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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEAK

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Autobiography, 48:another. It is as if one had climbed a mountain peak and - at the moment of gaining the summit -Autobiography, 48:promised land and away in the distance) another peak is seen emerging, hiding still vaster reachesBethlehem, 37:humanity will be enabled to climb to the final peak of human achievement. The hidden divinity willBethlehem, 40:forward along that Way which leads from one high peak of attainment to another, until he himselfDiscipleship1, 688:looking out over the horizon towards the next peak of attainment for humanity? A disciple becomesDiscipleship2, 309:mountain peaks, and as he mounts towards each peak he receives five times the light. Five to theDiscipleship2, 528:you have not failed. You are at the climax or peak of the testing period. The only point to beDiscipleship2, 546:the power of the creative imagination) a distant peak or pyramid and on its summit there shines aExternalisation, 368:of Germany and of her allies have reached their peak, bringing enormous present potency, but aFire, 40:vibrating adequately nor has it yet attained the peak of its activity. It is the basis of theFire, 1080:of this race on to the right line though the peak of the cycle of stimulation will not be until theIntellect, 130:mind itself failed, and he found himself on a peak of thought from which a new world could beMagic, 161:for material happiness has been reached, and the peak of that desire has been passed; thus mankindPsychology1, 349:the potency of this ray began to decline as the peak of its two hundred fifty years emergence was
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