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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEACEFUL

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Astrology, 572:the good of the whole, and not just individual, peaceful conditions or national peace. ThisAutobiography, 10:hours of uneventful happiness, the moments of peaceful rhythm and the weeks in which nothingBethlehem, 106:when purified through initiation, becomes a peaceful limpid pool, capable of reflecting the divineBethlehem, 131:mind to wake, As the small pebble stirs the peaceful lake; The center moved, a circle straightDiscipleship1, 5:in the olden days were the product of more peaceful times. The "chitta" (or mind-stuff as PatanjaliDiscipleship1, 580:life unless you learn this mental quiet and that peaceful activity which comes from loving truly asDiscipleship2, 174:to a determination to create a better and more peaceful world and to a worldwide expression of theDiscipleship2, 528:a cycle of intense quiet and - if possible - of peaceful normality. Can you free yourself for twoDiscipleship2, 675:point of enlightenment and from a sustained peaceful position within the Ashram. In what I am hereDiscipleship2, 723:be found; gather around you what you need for peaceful, quiet and useful living, and there abide. IDiscipleship2, 724:and I deal with this matter of a "center of peaceful abode" for you only because its lack and yourEducation, vi:fission which made the "self-negation" of the peaceful civilization of the Orient the overpoweringEducation, vii:the West is seeking the principles upon which peaceful and fruitful living can be founded, the EastExternalisation, 80:understanding, for the establishing of right and peaceful relations, and for the [81] expression ofExternalisation, 136:countries face a desire for world understanding, peaceful relations, and an unselfish andExternalisation, 235:every country and every state - preparatory to a peaceful conquest of a people who refuseExternalisation, 235:preparation of humanity for the coming age of peaceful cooperation and brotherhood, see all thisExternalisation, 235:hope imperilled. Aggression and the rape of peaceful nations go steadily forward, as nation afterExternalisation, 235:on; neutral nations, resting back upon their peaceful intent and the claims of civilization, areExternalisation, 237:and the way of aggression. The method of peaceful discussion was tried by the peace-loving peoplesExternalisation, 435:desire for [435] right human relations and peaceful conditions. But the movement was not strongExternalisation, 469:theologian, Christ is seen as presiding over a peaceful place called Heaven, into which the electExternalisation, 575:the Holy Land; the word is simply symbolic of a peaceful world - a world which, through its ownExternalisation, 638:of the idea or concept of developing a unified peaceful world - a world in which there would be noHealing, 301:is not known. There harmony, ease, rest and peaceful silence will be found. He weakened all theHealing, 502:through the stages of modified disease and peaceful, consequent death, on to the other stages whereHercules, 204:of sitting down and having a blissful and peaceful time emoting, hoping that you will get upInitiation, 56:out of its present state of unrest into the peaceful waters of certitude and knowledge, and ofIntellect, 232:emotional rhapsodies, and the imposition of a peaceful state upon my emotional nature. I feel [233]Magic, 203:We say to him that he needs to be calm and peaceful and to cultivate detachment and so gain controlMeditation, 191:achieved, ranging all the way from the calm and peaceful feeling that rests upon the participant inPatanjali, 287:of the aspirant is being trained to harmonious peaceful with all around him. In this,Problems, 34:old structure again rebuilt; they yearn for a peaceful return to the situation before the war. TheyProblems, 68:of humanity will guarantee a happier and more peaceful world. Problems, 81:spiritual reasons of human brotherhood, of peaceful cooperative enterprise and the constantlyProblems, 117:the presence of peace felt on earth until the peaceful intentions of men everywhere are changingProblems, 174:right human relations. Security, happiness and peaceful relations are desired by all. Until,Psychology2, 136:the soul itself to reveal to the poised and peaceful mind the next step to be taken in the work ofPsychology2, 373:with the Plan. The alignment evoked by this "peaceful standing still" naturally produces a crisisPsychology2, 641:and bring in the new era of economic comfort and peaceful living, and are dedicating their lives toPsychology2, 642:one organized whole the men of good will, of peaceful loving intention, and intelligent kindlinessPsychology2, 725:Only by the united effort of the people of peaceful intention and of innate freedom from hatred canPsychology2, 747:following rules: That they must aim at achieving peaceful relationships with, and harmoniousPsychology2, 748:or regime and it is to these constructive and peaceful enterprises that the servers of the GreatRays, 94:breathing out love eternal, light supernal and peaceful silent Will. "Then will the sons of menRays, 346:as the world settles back into a cycle of peaceful growth and unfoldment after the drasticRays, 573:search for the new ways, for organized unity and peaceful security, is being implemented throughReappearance, 13:breathing out love eternal, light supernal and peaceful, silent Will. "Then will the sons of menReappearance, 108:it is a major human need, and the only hope of a peaceful and secure future. Wrong human relationsReappearance, 109:for those conditions which will lead to peaceful and happy relationships. The strength of this
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