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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PENETRATING

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Astrology, 329:can be used" for divine expression. Taurus - The penetrating Light of the Path. This is a beam ofDiscipleship1, 74:and disciples make their voices adequately penetrating. . . . In this time of stress and strain, myDiscipleship1, 709:familiar veils an important reality and that by penetrating to the "world of meaning," the discipleDiscipleship1, 735:need and also on group need. It indicates also a penetrating analysis which has carried theDiscipleship2, 93:for admission to a definitely more positive penetrating in the Ashram when they pass through theDiscipleship2, 406:of love, is definitely anchored on Earth, and is penetrating [407] ever more fully and successfullyDiscipleship2, 415:with the problem of this simplicity, with its penetrating potency, and with its swift comprehensionDiscipleship2, 427:There are, therefore, three stages in the penetrating process at this particular time: The initialDiscipleship2, 428:aspirants and disciples, the effect of these penetrating energies is such that they inevitablyDiscipleship2, 428:to note the expression of the precipitating and penetrating energies, in order to cooperate as farDiscipleship2, 429:who are capable of grasping the Plan and of penetrating to the periphery of hierarchical influence.Discipleship2, 431:the Initiator "polarizes" the energies of the "penetrating" disciple and "precipitates" themDiscipleship2, 432:at one or other of these stages. He is either penetrating into new areas of divine awareness andDiscipleship2, 432:into new areas of divine awareness and penetrating deeply into the Mind of God, or he is learningDiscipleship2, 438:earliest phases and precedes the shifting of the penetrating, focused light in extra-planetaryDiscipleship2, 584:in the world of forces. You are definitely penetrating closer to the heart of the Ashram and areDiscipleship2, 749:therefore work, my brother, and let that penetrating energy find a channel through you. I have toldEducation, 81:conveyed by the five senses. As a searchlight, penetrating into the world of ideas and of abstractFire, 40:fire, animating and vitalizing the whole, and penetrating from the center to the periphery. It isFire, 1068:of all fortitudes, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. So the world wasGlamour, 68:employed by a soul in contemplation for penetrating and (through an act of the trained will andGlamour, 72:less clearly defined. Thought-forms are dynamic, penetrating, clear cut and outlined. Glamors areGlamour, 183:form of The Secret Doctrine. H. P. B. was the "penetrating, sensing, appropriating intuitive." TheGlamour, 213:them effective instruments in world affairs, penetrating and dissipating glamor and provingGlamour, 219:[219] Making a definite impact upon the glamor. Penetrating the glamor and being absorbed by it.Glamour, 239:behind the glamor." Visualization of the light, penetrating into the glamor and producing itsHealing, 450:spirit, to make its appearance. Great and penetrating energies and their [451] evoked forces haveHealing, 531:that both groups have much to do - the one in penetrating into the realm of the subtle and theHealing, 649:permeates the surrounding part of the body, penetrating both to the center of the trouble and toHealing, 650:absorbs the forces causing the trouble without penetrating the body of the healer. In the secondHealing, 690:Paths, because each Path constitutes a mode of penetrating into realms of realization beyond ourHercules, 10:energies that both religion and science are now penetrating. Everything outer and tangible is aInitiation, 218:the first principles of any science. Process of penetrating into the mysteries of the science ofIntellect, 37:invisible in the visible reality; the habit of penetrating surfaces, of seeing through things toIntellect, 69:the belief in a way of wisdom, sudden, penetrating, coercive, which is contrasted with the slow andMeditation, 353:the first principles of any science. One who is penetrating into the mysteries of the science ofPatanjali, 141:brethren: "Through not understanding, though not penetrating the Four Aryan Truths, brethren, wePatanjali, 314:lamp and thus provided himself with the means of penetrating into Their world. The more technicalProblems, 52:conveyed by the five senses. As a searchlight, penetrating into the world of ideas and of abstractProblems, 148:of the churches to the exclusion of the penetrating, piercing vision of the divine in every man. ItPsychology1, 101:we shall find ourselves seeing more and penetrating deeper into that which we see today. One of thePsychology2, 447:and the mind itself can become a search light, penetrating into the superconsciousness and thusPsychology2, 497:which were present in previous lives. He is penetrating into a very ancient astral past. Not onlyPsychology2, 530:serve to clear the passage up the spine, penetrating and destroying the etheric web which separatesPsychology2, 634:the masses, the proletariat, and it is also penetrating into that circle which has hitherto beenRays, 27:of the personality indicated as it stands at the penetrating point of the antahkarana as itRays, 54:emanating from the Central Spiritual Sun and penetrating all forms of divine life upon our planet -Rays, 134:spirit, to make its appearance. Great and penetrating energies and their evoked forces have met inRays, 140:2. There is also the door of the will. This is a penetrating power which relates Plan to PurposeRays, 195:experience, and they prevent the light from penetrating. The work of the three Sons of God referredRays, 301:world of unity into which they have succeeded in penetrating. They, therefore, are demonstratingRays, 366:applicant; an initiate is one who succeeds in penetrating to the further side of the door, whereRays, 371:(and increasing) flow of reoriented human energy penetrating into and beyond the radiatoryRays, 371:into and beyond the radiatory periphery. This penetrating energy, implemented by the individualRays, 519:into the Hall of Wisdom, of the disciple penetrating into the realm of soul light and life, of theReappearance, 20:of the ancient teaching of the Buddha and it is penetrating into the Western countries and findingReappearance, 128:development. When the searchlight of the mind is penetrating slowly into hitherto unrecognizedSoul, 96:they call Akasha. It is the omnipresent all penetrating existence. Everything that has form,Telepathy, 127:and to enlarge upon, my brothers, and only the penetrating intuition can make these matters clearerTelepathy, 179:is the recipient of many types of informing and penetrating energies, and it is also the field for
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