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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Astrology, 19:forth from the masses and the little evolved people nothing but terror, a miserable fatalism,Astrology, 65:B. remarked in The Secret Doctrine that for some people the highest principle of which they can beAstrology, 65:situation in regard to three groups: The mass of people who conform to orthodox and recognizedAstrology, 66:first. This is interesting, as the mass of the people move within their horoscopes and the willAstrology, 75:have posited two sets of rulers for two types of people: The orthodox and generally accepted seriesAstrology, 76:or in the sacral center. A large number of people who are in an interim stage, with the energiesAstrology, 76:response from the heart and the ajna centers. People upon one or other of the final stages of theAstrology, 76:head center in process of awakening. These people also fall into two major groups: Those who areAstrology, 91:this period of evolution well nigh unknown. Most people are governed by their personality ray andAstrology, 117:to the life of service must be sought. People born in this sign are frequently to be found servingAstrology, 141:way, a culminating sign for the majority of people who proceed from Aries to Pisces upon the FixedAstrology, 167:in Capricorn imposing the law of karma upon the people. A clue to the significance of the JewishAstrology, 167:people. A clue to the significance of the Jewish people as a karmic clearing house can be foundAstrology, 222:its quality and nature in the case of advanced people, and when that emerges clearly, the man isAstrology, 237:succeeded in preventing crime or in deterring people from violent selfishness (for that is what allAstrology, 237:of knowledge to the bringing up of young people. The old methods must give way to the new and theAstrology, 249:disciples and a handful of intelligent people could be regarded as freely choosing at the "point ofAstrology, 285:and when I say type, I refer to those people whose sun is in Leo or who have Leo rising. The reasonAstrology, 285:aspect. It is also of the nature of Leo, for the people who can produce these results haveAstrology, 286:given you as the esoteric rulers; all advanced people and those of major importance are on orAstrology, 288:and of true self-consciousness. Many people are convinced that they are self-conscious when theyAstrology, 289:by Leo, of groups and large or small bodies of people. This - at an advanced stage - is anAstrology, 289:will-to-illumine is that which drives all Leo people on to experiment and so to gain knowledge; itAstrology, 309:others may seek to impose. Discipline imposed by people upon the Leo person leads invariably toAstrology, 317:of the past lives of theosophical inclined people (none of them based on any truth), the real truthAstrology, 335:I will give. It will be from a study of those people who are born in the Cardinal Signs that theAstrology, 364:person can always find points of contact with people on nearly every ray. This is an interestingAstrology, 367:and quick reaction are characteristic of people born with the Sun in this sign or with GeminiAstrology, 372:the medium of the most enlightened and sensitive people in each country) to this influence and theAstrology, 375:man. This connotes adherence to soul purpose. People who are Taurians naturally and by natalAstrology, 377:the all-creating Will becomes distorted by many people. They are not polarized in the divine willAstrology, 377:and which is not the free expression of a free people. Astrology, 378:aggression, and the purposeful progress of those people and peoples who seek, even if without fullAstrology, 443:that "such is the Law and such is the Karma of people and nations and such is the predeterminedAstrology, 450:their oft unrealized effect upon the individual people. They bring about changes in his life focusAstrology, 486:can be traced since then in the vast number of people who are achieving the integration of theAstrology, 523:and this is the privilege of the States if its people so choose and permit worldwide humanitarian,Astrology, 524:The consciousness aspect of the British people is steadily shifting into an expression of theirAstrology, 524:The same thing is happening to the American people. The problem of shifting idealisms is great, asAstrology, 525:enough) and develop the characteristics of the people, leaving in fact behind them the memory ofAstrology, 526:are going on in all these lands; the rule of the people is being developed in all of them though itAstrology, 530:of each nation and is fundamentally for the people. Their basic Constitution, Magna Charta and BillAstrology, 541:clearer in the minds of the masses of the people; they can and will act with full awareness andAstrology, 543:recognize and work for the spiritual good of all people, irrespective of their national relations.Astrology, 544:Germany from the glamor which descended upon her people. The Hierarchy makes a distinction betweenAstrology, 545:serve the need of the spiritual nature of the people (as is today the case); of educationalAstrology, 546:decadent forms will make the lot of the German people one of great tragedy. In the consequentAstrology, 570:the vague general aspiration of the mass of the people in the world, which is today more pronouncedAstrology, 570:a full response from those good and well-meaning people whose focus is predominantly astral andAstrology, 572:which is in process of being transcended. The people in the world today are coming to realizeAstrology, 572:of attitude between the mass of well-meaning people in the world, and the correctly orientedAstrology, 572:public. The other group of trained thinkers and people who are animated primarily by theAstrology, 584:as in the case of the sensitive, negative German people and its use by the Axis nations forAstrology, 584:but massed opposition of the well-meaning people of the world who talk vaguely and beautifullyAstrology, 585:infringe upon their interpretation of love. Such people are individually of small moment and of noAstrology, 585:war, just as the massed negativity of the German people and their inability to take right actionAstrology, 585:has brought the present catastrophe to man. Such people are like a millstone around the neck ofAstrology, 585:with dire results both to themselves and to the people of their time. One such figure in ancientAstrology, 614:- an initiation far more easily reached by people upon the first Ray than on any of the others.Atom, 16:of that truth in a perfectly unbiased way. Some people have a wider horizon than others, and someAtom, 28:group in which we have our place, some body of people with whom we can cooperate and work, someAtom, 49:is recognized as a force center, the attitude of people towards their work and mode of living willAtom, 49:world, for instance, will be changed, and people will study the right methods of utilizing energy.Atom, 104:types of consciousness among men. We meet people who are alert, alive, aware of all that is goingAtom, 104:of contacts of every kind; then we meet people who seem to be asleep; there is apparently so littleAtom, 106:of any great city, and you will see everywhere people in the atomic stage, centered entirely inAtom, 111:line of thought) will differ for different people and different types. The religious man, theAtom, 113:precede true meditation, which is a thing few people know much about. This true meditation, whichAtom, 126:and vibration. It simply means that certain people are at a stage where they can be reached by anAtom, 126:angle: it is quite possible for us to meet great people, wonderful men and women, and fail to beAtom, 127:in Him from the other good and unselfish people whom we know. We have not yet cultivated withinAtom, 127:faults. We are insensitive, yet, to the best people. Another development will be that we shall beAtom, 127:now on the physical plane, and there are a few people who are able to function equally consciouslyAtom, 129:of this can be seen in the ability which some people have to communicate telepathically, or toAtom, 135:that peculiar, interesting capacity which some people evince, and which we call the ability to beAutobiographyBailey and certain corrections made. Various people worked with Mrs. Bailey at different times onAutobiographytext and copies of portions were given to a few people for comment. In some cases these have notAutobiography, X:for. I have had a rich and full life. So many people all over the world have been so kind to me."Autobiography, 1:I would really render a service if I could show people how I became what I am from what I was. ItAutobiography, 1:worker could become a well-known occult teacher. People might learn much by discovering how aAutobiography, 1:of world affairs and to familiarize more people with the paralleling fact of the existence of ThoseAutobiography, 2:who are the Masters of the Wisdom, real to people, as real as They are to me and many thousands inAutobiography, 2:led to basic changes in my attitudes to life and people. To remain static in a point of viewAutobiography, 4:stood by me? I cannot list them but they are the people who are essentially responsible for theAutobiography, 4:in the years that are coming, more and more people will testify to Their existence, and I wouldAutobiography, 4:In my life I have seen, as have all thinking people, the disappearance of much that was worthlessAutobiography, 6:life very, very good even when having what most people regarded as the worst possible time. ThereAutobiography, 6:There has always been so much to do, so many people to know. I have only one basic grumble and thatAutobiography, 7:the funny side of things. Between you and me, people's profound interest in themselves and in theirAutobiography, 7:say, "Come outside and find your soul in other people and so discover your own." What is going onAutobiography, 7:and so discover your own." What is going on in people's minds and hearts and what is happening inAutobiography, 8:of opportunity - one's own as well as other people's. It comes through full and complete living. InAutobiography, 9:the early years of countless thousands. Many people say that childhood is the happiest time of aAutobiography, 12:was full of variety and I met many interesting people. I never knew what it was to want anything. IAutobiography, 13:of person on through all classes to include such people as the Grand Duke Alexander, theAutobiography, 13:was present as leader and there were a lot of people eager to testify to their wickedness and toAutobiography, 14:matter and also a rather private one. Gemini people are also supposed to be chameleon-like inAutobiography, 16:good, clean and cultured stock but none of the people attained any famous or infamous notoriety.Autobiography, 18:fellowmen and if I have done anything to bring people into some measure of spiritual realization,Autobiography, 18:enough to start me right. She was one of the few people who cared fore more than they cared for my
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