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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEACE

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Externalisation, 689:and of better living conditions for all - with peace and security also for all. The Black Lodge orFire, 17:turn, passed through the cycle and entered into peace. The lesser wheels come forth and likewise doFire, 26:laughed within themselves, and sought pralayic peace until the seventh aeon. But the seven greatFire, 29:*** From the coming of the heaven-sent One peace passed upon the earth. The planet staggered andFire, 31:all from great activity into the heart of cosmic peace. [32] Fire, 484:circle and dissipation supervenes and pralayic peace. The Son returns to the bosom of Father, andFire, 568:to ponder on this, for it holds the secret of peace, and we need to grasp the significance of thatFire, 653:Before the unmeasured thirst for good; while peace Rises within them ever more and more. Such menFire, 747:of all that is or may be to the passing into peace of all that hath achieved, gleameth the orb ofFire, 748:of manifestation to the center of pralayic peace, is seen the enveloping blue, lost in the flame ofFire, 754:quieting nature and bringing, by reflex action, peace on earth. The transmutation of desire intoFire, 755:contrary to the plans of the Lord. The era of peace will be ushered in by a gathering together onFire, 758:taken a Russian body in the desire to act as a peace center in that distracted land. CertainFire, 878:Rev. XX, 2.) this meaning only that pralayic peace is the lot of these entities until the return ofFire, 995:to that which is highest and the center of peace. These things he effects by constant watchfulness,Fire, 1006:their blind unintelligent work) menace his peace. These two matters attended to - desire adjustedFire, 1025:smoke is seen. Let him again, after the cycle of peace, call on the solar Angel. The work ofFire, 1082:The followers of the ARHAT, The cyclic sons of peace, The recurring sons of war, The specks withinFire, 1109:might be regarded as a center, or heart of peace, within the periphery of the sphere of influenceFire, 1118:static, and does not circulate. It is a point of peace; it pulsates rhythmically as does the heartFire, 1277:lotus within the head of Him who hath held His peace, utter this WORD... and look within." He whoFire, 1279:eternal ring-pass-not becomes as one, and all is peace for aeons. Time ends; space disperses;Fire, 1280:of time and space - into the center of pralayic peace. All is, yet all is not. The wheels turn not.Fire, 1280:dissipate. The Three retire within the point of peace. The triple ring-pass-not acteth no longer asGlamour, 48:yourself the question: Is your comfort and your peace of mind of such definite importance toGlamour, 102:I would here remind you that this sense of peace or perception of cleavage is in itself an illusionGlamour, 122:with the objective of imposing righteousness and peace. The glamor of vague artistic perception.Glamour, 151:not here and there, but constitute a point of peace and rest. That which upon the surface veils andGlamour, 187:simply that - that there is a way which leads to peace and light, and that if they deny their ownHealing, 160:step towards love, right human relations and peace. This goodwill is already making its presenceHealing, 301:beauty; searched for loveliness; and yearned for peace. Despair overtook Him in His courses, andHealing, 345:by providing those conditions of harmony and peace wherein a brother is faced with as few contraryHealing, 423:and having sought and found that pinnacle of peace and that altitude of joy whereon your soulHealing, 458:"Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace." The steady use of the Sacred Word, chanted inHealing, 471:the Sound itself is no longer heard; complete peace follows the act of final integration. Here, inHealing, 475:so often show; they evidence a condition of peace, and a willingness to go, plus an inability toHealing, 560:diseases of disciples will remain to disturb the peace of individual man. With these I have dealtHealing, 662:are at this time a definite menace to world peace, and the capitalists are blocking the efforts ofHealing, 704:the healer touch the patient's body. When quiet, peace and silence have been reached, the healerHealing, 705:with the appropriate technique. The [705] quiet, peace and silence mentioned above refer not onlyHealing, 708:him goes the healer. And yet they both remain in peace and calm Thus must the angel of the LordHercules, 3:and miraculously breaks through into a world of peace and plenty, wherein all troubles come to anHercules, 28:with care and sent the horses to the place of peace, there to he tamed and broken to their tasks.Hercules, 41:separating sea unto this Holy Place. "Depart in peace, my son, your task is done." The Teacher sawHercules, 99:our lands and sow the needed seeds and walk in peace together. The lion is dead and great is ourHercules, 99:and once again. Well done, my son, go rest in peace with those you have [100] released from fear.Hercules, 100:in the Council Chamber of the Lord. Rest thou in peace." And from the Council Chamber came theHercules, 108:personality running wild and menacing the peace of the countryside. What is the lesson intended toHercules, 117:Christ said, "Neither do I condemn thee. Go in peace and sin no more." All of this seems subtlyHercules, 118:in her arms the one to be known as the Prince of Peace. Hercules, 134:In memory thereof, he seeks to be a point of peace in a sea of clashing forces. That is the goal,Hercules, 155:- December 21st) The Myth Within the place of peace the Teacher stood, and spoke to Hercules. "OHercules, 180:- February 19th) The Myth Within the Place of Peace the Great Presiding One poured forth theHercules, 192:the United Nations, movements for international peace and other groups in religious, political andInitiation, 25:then may we look for a return of that cycle of peace and rest and righteousness which is foretoldInitiation, 25:then arise with healing in his wings, and the peace which passeth understanding will reign in theInitiation, 38:have appeared as beneficent forces, bringing peace and contentment with them. More often have theyInitiation, 77:anxieties and worries may grow confidence and peace, and out of violent action and interactionInitiation, 77:that occurs can ruffle the inner calm; where the peace that passeth understanding is known andInitiation, 77:the consciousness is centered in the Ego, who is peace itself, being the circle of the buddhicInitiation, 106:individual is given the opportunity to bring peace out of strife, and to kindle a blaze wherebyInitiation, 132:initiate realizes within himself the meaning of "Peace." He stands, as it were, in a void, or in aInitiation, 132:what he has to do and how he must do it, and peace and joy unutterable fill his heart. This is anInitiation, 211:the great Kumara with the Flaming Sword, the Peace of all the Earth. Sits he alone, this WondrousInitiation, 212:of the circling spheres and their entry into peace. What part, O Pilgrim on the Way, play youInitiation, 212:you within this scheme? How will you enter into peace? How stand before your Lord? I play my partInitiation, 213:and I strive, forgetting all reward. I forego peace; I forfeit rest, and in the stress of pain IInitiation, 213:I lose myself and find Myself and enter into peace. [215] Intellect, 166:worries cease and the mystic enters into the peace that passeth understanding. He can then say:Intellect, 200:of loss. The old dreamy states of bliss and peace, with which the mystic prayer and meditation hadIntellect, 209:situation which makes all vision of environing peace and quiet utterly out of the question. Is theIntellect, 209:women everywhere can and do find the center of peace within themselves, and they can and do enterIntellect, 221:he is torn in two directions, and gets no peace. Physical sounds and sights are his normalIntellect, 228:the following concluding statement: "There is a peace that passeth understanding; it abides in theMagic, 65:infinite care, and keep the inner serenity and peace and a mental pliability that will tend to makeMagic, 150:place of the most high" is at rest and at peace, contemplating the beatific vision. In the life ofMagic, 162:In the place of fear he must substitute that peace which is the prerogative of those who liveMagic, 162:of the soul - wisdom, love and power to serve. Peace, assurance and right aspiration! These threeMagic, 230:in silence, and only he who can find a center of peace within his head, where the paths of theMagic, 289:and from that gateway to eternal Life and cosmic Peace, let the word sound: "I am the seeker andMagic, 304:between race and race, there would emerge that peace on earth which nothing could upset orMagic, 339:realizes that in reality progress, contentment, peace of mind and prosperity do not exist for himMagic, 350:realize it, the time is short, and rest, joy and peace are on their way. The half-gained victory,Magic, 368:will come the strengthened link; the joy of peace after victory will be yours, for to the tiredMagic, 370:emotional effect as our presence brings to them peace and uplift, or an intellectual result as weMagic, 371:apparently what the world calls happiness and peace have left him, and asks what is to be theMagic, 374:fact that for him, as yet, there is no point of peace. Peace was the objective of the AtlanteanMagic, 374:for him, as yet, there is no point of peace. Peace was the objective of the Atlantean aspirant.Magic, 417:which are destined to bring in the new era of peace and of good will. These latter who are beingMagic, 470:helpfulness. Upon his shoulder sits the bird of peace; upon his feet the sandals of the messenger.Magic, 470:life! Not yet the entering into everlasting peace! But still the work, and still the lifting of theMagic, 487:pieces by the power of a counter thought-form of peace and harmony. Or again, it may be true, someMagic, 506:"Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace." The steady use of the Sacred Word chanted inMagic, 527:the hierarchy represent those who have achieved peace and quiescence, and can be impressed;Magic, 529:themselves with that soul and thus finding peace. This is right and in line with divine intentionMagic, 533:of bondage into liberation, out of agony into peace. That peace, that light and that liberation,Magic, 533:into liberation, out of agony into peace. That peace, that light and that liberation, with theMagic, 559:high and secret place and from that center of peace calmly and powerfully to carry out the work heMagic, 565:smoke is seen. Let him again, after the cycle of peace, call on the Solar Angel. The Centers andMagic, 584:fogs and miasmas of the earth to that center of peace which presides over all earth's happenings,
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