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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Autobiography, 19:was democratic even in those far off days and people had their chance to rise if they had that inAutobiography, 20:it now for it would tell me much, remind me of people and episodes and help me to trace myAutobiography, 21:all my thinking and activities. Mystics are people with a tremendous sense of dualism. They areAutobiography, 22:preoccupied all the time with my reaction to people and circumstances. I was the unhappy,Autobiography, 22:things somewhere and a capacity to "feel" into people and circumstances and to know often what theyAutobiography, 22:were grasped by those responsible for young people. It could be [23] explained to them that aAutobiography, 26:over the hardness of life - as all young people normally and naturally do - I have been forced toAutobiography, 26:was twenty my life was completely disciplined by people or by the social conventions of the time. IAutobiography, 26:and such an attitude was incorrect; what will people think or say? You will be talked about if youAutobiography, 27:can know; do not talk to that man or woman; nice people do not speak or think like that; you mustAutobiography, 28:my eldest daughter, then a baby, home to see my people, I arrived in New York tired, ill, miserableAutobiography, 29:me a sense of "belonging" and was one of the few people in my life at that time who I felt trulyAutobiography, 29:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter I Three people at that time gave me this feeling of confidence. One ofAutobiography, 30:I have a temper but I always wanted to know how people ticked and what made them work and behave asAutobiography, 31:relationships, have I not, and primarily because people are so lovely, good and understanding. IAutobiography, 33:things without me. How I was tolerated by the people I met I do not know. I was so religious and soAutobiography, 33:that my aunt and my governess were religious people, what was it that made me so fixed in myAutobiography, 34:every day, if possible, and in trying to save people. That particular expression of religiousAutobiography, 34:and set. I hated everybody (except two or three people) and I was jealous of my sister, her brainsAutobiography, 34:the narrowest kind of Christianity; unless people thought as I did, they could not be saved. TheAutobiography, 35:had attended many revival meetings and had seen people "losing control" of themselves, as I calledAutobiography, 36:today in connection with various occult groups. People's sincerity and aspiration do succeed inAutobiography, 37:in 1915 I discovered who He was and that other people knew Him. From then on the relationship hasAutobiography, 39:but with a large sprinkling of occidental people. I knew exactly where I stood in that crowd andAutobiography, 39:and with high mountains on either side. The people, crowded in the valley, faced towards the EastAutobiography, 41:the first subjective?) because it is time that people of standing and who are recognized as saneAutobiography, 42:accepted Him, and slaying His only Son so that people like me could be saved and not perishAutobiography, 44:sport from the point of view of most of the people here, although not from mine, for you alwaysAutobiography, 46:this entailed. I had a good time; I had met many people; I had traveled a lot. I forget how often IAutobiography, 47:of physical blood amount to much. Why should people like each other and cling together because -Autobiography, 49:constitutes a foundation for more knowledge. The people who fill me with a sense of compassion andAutobiography, 49:can no longer say with assurance and aplomb what people ought to do. I seldom, therefore, giveAutobiography, 49:of my life I suppose literally thousands of people have come to me for interpretation, for adviceAutobiography, 49:was that I never charged for them and people do love something for nothing. Sometimes I [50] couldAutobiography, 50:was open minded and willing to listen but most people just want to talk and lay the ground so thatAutobiography, 50:tell them. My technique has usually been to let people talk themselves out and by the time they hadAutobiography, 50:I am helpless and often afraid. I do not care if people agree or disagree with my particular brandAutobiography, 51:not the case. I remember once when eight or nine people (all of different nationalities) and myAutobiography, 53:me much. They seemed a badly educated bunch of people; they wore cheap and badly cut clothes andAutobiography, 53:to do and as the circumstances of arousing people seemed to require. I hesitated and wondered andAutobiography, 53:and jewelry would not appeal to the kind of people who haunted revival meetings, seeking salvation.Autobiography, 56:self-centeredness; I was caring too much what people thought of me. My early training was receivingAutobiography, 57:in such a way that it is dogmatic. I often tell people: "Five thousand years hence this so-calledAutobiography, 59:sold more cocoa, eggs and cigarettes than most people. Those were happy, busy days. I adored MissAutobiography, 60:God?" With that she walked off. I have left many people to God since then. Now right here let me goAutobiography, 60:in it a thousandfold more today. I know that people can turn from the error of their ways and IAutobiography, 64:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II I wrote to my people asking if I might go - meaning to go anyway,Autobiography, 65:I have always loved travelling (as do all Gemini people) and being also at that time a horridAutobiography, 70:I was only there a few years, but I loved the people. Autobiography, 70: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II People here in the United States know nothing of theAutobiography, 71:as the Indian principalities and the millions of people who do not recognize or respond to theAutobiography, 72:you. But these matters interest me and all people who love their fellowmen. I have very littleAutobiography, 78:and the other was called, "Plain Talks to Plain People" and I always wondered why the good lookingAutobiography, 78:and it was this: nature or God takes care of people at these times and they usually die quiteAutobiography, 82:I also heard about it. I do not think that many people in America realize or appreciate the type ofAutobiography, 82:of God's love and God's preparation for His people. She little knew at that time that her wordsAutobiography, 82:her words would be handed down to thousands of people in my public lectures. The next phase of theAutobiography, 83:English, "Missy Baba, listen. Millions of people here. Millions, all the time long before youAutobiography, 83:of God. What had God done about the millions of people down the ages, throughout the entire world,Autobiography, 84:so much in which to deposit so many undesirable people. So I decided to read up on hell and I madeAutobiography, 85:be right? I knew there were a lot of nice people who did not think as I did and hitherto I had onlyAutobiography, 85:I knew I couldn't do so. I knew I would say to people: "Well, if you cannot believe in Me that'sAutobiography, 88:to the confidences of worried and tried people. I have sat amazed at the intimate details that theyAutobiography, 89:talking sweet platitudes to perfectly mediocre people whose influence is nil and whose power toAutobiography, 89:and which has misled a lot of very good people. We learn to be Masters by mastering our ownAutobiography, 90:always been annoyed at the rubbish talked by people about "recovering their past incarnations." IAutobiography, 91:and Julius Caesars, and other important people, have confessed portentously to me who they were;Autobiography, 91:life they are such very ordinary, uninteresting people. These famous people seem to haveAutobiography, 91:ordinary, uninteresting people. These famous people seem to have deteriorated sadly since theirAutobiography, 95:a policeman. He set me on my feet and shook me (people always seemed to be shaking me) and lookingAutobiography, 97:never married but she knew life and she loved people. I told her the story of Walter Evans, aboutAutobiography, 98:matters into their own bands, and cabled to my people and Miss Sandes that they were sending meAutobiography, 99:of the subject and the victims were usually people of good mental balance and brain power. He wasAutobiography, 100:and I was successful at it. I was surrounded by people who liked and appreciated me and, as far asAutobiography, 101:after the wedding to stop with Walter Evan's people in the north of England. A connection [102] ofAutobiography, 102:man and you are going from here to visit his people. You will not find that they are your peopleAutobiography, 102:his people. You will not find that they are your people and it will be your duty to make them feelAutobiography, 102:discovered humanity. I am not one of the people who believe that only the proletarian are good andAutobiography, 102:of the lower classes promotes the growth of a people, whilst the tradition, culture and noblesseAutobiography, 103:going to Liverpool we stopped with my husband's people and I never put in a more dreadful time.Autobiography, 104:and worthy, but I had never before eaten with people of that caliber, or slept in a house of thatAutobiography, 105:but the Negro problem is one that the American people will have to solve. The Constitution hasAutobiography, 109:old I went back to Great Britain to see my people, leaving my husband to finish his theologicalAutobiography, 109:is named after her and she is one of the people whom I dearly love, but I will tell you more aboutAutobiography, 110:was something so charming and nice about me that people naturally helped me. I have an idea that IAutobiography, 111:town. There were only about fifteen hundred people in the place, but there were eleven churches,Autobiography, 111:and I sometimes met them. But the bulk of the people were small trades people, people connectedAutobiography, 111:But the bulk of the people were small trades people, people connected with the railroad, plumbers,Autobiography, 111:the bulk of the people were small trades people, people connected with the railroad, plumbers,Autobiography, 112:up to the astounding fact that it was not the people of the place who were wrong but that it was I.Autobiography, 112:very ill and it was then that I discovered the people of this little town. Mildred was ten daysAutobiography, 113:up to the fact that the world was full of lovely people and that I had been blind all my life. IAutobiography, 113:time, however, that the real trouble started. People began to find out what Walter Evans reallyAutobiography, 114:closer to Ellison Sanford, one of the loveliest people and truest friends I have ever had. MyAutobiography, 114:wife lived and saw more of them. I found more people in the parish who talked my language, but itAutobiography, 116:that I was not alone in trouble, that other people had as bad troubles as I, and that I was capableAutobiography, 116:is to me completely amazing. They know people; they live lives of sacrifice; they are skilled fromAutobiography, 118:love devotedly, and they know it. There are few people in the world as close to me as they are, andAutobiography, 119:their Jewish citizens. I refer to all those people who are for the Jews and not against them. WeAutobiography, 119:deeply rooted in certain racial characteristics. People complain (and it is frequently true) that
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