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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PECULIAR

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Fire, 320:through the third ether. That color in a peculiar sense is allied to the fourth ether. We must noteFire, 320:plane, and the electrical force that is its peculiar characteristic, are beginning to be felt, andFire, 349:brought about - as earlier pointed out - by a peculiar juxtaposition of chains, globes and schemes,Fire, 349:electrical polarity as in the second, but in a peculiar process of "occult abstraction" (using theFire, 365:linked and vitalized, and are the focal point of peculiar attention on the part of the Logos ofFire, 365:are subjected to the stimulation and vibration peculiar to that scheme. These two methods are theFire, 409:solar Entities ensouling groups and through that peculiar central manifestation we call a humanFire, 409:forms of manifestation. This is above all the peculiar and perfected attribute of the fifthFire, 433:Logos of this fifth systemic Ray holds a peculiar position in the scheme of things. He is theFire, 437:on to other schemes, coloring it with Their Own peculiar shade and qualifying it by Their ownFire, 437:peculiar shade and qualifying it by Their own peculiar tone or note. The whole system of rayFire, 443:degree) His Brothers in manifestation. His peculiar coloring or quality, His main psychologicalFire, 459:through the seven chains in a scheme. It is of peculiar interest at this time that we are in theFire, 464:for instance, of a planetary Logos has a peculiar effect upon all those who are initiates, adeptsFire, 466:in incarnation who are seventh Ray Monads. On a peculiar group of devas who are the agents, orFire, 489:its heredity. The sevenfold nature of the peculiar group of devas which constitute its being in anFire, 490:position that fire occupies in the process is of peculiar interest here, for it brings out clearlyFire, 497:are a special group, and have a closer and more peculiar relation to it than have the builders orFire, 518:between them: The mental unit is in a unique and peculiar position as regards man, the Thinker inFire, 520:or sheaths, forming in themselves a unity in one peculiar sense; they are as much a coherent wholeFire, 530:the system. These two and a half planes are of peculiar interest to the Logos, as they embody: ThatFire, 531:that Ray may be. The fifth spirilla has a peculiar value inasmuch as it synthesizes the lower four.Fire, 534:of solar magnetism, and the life of form. A peculiar group of Beings connected with a certainFire, 547:vibrations difficult of attainment; certain peculiar conditions hidden in the evolution of anyFire, follow:abstract, and that the vegetable kingdom has a peculiar place in the economy of the system as theFire, 578:enabling the Monads of love to link up with peculiar facility with all their vehicles when composedFire, 588:time. These four Rays control, in a subtle and peculiar manner, the four kingdoms of nature -Fire, 590:to the fourth. The Ray of Concrete Science has a peculiar relationship to the animal kingdom, inFire, 628:manifestation. They form on their own plane in a peculiar sense the logoic "Jewel in the Lotus,"Fire, 645:to the animal and mineral, has brought about a peculiar condition in the deva world and has tendedFire, 646:to a particular set of planetary vibrations in a peculiar manner, and in their essential essence,Fire, 646:and in their essential essence, and in their own peculiar sphere enable man to react to RayFire, 656:and yet which is distinctive, colored by His own peculiar coloring, vibrant to His own particularFire, 656:own unique quality. This is produced through the peculiar type of deva [656] essence He chooses, orFire, 656:it has involved the response of certain peculiar groups of devas to His note. They embody inFire, 661:His astral body. Another reason is that he has a peculiar link with the Ruler of the animalFire, 664:lower and higher mental bodies, producing that peculiar manifestation we call the causal body. InFire, 670:as the "Mystery of the Moon" is connected with a peculiar esoteric condition which concerns our ownFire, 679:The devas of transinutative force. They are a peculiar group of devas who embody the "fires ofFire, 698:dense physical become a unit. They represent a peculiar type of electrical force; their work is toFire, 700:the moon-chain. The parallel is not exact, as a peculiar condition prevailed on the moon, and aFire, 700:peculiar condition prevailed on the moon, and a peculiar karmic purpose brought them all in at thatFire, 700:being of a similar nature; in this round a peculiar condition necessitated extra-planetaryFire, 705:in this symbol number eight - a picture of that peculiar state of consciousness brought about whenFire, 711:in the first canto, is a description of the peculiar circumstances that attended Rama's birth inFire, 715:and the Knowers took [715] advantage of a peculiar electrical condition to hasten the evolution ofFire, 722:entity only earns the right to this peculiar form of work through a previous series of lives ofFire, 723:initiation of the solar Logos, and They have a peculiar connection with the five Kumaras andFire, 758:of the women of India, whilst another has a peculiar work to do in connection with the animalFire, 760:demonstrates one of two things, according to his peculiar karma: The pure light of the Monad,Fire, 778:It is not possible to state what is the peculiar coloring of the Ray which is embodied in ourFire, 780:cycle. There are also in connection with our peculiar Earth scheme, those lunar Pitris. who reachedFire, 781:scheme in the system, but in the Earth chain a peculiar condition of affairs was brought aboutFire, 788:a dense sheath by the Ego is subject to a very peculiar piece of karma connected with the fourFire, 866:and from his own inner God, produces at times peculiar results upon his environment. It acts as aFire, 872:which we have touched upon above, come in a peculiar sense under the jurisdiction of [873] certainFire, 876:a character all His Own, an essence which is His peculiar nature, and an energy which leads Him toFire, 882:Logos, Realization of the particular and peculiar type of energy, and of the quality of his own RayFire, 891:the very bowels of the earth, an evolution of a peculiar nature, with a close resemblance to theFire, 894:necessitated the formation and evolution of that peculiar and mysterious family we call theFire, 908:fire are producing upon man. These are a peculiar group of Agnichaitans who have reached a stage ofFire, 1043:Logos, in physical incarnation, works at His own peculiar problem, the bringing through (intoFire, 1085:the nature of the samsaric wheel in a certain peculiar way which deserves to be thought over by youFire, 1099:on all the planes, the fourth subplane has a peculiar and close relation to the fourth CreativeFire, 1105:impulse of His centers, will show itself in peculiar ways, and as the human monads compose thoseFire, 1105:spiral through the round of Being in its own peculiar manner, and will demonstrate qualities andFire, 1121:force which eventually links each center up in a peculiar geometrical fashion, thus bringing everyFire, 1133:any particular plane. It serves, if I may use so peculiar a term, as the anchor for any particularFire, 1142:thus joining the ranks of the Lipikas. It is a peculiar line, requiring cycles of careful trainingFire, 1145:Enter the Hall of Records and there read a peculiar group of documents dealing with planetaryFire, 1145:one or other preponderating according to his peculiar type. Let us briefly enumerate these factorsFire, 1145:seven specialized force streams, each with its peculiar quality, type and rhythm. The matter isFire, 1147:who came in in Atlantean days. Their heredity is peculiar. They implanted a germ of mind in theFire, 1148:refrains from dogmatic assertion on this most peculiar and difficult subject. The fringe of theFire, 1150:sphere of manifestation. This accounts for the peculiar, yet powerful, people who are [1151] met atFire, 1159:which man has consciously to deal) is one of a peculiar interest, owing to its being theFire, 1161:the planetary schemes, each of which embodies a peculiar type of energy, and each of which,Fire, 1164:petals. There are four outstanding petals of a peculiar hue, but there are three of a secondaryFire, 1175:factors of which the two most important are the peculiar karma of the planetary Logos concerned,Fire, 1175:these our earth is one, but being aligned in a peculiar fashion with certain spheres on the innerFire, 1175:its temptations. This inner round has a peculiar appeal to units on certain Rays, and has its ownFire, 1179:come from the fifth cosmic plane, and are a peculiar group of Manasadevas of very exalted rank.Fire, 1194:triple Avatar only makes its appearance under a peculiar series of cycles concerned with a group ofFire, 1211:was unaware of it, and the object before these peculiar lives which live (and yet are occultlyFire, 1212:is this fact which brings about so much of the peculiar trouble and nature of the human kingdom,Fire, 1235:just as the soul of a man is responsible for his peculiar nature. They represent the subjectiveFire, 1244:spiritual force which animates the group of our peculiar planetary initiates will become apparentFire, 1246:the "luminous door" he has before him four very peculiar and esoteric IDENTIFICATIONS. ThisFire, 1253:comparatively of the sons of men. It involves a peculiar form of development and the faculty ofFire, 1253:The adept who chooses this path preserves in a peculiar way the faculty of sense-perception plusFire, 1255:may be surprised to know that the source of the peculiar cosmic energy which is found streamingFire, 1258:secret may be gained if it is realized that in a peculiar and esoteric sense the sun Sirius and theFire, 1259:during the past one thousand years are a peculiar group of Egos whose impulse is towards this typeGlamour, xi:have their own dharma or duty and all have their peculiar objective. In order that you may clearlyGlamour, 5:that each of you, as individuals, needs in a peculiar sense? Where it is present, there is anGlamour, 14:contour and externalization. You know too that a peculiar series of lines (such as, for instance,Glamour, 28:each of you has to do is to determine his own peculiar problem. In giving you your individualGlamour, 28:have each determined the specific nature of your peculiar problem, you can then work withGlamour, 34:I would ask you to study these instructions with peculiar care, for I am taking the time andGlamour, 35:I reached the point where I can recognize my peculiar Dweller on the Threshold, and can I state
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