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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PECULIAR

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Astrology, 10:and separated human vehicle but is, in a peculiar sense, an integral part of the etheric body ofAstrology, 23:conveying a specific color to the initiate. A peculiar note. A directional sound. The whole storyAstrology, 28:To these constellations, ours is related in a peculiar way. Those coming from the twelve zodiacalAstrology, 101:soul, in objective manifestation, passes through peculiar and definite crises: The crises of theAstrology, 122:of the human kingdom which, through its peculiar and specific type of awareness, can relate theAstrology, 137:Great Illusion. The rulers of Aquarius are of a peculiar interest. They constitute an effectiveAstrology, 141:during this world cycle because it is, in a peculiar way, a culminating sign for the majority ofAstrology, 146:[146] with the impacts which awaken it to the peculiar "gifts" of any particular sign and rayAstrology, 155:the unicorn going up to town," and contains in a peculiar way the secret of initiation and theAstrology, 159:reason that humanity could not respond to their peculiar influences; the vehicles of contact andAstrology, 161:responsible for sweeping into the conflict in a peculiar and pronounced manner, the forces ofAstrology, 164:duality which is the human family. Saturn, in a peculiar relation to the sign Gemini, makes thisAstrology, 172:and body. The central decanate is therefore of peculiar moment in our world period as it isAstrology, 174:These are: Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. In one peculiar (but not yet provable) manner, they areAstrology, 174:and characteristics of these three and their peculiar interrelation but the above will sufficeAstrology, 195:note here also how Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius form a peculiar triangle of force, but of this I will laterAstrology, 199:Scorpio - an aspect of the Fixed Cross, of peculiar and specialized potency upon the Path ofAstrology, 199:initiations. After the third initiation, its peculiar testing potency is no longer felt. TheAstrology, 204:three special signs of the zodiac (which in a peculiar manner constitute the "zodiacal decanate")Astrology, 209:of Harmony through Conflict, the latter having a peculiar relation to the mode of human developmentAstrology, 218:Scorpio and Aquarius are also in a peculiar relation to each other through the planet Mercury whichAstrology, 219:to react to it. In this world period and in a peculiar manner, as far as the race (Aryan) to whichAstrology, 226:Libra, the Balance The sign Libra is one of peculiar interest, but in a most paradoxical manner,Astrology, 229:life expression of the man and hence also its peculiar difficulty; it provides the curious see-sawAstrology, 253:goddesses are Eve, Isis, and Mary. They are of peculiar and significant importance where ourAstrology, 259:and they are related to each other in a peculiar way in connection with the non-sacred planet, ourAstrology, 273:of Taurus, of Cancer and of Aquarius. This is of peculiar importance for it relates the formAstrology, 278:and their functions are interchangeable in a peculiar manner. In the revolution of the ordinaryAstrology, 287:"God is a consuming Fire." There is in them that peculiar quality which can burn and destroy and soAstrology, 306:for it will stimulate you to understanding. The peculiar significance of Leo in the generalAstrology, 318:as dominating the chart at a particular and peculiar stage of discipleship. In this case, disciplesAstrology, 349:two points of the airy triplicity) in a most peculiar way to the Great Bear, to the Pleiades and toAstrology, 354:it is not necessary for us to enlarge. In a peculiar way, therefore, Mercury increases in theAstrology, 376:of the Shamballa force, the establishing of a peculiar relation or alignment between theAstrology, 383:I mean in this particular world cycle and at the peculiar stage of evolutionary unfoldment at whichAstrology, 392:as the Fashioner of divine expression. In a peculiar sense, the energy which streams from Vulcan isAstrology, 392:is the ray or planet of isolation for, in a peculiar sense, it governs the fourth initiationAstrology, 392:that aspect of the will of God which it is his peculiar function to appropriate and make possibleAstrology, 416:of great interest, which has a special and peculiar relation to humanity. This triangle of forcesAstrology, 422:life, and incidentally are responsible for the peculiar difficulties confronting humanity on theAstrology, 430:theme of astrological interpretation. From this peculiar angle, therefore, we can approach theAstrology, 442:which initiates or brings into being. This has a peculiar relation to Humanity. It is the birth ofAstrology, 445:The seventh ray has sometimes been called a peculiar name by Knowers. It is regarded as the "Ray ofAstrology, 449:of the other kingdoms in nature. Humanity is of peculiar importance in relation to these trianglesAstrology, 467:Working through - Taurus - Mars - Scorpio Their peculiar nature, objective in evolution and basicAstrology, 467:through Conflict and are, therefore, in a peculiar relation to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, theAstrology, 482:which we are dealing govern [482] humanity in a peculiar manner and the effect of their influenceAstrology, 487:- Pisces - Resurrection through sacrifice. In a peculiar sense, these three constitute a triangleAstrology, 518:an individual through his [518] past and his own peculiar horoscope and to those in which he sharesAstrology, 537:playing upon the vehicles of men and producing peculiar effects - both destructive andAstrology, 549:four great constellations, each of which has a peculiar relation to the dualities with which manAstrology, 581:feature of the Shamballa force; it is that peculiar and distinctive quality of divinity which is soAstrology, 600:through humanity in a manner which is unique and peculiar. I would here remind you of a statementAstrology, 608:major [608] triplicity of constellations has a peculiar relation to that Great Being to Whom I haveAstrology, 608:of the zodiac, each with its own interrelations, peculiar to its own integral Life, form - each ofAstrology, 627:developing Christ Child. The Moon has also a peculiar function which can only be expressed in theAstrology, 632:rudiments of this knowledge can be seen in that peculiar factor in the life of humanity which weAstrology, 649:Of these our Earth is one but being aligned in a peculiar fashion with certain spheres (or planets)Astrology, 666:Neptune and Saturn." (C.F. 378) "There is a peculiar group of Beings connected with a certainAstrology, 690:lower and higher mental bodies, producing that peculiar manifestation we call the causal body. InAtom, 60:would be willing to state if they had noted any peculiar phenomena at the moment of death. SeveralAtom, 129:are practically inconceivable unless we have the peculiar type of brain that can think somewhatAtom, 135:When this is the case we shall see more of that peculiar, interesting capacity which some peopleAutobiography, 11:in one's mind? I do not know. Apparently on this peculiar planet of ours, suffering is registeredAutobiography, 24:I remember in those early days was called by the peculiar name, Miss Millichap. She had lovelyAutobiography, 43:subject to a most curious "protection" in the peculiar and unusual work which I chose to do in myAutobiography, 44:reason I was apparently entirely safe. [44] A peculiar happening when I was about nineteen yearsAutobiography, 61:It was whilst at Currach that I did a most peculiar piece of work and one that would have left myAutobiography, 69:gas and pull it out. He looked at me in rather a peculiar manner but proceeded to do as I asked.Autobiography, 108:I was through washing them, they looked most peculiar. One morning, I heard a knock on my door andAutobiography, 117:I don't feel hilarious talking about it. A most peculiar and difficult year now confronted us. ItAutobiography, 134:they were having a drawing room meeting on some peculiar subject and a mutual friend managed to getAutobiography, 141:its activity, just as other organs produce their peculiar phenomenal secretion and there is,Autobiography, 143:we have always been together under the most peculiar circumstances and I have been grateful for herAutobiography, 163:people did not make snap judgments, that I had a peculiar gift for the higher telepathy and thatAutobiography, 164:the entrance of a second force which, for some peculiar reason, is never of as high a standard asAutobiography, 192:(I could mention names but I will not), as "the peculiar lady who keeps her ear at the keyhole ofAutobiography, 223:there were no secrets withheld, there were no peculiar sins and unholy performances that I had notAutobiography, 228:the attempt and decided that it was one of those peculiar, fake organizations which snare theBethlehem, 12:if the drama of the Gospels can become in some peculiar way the drama of those souls who are ready,Bethlehem, 36:evolutionary ladder. Faced with a situation so peculiar and an experience so unparalleled, ourBethlehem, 41:connection with the subject as a whole. So much peculiar and unsound teaching on the matter isBethlehem, 66:up to Bethlehem, the House of Bread, where in a peculiar way He Himself was to become the "Bread ofBethlehem, 95:in himself all that has been, plus his own peculiar constitution and qualities, so in him can alsoBethlehem, 127:be a source of difficulty. It is difficulty of a peculiar kind, in that the things done and theBethlehem, 153:appearance, does there lie behind them some peculiar symbology which can, when understood, renderBethlehem, 273:is not some one particular church with its own peculiar doctrines, its particular formulations ofDestiny, 31:members of the Hierarchy. The new age with its peculiar civilization and culture will be broughtDestiny, 55:Every nation - without exception - has its peculiar virtues and vices which are dependent upon theDestiny, 61:people, and all this in a most pronounced and peculiar manner. Behind the closed borders of thatDestiny, 111:authoritative sway for a very long time; their peculiar tenets, adapted to specific nation, race orDestiny, 113:to merciless excesses in the interest of his peculiar and formulated idea. Under the immediateDestiny, 126:gave less thought to their own individual and peculiar difficulties. One of the majorDestiny, 132:ray influence is that which will produce in a peculiar and unexpected sense the Western School ofDestiny, 142:many on to the path of discipleship. When the peculiar [143] energy to which we give the somewhatDiscipleship1, XIV:individual and suited to the person and his peculiar problems. In one or two cases, however, afterDiscipleship1, 52:in the world for the distribution of certain peculiar types of force which will work out intoDiscipleship1, 53:and a more specialized experiment be possible. Peculiar powers [54] could be studied and focused,Discipleship1, 70:these powers. Other groups are associated in a peculiar manner with the number four, and they areDiscipleship1, 128:[128] a need in the group for a specific and peculiar development in order that the group life may
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