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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PECULIAR

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Meditation, 196:kingdom, will be communicated with. These are a peculiar set of mantrams connected with theMeditation, 197:times to the musical sound of instruments, has a peculiar and definite effect upon the matter ofMeditation, 272:later relationship of "son" to some Master has a peculiar sweetness all its own, and carries withMeditation, 290:intensest aspiration in meditation of a certain peculiar vibration or sensation in his head. It mayPatanjali, 23:of the spiritual Triad. For purposes of his peculiar and specific work the Nirmankaya "sleeps" toPatanjali, 138:of manifestation is outgrown, and when any peculiar set of forms have served their purpose ofPatanjali, 234:concentrated meditation upon their nature, peculiar attributes, egoism, pervasiveness and usefulPatanjali, 330:nadis or nerves found in the body, and it has a peculiar definite connection with the bloodPatanjali, 333:divine Trinity. This sound or word threw into peculiar activity the matter of the solar system, andPatanjali, 342:sheaths through which a man contacts a plane or peculiar rate of vibration. Ganganatha Jha in hisPatanjali, 350:concentrated meditation upon their nature, peculiar attributes, egoism, pervasiveness and usefulPatanjali, 351:intelligently and not simply blindly. 2. Their peculiar attributes. He studies then the quality ofPatanjali, 351:concerned (this is covered above) as upon the peculiar attribute of the sense and of that to whichProblems, 28:on terms of equality. Every country has its own peculiar note which must be brought into unison andProblems, 35:recognize the self-proven fact that there is a peculiar quality in every man, an innate, inherentProblems, 52:information thus gained will be geared to his peculiar situation. All children have certain assetsProblems, 96:intact their own racial identity, their own peculiar way of life, their own national religionPsychology1, 4:in all four kingdoms) will be responsive to the peculiar vibration, quality, coloring and nature ofPsychology1, 25:of Devotion and Idealism. This solar Deity is a peculiar and characteristic expression of thePsychology1, 35:itself as responsiveness, as awareness of a peculiar kind which we call the "quality ofPsychology1, 52:into incarnation together, we shall have a most peculiar period of revelation and ofPsychology1, 76:out that the fifth ray is one of unique and peculiar potency in relation to the human kingdom. ThePsychology1, 86:Will The Revealer of Beauty This ray Lord has a peculiar power on earth and on the physical planePsychology1, 86:physical plane, which is His own essential and peculiar sphere). In another world period HisPsychology1, 88:between rays 2. 4. 6., with the fifth ray in a peculiar position, as a central point of attainment,Psychology1, 128:the neophyte. A ray confers, through its energy, peculiar physical conditions, and determines thePsychology1, 133:becomes possible. The seven senses are, in a peculiar way, the physical plane correspondences ofPsychology1, 229:Law of Correspondences. [229] It is, in a most peculiar sense, "precipitated etheric substance,"Psychology1, 238:for that kingdom is more evolved (along its own peculiar lines) than any other. What might bePsychology1, 238:of things will not seem so extraordinary or peculiar. Psychology1, 244:three divine and functioning aspects of this "peculiar" son of divinity, as he works out hisPsychology1, 252:Here we come to a great mystery, and one that is peculiar to our planet. In many esoteric books itPsychology1, 259:are prepared and brought to the door of that peculiar initiatory process which we call - for lackPsychology1, 266:effects, definite and different forms of life, peculiar types of realization, and particularPsychology1, 269:are seeking to impose their own ideas and their peculiar solution of the problem upon theirPsychology1, 272:far as I can and dare - why and how the present peculiar and unique conditions have been broughtPsychology1, 309:in the realm of the instincts. It is this peculiar property of humanity [312] which confers upon itPsychology1, 327:research, is dependent upon having produced a peculiar alignment of the personality throughPsychology1, 388:which it is seldom fruitful to repeat), has its peculiar virtues and vices. These are dependentPsychology1, 414:on Cosmic Fire, p. 588.) The 5th ray has a peculiar relation to the animal kingdom in that it isPsychology1, 427:Here we come to a great mystery and one that is peculiar to our planet. In many esoteric books itPsychology2, 6:of office) conditioned and limited by His own peculiar point in evolution. A seventh part of thePsychology2, 19:reproduction, motion, growth, and that peculiar something which we call "livingness". It may bePsychology2, 22:relation to the solar angel, and there is a peculiar affiliation between the Angel of the PresencePsychology2, 29:wherein the soul - impelled thereto by its peculiar ray qualities - appropriates to itself (forPsychology2, 92:expression with which we are associated, has a peculiar relation to the position of our solarPsychology2, 99:and in no way negate the truth that Venus has a peculiar and intimate relation to the Earth. ThePsychology2, 125:expression and is, therefore, innate and peculiar to soul unfoldment. It is the outstandingPsychology2, 138:server will be found to render his service along peculiar and specific lines. These indicate forPsychology2, 140:in the Group meet the [140] need in their own peculiar environment, in the manner that is, forPsychology2, 194:harmony between the groups themselves, then some peculiar and esoteric work can be done. Such arePsychology2, 212:will be opened, for the admittance of rare and peculiar souls who will bring into our worldPsychology2, 220:hidden secrets. The factors which determine this peculiar process of hierarchical work, and whichPsychology2, 222:and the emergence of the intelligence. It is the peculiar quality or instinctual nature through thePsychology2, 224:the result - curiously enough - of the work of a peculiar group of world workers, who arePsychology2, 267:body of illusion, the astral body. This is the peculiar goal of the world disciples. CoordinationPsychology2, 299:dreams. The chart of a man's expression at that peculiar moment of determining crisis when the soulPsychology2, 332:that "he travels not alone". Then comes that peculiar stage of transcendent aspiration, whereinPsychology2, 334:other, and each will place his skill and his peculiar point of view and interpretation ofPsychology2, 363:the human kingdom, and therefore has a peculiar relation to the functions, relationships and thePsychology2, 456:he becomes a group problem, or is regarded as peculiar or unbalanced. It is, nevertheless,Psychology2, 467:that his chosen [467] school of thought, his peculiar vocation, his particular calling in life andPsychology2, 536:service. The thymus gland, which controls in a peculiar manner the life aspect in man, is closelyPsychology2, 557:is the macrocosm of the microcosm; the gains and peculiar properties of the other kingdoms inPsychology2, 577:all the living forms in all kingdoms to their peculiar behests. It is the old story, familiar inPsychology2, 603:insanity. The mystic is then obsessed by his own peculiar thought-form of truth and of reality. HePsychology2, 608:of this light in the head can lead to its own peculiar problems when the process is not correctlyPsychology2, 621:carried out, but often induce their own peculiar problems. The sounding of the Aum, for instance,Psychology2, 622:at the base of the spine, will in time have a peculiar effect upon the entire circulatory system,Psychology2, 658:is inevitable. That they may regard it from the peculiar angle of their own tradition and schoolingPsychology2, 671:or of one group of thinkers (advocating their peculiar ideas) upon another group of thinkers withPsychology2, 685:In order to effect this transmission of force, a peculiar interchange of ideas and of cooperationPsychology2, 686:the ray intermediaries. The service is new and peculiar and as to its particular nature there is noPsychology2, 688:contacted. Our work then in this particular and peculiar field of cooperation will then be ended.Psychology2, 703:Hierarchy and I felt that a statement of their peculiar problem and the difficulty of free activityPsychology2, 721:upon the mineral kingdom, particularly upon that peculiar product, gold, and that enigma, money.Psychology2, 740:believe, so convinced are many of you that your peculiar belief and your particular acceptance ofRays, 4:fourth or human kingdom is to demonstrate this peculiar type. It might serve to clarify thought ifRays, 169:can continue with the work, being trained along peculiar and special lines. The Ashrams of theRays, 179:forms through which God expresses divinity. In a peculiar sense, they are the embodiment of theRays, 216:purified), and gradually the soul is - to use a peculiar but sensitively expressing word -Rays, 220:and every group of individuals have their own peculiar note or sound which is the creative agent ofRays, 225:initiates strive and which is related in a peculiar way to both the past and the future. This ruleRays, 229:can be carried forward. At this time and in a peculiar manner, the initiate-consciousness sees theRays, 232:close upon three thousand years - so exalted and peculiar an initiation it is. It is this influenceRays, 242:(the various kingdoms of nature), were at the peculiar point in evolution at which they are all nowRays, 243:intelligence, an aspect and characteristic peculiar to humanity. This aspect was not found in theRays, 244:the purpose of Sanat Kumara is related in a peculiar sense to the cyclic manifestation of all thatRays, 267:is difficult to understand Their mysterious and peculiar functions. They do not belong to thisRays, 267:to word it) of that Council. They function, in a peculiar sense, as linking intermediaries betweenRays, 268:development; They embody in Themselves in a most peculiar manner the wisdom aspect of the secondRays, 272:in the manner of the German race). In some peculiar manner, They represent in Shamballa the soul ofRays, 273:that these three great Buddhas summarize in a peculiar sense the transmuted essence of the previousRays, 280:and evolution. Transformation concerns in a most peculiar manner the three aspects of mind upon theRays, 334:and lead them to the recognition of the peculiar destiny and unique goals of other kingdoms inRays, 359:by the Hierarchy and directed by Shamballa. In a peculiar manner, and under the Law ofRays, 375:energy. It is the admixture (if I may use such a peculiar term) of love and will which producesRays, 413:what the Monad is to the spiritual man, has a peculiar part to play where our Earth is concerned.Rays, 418:degree. Masonry is, therefore, connected in a peculiar way with the fourth Path. Down the ages, theRays, 452:years, so this science must develop its own peculiar vocabulary. In the meantime, we must do the
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