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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAUSE

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Astrology, 7:so basic and fundamental that I would ask you to pause and contemplate it, even though you graspAstrology, 261:culture is inevitable and sure. I would like to pause here and make one point somewhat clearer inAstrology, 348:in consciousness of the polar [348] opposites. Pause and consider this phrasing. The oppositesAstrology, 429:symbolized by the organs of reproduction. Let me pause a moment here to point out that in thisAstrology, 442:through Mercury. At this point I would like to pause for a moment and interpolate a word in answerAstrology, 477:of the Science of Triangles wherein we can pause for a minute to consider our next approach to thisAstrology, 572:wider action could later take place. I would pause here and remind you that both groups areDestiny, 4:of the Nations - Introduction I would like to pause here and point out that these forces come intoDiscipleship1, 223:and no periods or interludes for real rest or pause. Do not, therefore, look for them. Pass onDiscipleship1, 227:as high on the mental plane as possible. Then pause. Visualization Exercise: 2. Then look out, inDiscipleship1, 261:isolation (not separateness or division), then pause and stabilize yourself in that consciousness.Discipleship1, 283:through the now established rapport. May I pause here, my brother, and thank you for the way youDiscipleship1, 351:But I have seen and known. It is not oft that I pause in my strenuous life to tell a disciple thatDiscipleship1, 351:life to tell a disciple that he has done well. I pause here today, however, to tell you so withDiscipleship1, 547:all the three aspects of the personality, then pause in your meditation and realize - quietly andDiscipleship2, 123:- demanding - descending and at-one-ing. 3. Pause here and endeavor to feel and sense theDiscipleship2, 144:silently, holding the mind steady. This is "the pause of reception." STAGE THREE - The Recipient ofDiscipleship2, 148:Orientation. Meditation on theme word. OM. Pause. III. The Recipient of Impression: Statement ofDiscipleship2, 200:accustomed to meditation. I would like to pause at this point and ask you to remember that I referDiscipleship2, 227:for that event. I have no other life intention." PAUSE Stage III. Visualize the world situation asDiscipleship2, 228:the preparations for the coming of the Christ. PAUSE Then sound the OM three times, dedicating theDiscipleship2, 300:are within latent possibilities. If you will pause and consider, you will realize that the task ofDiscipleship2, 424:of taking the first initiation. Again, if you pause to think, you can see the processes ofDiscipleship2, 495:which my soul has placed upon me." Then pause a minute, endeavoring to realize the fullDiscipleship2, 495:the spiritual work in the world successful." Pause again, trying to grasp the true implications ofDiscipleship2, 604:the head center, above the pineal gland. Then pause and after a mental grasp of what is to be doneDiscipleship2, 660:this six times. Then sound the OM again after a pause (thus making seven in all) sending it outDiscipleship2, 676:This is a sentence which I would beg you here to pause and reflect upon. It is of prime importanceDiscipleship2, 744:sound the OM four times. This is followed by a pause. The following visualization exercise isDiscipleship2, 754:first to the mind bringing illumination. Pause here and focus your consciousness in the mind. TheExternalisation, 124:World Picture The Modern Era I would like to pause here and remind you of one or two points whichExternalisation, 129:- Section II - The General World Picture I would pause here and solemnly beg you not to make theFire, 335:of intelligent apprehension that we will not pause to consider it. In relation to the animalFire, 526:spiritual. Therefore, it is needless for us to pause here to consider it at greater length. WeFire, 927:atom in the system. An interlude or period of pause is to be found at this stage of development; inFire, 984:present existence and meaning. That we need not pause even here for back of the Zend "mag," "loomsGlamour, 182:to the Angel, or a refocusing in the soul. A pause or interlude for constructive thinking, underGlamour, 182:which must embody the revelation. Then again a pause which is called "the pause precedingGlamour, 182:Then again a pause which is called "the pause preceding presentation." The presentation of theGlamour, 216:and realization in which all the work is done. A pause in which the whole man braces himself forGlamour, 217:is deemed to be satisfactorily accomplished, a pause then ensues wherein the aspirant focuses allGlamour, 233:called the Act of Direction. 6. Then follows a pause for a few minutes in which the group attemptsGlamour, 239:turning its light upon the astral plane. A pause follows and then comes the invocation of theHealing, 114:national and total human karma. If you will pause at this point and review what I have restated,Healing, 424:would see (going on ceaselessly and without any pause) the great planetary act of restitution. YouHealing, 474:every part of it. 2. There is frequently a pause at this point of a shorter or longer period ofHealing, 476:and, therefore, illusory reality. 4. Again a pause ensues. This is the point where the physicalHealing, 476:weeks. When, however, death is inevitable, the pause at this point will be exceedingly brief,Healing, 679:we live and move and have our being). I might pause here at this thought and make somewhat clearerHercules, 141:seven miles. When Hercules approached, he had to pause, for the smell alone well-nigh overcame him.Hercules, 177:before in the myths, Hercules then had to pause and perform an act of service before he couldMagic, 354:constructive work. The time is critical, for a pause has come in the work of the destroyers. ThereMagic, 613:growth of the radiant light of the soul. May I pause here to remind you that duality is only aMeditation, 81:is slow and necessarily gradual. Here I would pause to emphasize to you the need of everMeditation, 297:highest endeavor. Preliminary Remarks Let us pause a moment and lay down certain postulates anentPsychology1, 369:glory of God. Students would be well advised to pause here and reread the section of this treatisePsychology1, 395:of which our solar system is but one. Pause and consider this statement for a moment, and soPsychology2, 137:is, consequently, a great need for the server to pause upon the astral plane, and there, in a holyPsychology2, 437:of the personality." Here again I would like to pause and to point out that the concepts of death,Psychology2, 476:- Some Problems of Psychology I would like to pause here and point out two things which should bePsychology2, 549:fear. Students would do well at this stage to pause and consider the following points with care:Rays, 21:in the halls where move the Masters but finding pause and prolongation within those radiant hallsRays, 136:in the halls where move the Masters but finding pause and prolongation within those radiant hallsRays, 250:Rules For Group Initiation Here I should like to pause a moment and interpolate some remarks. ThereRays, 276:of Those Who constitute its membership. I would pause here to remind you of two facts: Shamballa isRays, 409:of the seven cosmic Paths, I would like to pause here and clarify your mind, A.A.B., and answerRays, 482:in the Aryan Race - Present I would like to pause here and make a few remarks anent this relativelyTelepathy, 126:primary and major aspect of the divine purpose. Pause and think about this statement. It is,
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