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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PAYING

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Autobiography, 54:shops in which hundreds of men were fed nightly, paying for the food at cost. There were roomsAutobiography, 92:durzi or tailor determined to go with me, paying his own expenses to Bombay and [93] just becauseAutobiography, 115:nice girl offered to come and live with me as a paying guest in order that I might have someone inAutobiography, 123:fundamentalist theology, kept telling me I was paying the penalty of my questioning doubts and thatAutobiography, 128:with a neighbor to look after the babies, paying her half of what I earned, whatever that might be.Autobiography, 220:saw that we all had the right clothes, besides paying all travelling expenses. We chose one of theBethlehem, 196:to take Satan's subjects from him without paying a ransom for them, handed over His own incarnateBethlehem, 216:a man of his soul's salvation, and the constant paying of the price which the ignorant pay forDiscipleship1, 193:attempt the following breathing exercise, paying particular attention to the interlude, and to theDiscipleship1, 358:the cloud. Glamor is not dispelled by paying close attention to it. It disappears by the power ofDiscipleship1, 559:and with the work of the Full Moon Approach, paying close attention to the latter. Learn the wayDiscipleship1, 664:spite of the activity of the pairs of opposites, paying no attention to the reactions of the sensesDiscipleship2, 604:the exercise angle or aspect of the work and paying no attention at all to the possible spiritualExternalisation, 118:through pain, [118] error and consequent price-paying will this salutary stage be reached. Today,Healing, 98:and to recognize the need for a rhythmic life, paying attention to the Law of Periodicity. InHealing, 264:Him. Today the law is working, and the Jews are paying the price, factually and symbolically, forHealing, 544:in the last analysis, be a beneficent way of paying off ancient debts. This induces in the patientHealing, 608:incarnation, or unhealthy because it is paying the price of error. Good health is not necessarilyMagic, 474:and kind, naught need be done. If otherwise, the paying of the price cannot be long delayed. TheMeditation, 108:That aim may be the acquirement of virtue by paying the price of vice; it may be the attainment ofMeditation, 149:Himself - and to mount by the line of life, paying no attention whatsoever to the environingPatanjali, 149:is expressed in the adjusting of mistakes, the paying of the price of error. The settling of pastPatanjali, 244:eyebrows, The application of the mind, or the paying of close attention to the object chosen forProblems, 38:that the children of the world have paid and are paying the price of our wrongdoing. War has itsProblems, 88:lack of proportion for which mankind is already paying a terrible price and which will bringPsychology1, 300:of old relations, an opportunity for the paying of old indebtedness, a chance to make restitutionPsychology2, 43:of the major faults of disciples today is the paying [44] of too close attention to the faults,
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