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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PENETRATION

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Bethlehem, 269:is something entirely different. It is a penetration into the world of thought and ideas to whichDiscipleship1, 58:the disciple's inner group relation, spiritual penetration to the inner life of a brother discipleDiscipleship1, 751:effects wrought into his consciousness by his penetration into the world of meaning and to theDiscipleship2, 259:prepared disciple. These are: 1. The Stage of Penetration. This refers to the piercing through theDiscipleship2, 260:ray disciple takes far longer over this stage of penetration than do disciples on the other raysDiscipleship2, 261:Having thus identified himself through penetration and polarization with the Plan and with the WillDiscipleship2, 262:illusions are being dissipated; the stage of penetration into a new dimension, into a new phase ofDiscipleship2, 268:assume three stages of recognition: The stage of Penetration. The stage of Polarization. The stageDiscipleship2, 293:I used, in this connection, the words "stage of penetration"; the thought which this conveys to theDiscipleship2, 294:that you grasp as far as may be, the idea of penetration, of the struggle involved and theDiscipleship2, 310:to the salvaging of humanity. These three are Penetration, Polarization and Precipitation. Let usDiscipleship2, 311:to Impression. He knows the technique of Penetration, comprehends the process of Polarization atDiscipleship2, 312:an important point upon which to reflect. This penetration makes an event in the life of theDiscipleship2, 312:two succeeding words indicate effects of this penetration; they are then inevitable and cannot beDiscipleship2, 312:think in terms of sequence. The effects of penetration (in this case two in number) areDiscipleship2, 313:to penetrate, and the three stages preceding penetration have been necessarily sequential, until heDiscipleship2, 313:should now be regarded by you as a process of penetration, carried forward as an act of service,Discipleship2, 315:of which was the fission of the atom and the penetration of the "spiritual interfering" aspect ofDiscipleship2, 316:such a word), and men should be set "free for penetration" - as it is called - and be taught theDiscipleship2, 321:which are responsible for the outer stages of Penetration, Polarization and Precipitation. TheseDiscipleship2, 322:evidence before your eyes of the three stages of Penetration, Polarization and Precipitation. AtDiscipleship2, 323:you - expression of the three exoteric stages: Penetration, the descending and circulatory natureDiscipleship2, 347:spiritual impact. The Outer Objective Technique: Penetration. Polarization. Precipitation. You canDiscipleship2, 401:accompany the points of revelation: the Stage of Penetration, the Stage of Polarization, and theDiscipleship2, 405:see how all this comes under the three stages of Penetration, Polarization and Precipitation, forDiscipleship2, 427:of the process, which I mentioned earlier: Penetration, Polarization, Precipitation. In thisDiscipleship2, 427:is unusual; the entire proceeding concerns the penetration of the blended seven rays throughout allDiscipleship2, 427:as it informs substance. The effect of the penetration with which we are now dealing is upon theDiscipleship2, 427:their influence. The importance of the present penetration lies in its completeness and in the factDiscipleship2, 427:at this particular time: The initial act of penetration which takes place "within the area guardedDiscipleship2, 428:of a point of Polarization. The preceding [428] penetration of the energies reaches a point ofDiscipleship2, 428:evident in the consciousness of humanity, the penetration of energies which have already reached aDiscipleship2, 430:of the initiatory process from the angle of Penetration, of Polarization, and of Precipitation.Discipleship2, 431:when you have succeeded in the processes of penetration? or when you have arrived at a measure ofDiscipleship2, 431:Initiation - Part XI Initiation is essentially a penetration into areas of the divine consciousnessDiscipleship2, 431:consciousness of a human being. This initiatory penetration is achieved by the disciple throughDiscipleship2, 431:Plan. These three stages of conscious activity - penetration, polarization and precipitation - areDiscipleship2, 431:fact that he is initiate is called the stage of penetration. That in which he stands face to faceDiscipleship2, 432:The disciple has to effect the stage of penetration alone and unaided; during the process ofDiscipleship2, 433:the Angel of the Presence, and the stage of penetration covers the long evolutionary cycle whereinDiscipleship2, 433:therefore: The Path of Evolution - The stage of Penetration. [434] The Path of Discipleship - TheDiscipleship2, 434:Realities: the conception of a goal to which penetration must be made; of a fresh area ofDiscipleship2, 435:aware of itself. Revelation is a progress of penetration: first into the Mind, then into the Heart,Discipleship2, 438:and is in the nature of a "summarizing point of penetration." I endeavor, my brothers, to give youDiscipleship2, 732:entry into my Ashram or what is called "ashramic penetration," and then on and up through manyEducation, vii:and conscious of it. Our aggressive commercial penetration of Oriental lands and peoples has hadEducation, 62:worlds which will call for his scientific penetration. For the majority of aspirants, the HierarchyEducation, 62:which demands discovery and which will accept penetration. I am choosing my words with care in anFire, 160:the fourth dimensional quality of matter and the penetration of the fire in four directions, itsGlamour, 8:To many it is not easily apparent how the penetration into the meaning of a symbol can provide aGlamour, 218:what in occult parlance is called an "Act of Penetration"; the light is then seen accomplishingGlamour, 220:glamor and the triple affirmation. The Act of Penetration. The Process of Withdrawing. You willGlamour, 234:dissipation and dispersal of the glamor by the penetration of the light into its darkness. TheyGlamour, 234:understanding and capacity. This is the Act of Penetration. 9. Now follows five minutes of silenceGlamour, 236:is sounded by the aspirant, producing an Act of Penetration. This produces impact, penetration andGlamour, 236:an Act of Penetration. This produces impact, penetration and dissipation. The aspirant, having doneGlamour, 237:glamor and the triple affirmation. The Act of Penetration. The process of Withdrawing. Glamour, 240:Act of Projection and Affirmation. The Act of Penetration. The Act of Withdrawal. Healing, 675:disease of the patient. This need not involve penetration into previous incarnations, nor is thatHealing, 675:of the situation. It is obvious that this "penetration" into the causes of the trouble will only beHealing, 690:give way to the word "deep," in the sense of penetration. Having said this, brother of mine, howPsychology1, 102:from the astral plane, a steady and gradual penetration of the "astral light" and its fusion withRays, 193:by esotericists; it corresponds also to the penetration into the third heaven to which PaulRays, 519:the path of an expanding consciousness and a penetration into the light. This is true of a plantRays, 627:power of women in the land and their increasing penetration in municipal and national politics. TheReappearance, 128:upon a successful aspirant; neither is it a penetration into the Mysteries - of which the mysteriesSoul, 10:virtue of its own sincerity and its own peculiar penetration. But specialization has its value onlySoul, 70:is ultimately responsible. Now such a penetration can actually be achieved where it does not
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