evoking greater soul contact and producingHealing, 542:due to a violent expression on the part of the patient of the will-to-live, bringing on a floodingHealing, 544:that one of the most helpful things for a patient to remember and for the healer to bear in mind isHealing, 544:of paying off ancient debts. This induces in the patient a constructive attitude of acquiescence -Healing, 544:recognition of potent forces working through the patient and a willingness [545] for the destinedHealing, 545:intervene between the healer's intention and the patient, preventing sound happenings. The secondHealing, 545:The second important thing is for the patient to remember, if his condition permits, that what heHealing, 547:safely and with power on the head center of the patient. They will necessarily confine theirHealing, 550:healer must train himself to know whether the patient is mentally or astrally (emotionally)Healing, 551:the head center or the heart center if the patient is highly developed - which presumably theHealing, 551:throat center or the solar plexus center if the patient is an ordinary and average advanced person;Healing, 551:to an impression so powerful, coming from the patient, that it cannot be denied and is probablyHealing, 551:of a point where the spiritual man (of which the patient is only [552] a reflection) controls, andHealing, 552:- except as a soul on an equal basis with the patient's soul - he cannot and dare not go. There areHealing, 552:to desist from his efforts to heal. When the patient is a strictly mental type, and the approach toHealing, 552:be wise to gain the conscious cooperation of the patient so that their two wills will function inHealing, 552:positive relationship between the two. When the patient is not so highly developed, the healer willHealing, 552:and the healer will have much to do to aid the patient to preserve a constancy of emotionalHealing, 552:a harmonious rapport between the healer and the patient, prior to any healing process. Healers inHealing, 553:time, however, still lies far ahead. When the patient is an undeveloped human being and low down inHealing, 553:the healer's will upon the etheric body of the patient. This does not mean the imposition of theHealing, 553:upon a negative person, thereby impelling the patient to action and imperilling even the very smallHealing, 553:and of spiritual stabilization upon the patient, thereby instilling confidence and a willingness toHealing, 553:which the healer must take in dealing with the patient and with the psyche, the lower psyche of theHealing, 553:and with the psyche, the lower psyche of the patient. They are three in number: Gaining theHealing, 554:soul, and trust that the rapport between the patient's soul and the etheric body will be adequateHealing, 554:directing the needed energy and controlling the patient's emotional nature via his correctlyHealing, 555:towards [555] bringing some center in the patient's body under control, owing to the emotionalismHealing, 555:control, owing to the emotionalism which the patient displays, and towards reorganizing it as aHealing, 555:of the healing energies emanating from the patient's soul - a very different matter and one whichHealing, 555:achieved capacity to identify himself with his patient; it also is founded on his anxiety and greatHealing, 555:The healer has become so preoccupied with the patient's need, and so decentralized from his ownHealing, 555:positive energy of love pouring out towards the patient. This will insulate him from the disease,Healing, 555:insulate him from the disease, but not from the patient. He can do this by working [556] throughHealing, 556:realize that the love pouring from him to the patient will prevent any return of the undesirableHealing, 556:return of the undesirable emanations from the patient which have been flowing towards him; thisHealing, 556:a flow existed, it would militate against the patient being healed. The healer who responds to theHealing, 556:for establishing a sympathetic rapport with the patient. Modes of protecting himself from anyHealing, 556:The establishing of a right relation with the patient of either cooperation, acquiescence orHealing, 556:center. The art of cooperation with the patient's soul so that his etheric body focuses all itsHealing, 557:with a renewed activity on the part of the patient's etheric body. The technique of withdrawing hisHealing, 557:withdrawing his healing power when that of the patient is adequate to the undertaking. I feel thatHealing, 559:this brings us back to a point I made anent the patient being essentially either a mental or anHealing, 559:physical difficulties of the highly developed patient will then be associated with the impact ofHealing, 560:They are right in their effort to make the patient change his emotional attitudes and to react toHealing, 561:about a healing, it is because in any case the patient was predestined to recover, but they haveHealing, 561:cure, and in claiming it both the healer and the patient are deceived. All deception is dangerousHealing, 572:phrase simply says that the healer must help the patient to look away from himself, that he mustHealing, 573:and resultant disease are present, and the patient is fortunate to have a trained occult healerHealing, 573:- either with or without the cooperation of the patient - to their distributing points, the threeHealing, 574:the healer's work has been accomplished and the patient is either better or the work has not beenHealing, 574:in reference to this statement is to turn the patient's attention (if he is capable of respondingHealing, 575:that of the healer and not that of the average patient; this the healer uses in conjunction withHealing, 575:able to cooperate, the third eye of the patient can also be active, and by this means two veryHealing, 575:occult knowledge is present on the part of the patient, the healer does all the work, and this isHealing, 577:know the type of thought which conditions the patient. He must be able to penetrate to the sourceHealing, 578:of the pranic currents from the healer to the patient, via the sacral center and the throat centerHealing, 578:throat center, and the point of reception in the patient being the sacral center; neither the heartHealing, 580:rays of active energy which can reach the patient and energize the needed center. All the centersHealing, 580:center. All the centers in the body of the patient can be receptive to this energy, and not justHealing, 580:healing. When the karma or life-pattern of the patient permits, these energy rays (emanating fromHealing, 581:is unable (because of the destiny of the patient) to bring about a physical cure, it canHealing, 581:which greatly enhance the problem with which the patient is faced. Healers would do well toHealing, 584:very simply discovered. The life trend of the patient, his mode of living or of service, theHealing, 596:is too ill. The loss of the will-to-live. The patient has given in; the internal fight is too muchHealing, 596:of dying are indicative of the destiny of the patient, and should be immediately noted by theHealing, 597:all ordinary or average people. If, however, the patient is a very advanced person, another form ofHealing, 599:we are dealing, and so give to the individual patient a sense of proportion, where his bodily illsHealing, 600:seeks real success, he must learn to place the patient as accurately as possible upon the correctHealing, 600:his personality. That his relation to the patient (unless the latter is highly evolved) is aHealing, 601:his thought and flows through him to the [601] patient. When he does this with deliberation, aHealing, 602:situated in the etheric spinal column. If the patient should be suffering from difficulty in theHealing, 603:center, prior to directing it to a center in the patient's body, must run no risk of his personal
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