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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Autobiography, 120:was left fed the pride and nationalism of the people. That which stands between the orthodox JewAutobiography, 121:the orthodox Jew regards himself as the Chosen People. The German emphasizes "racial purity" and soAutobiography, 124:meantime, the cults and the isms will engulf the people. This would not be necessary if the ChurchAutobiography, 125:situation was. The Bishop wanted to write to my people and let them know the situation but I wouldAutobiography, 127:religion with its orthodox presentation and by people, particularly my own husband whom I hadAutobiography, 127:hundreds and thousands. Only a small handful of people cared in their busy lives what happened toAutobiography, 127:happened to me and I used to matter to lots of people. I seemed to have reached the point where IAutobiography, 128:experiences of my life. I was down among the people; I was just nobody and I had always thought IAutobiography, 130:and divinity of humanity? If these had been people who were under obligation to me, the story wouldAutobiography, 130:the spontaneous kindness of the human soul to people in similar difficulties to their own. The poorAutobiography, 131:got politeness and kindness from other people and anyone can do the same - which is the moral of myAutobiography, 132:the front or the man at home are just the same people. I've never understood, either, why everyAutobiography, 135:until midnight. I have always been one of those people who temperamentally require very littleAutobiography, 135:one which I think could be very helpful to many people. There was so much I wanted to know and IAutobiography, 136:whole paragraphs and pages as quickly as other people read a sentence. I forget what is theAutobiography, 136:technical name for this visual capacity. Lots of people do it and more could if they tried. I cameAutobiography, 137:has revolutionized human thought, little as people may realize it. I regard the hours of study thatAutobiography, 139:Wisdom were His pupils and disciples, just as people like myself were pupils of some Master. IAutobiography, 141:life had brought me? Why should there have been people like that wretched little soldier from whomAutobiography, 142:has been a lot of the trouble. The mass of the people do not think and the orthodox theologian, noAutobiography, 144:and the understanding of the leading movie people. I have met many of the movie people and they areAutobiography, 144:movie people. I have met many of the movie people and they are grand and [145] human folk. OfAutobiography, 145:you will not find a bad element? There are evil people in all groups and communities and sets andAutobiography, 145:and organizations. There are outstandingly good people also and people of a dead level mediocrityAutobiography, 145:There are outstandingly good people also and people of a dead level mediocrity who have not enoughAutobiography, 146:for all and every nation and it is the same with people. We all have outstanding faults whichAutobiography, 146:cannot be turned from my purpose; I really love people; I'm not a bit proud. I have a reputation ofAutobiography, 147:any more because I have a knack of seeing why people are what they are; no matter what their faultsAutobiography, 147:failure, afraid of having faults, afraid of what people think of me, and afraid of the dark, andAutobiography, 147:dark, and afraid of being looked up to by other people. I have never found it anything but aAutobiography, 147:the Lord; as if they were different from other people and not just human beings trying, withAutobiography, 147:training I used to be very much afraid of what people said. I don't care now because I find that,Autobiography, 148:of the public. Most of my fears are for other people - my husband and my children - but I have oneAutobiography, 149:There was a large house-party, about eighteen people, stopping in the house at the time and byAutobiography, 150:is afraid and everybody has his pet fear. If people tell me that they are never afraid, I know thatAutobiography, 150:from one's pet phobias and fears, sensitive people are prone to tune in on the fears of otherAutobiography, 150:are prone to tune in on the fears of other people, on their depressions and on their terrors. TheyAutobiography, 150:and horror rule the world and it is easy for people to be overcome with fear. War breeds fear andAutobiography, 151:my fears for what they are and pass on. I think people have to learn a much more patient acceptanceAutobiography, 151:themselves over their individual problems. Other people's problems are more profitable from theAutobiography, 152:Krotona was a community of about five hundred people, some living on the grounds and some elsewhereAutobiography, 152:Section met and a cafeteria which fed the people. The place was beautifully run and, when I gotAutobiography, 154:so I began at the very bottom, and I watched the people - most of them unknown to me - with greatAutobiography, 155:then and rushed to one of the senior people at Krotona and asked for the name of this Master. TheyAutobiography, 157:"Oh! Mother, if you would only keep your back to people and they saw only your lovely hair, theyAutobiography, 158:their loyalty to an organization? Why should people be required to sever their connection withAutobiography, 158:so limited in consciousness and later I met many people who were disciples of the Masters and whoAutobiography, 159:Outer Head and if they gave their loyalty to the people that the heads of the E.S. in every countryAutobiography, 159:pronouncements seemed ridiculous. Many of the people endorsed were mediocre to the nth degree. AAutobiography, 159:enjoy this period at all. I loved some of the people on the other side very much and it distressedAutobiography, 161:with men and I want to make it easier for other people to do the same kind of work, provided it isAutobiography, 161:so many aspects of so-called psychic writings. People are apt not to differentiate between thatAutobiography, 162:and mediocre in their content that educated people laugh at them and cannot be bothered to readAutobiography, 163:out loud. The voice went on to say that wise people did not make snap judgments, that I had aAutobiography, 163:in the rarest cases (and, unfortunately, most people think their case is the rare exception) isAutobiography, 164:This work of the Tibetan has greatly intrigued people and psychologists everywhere. They dispute asAutobiography, 168:this quite deliberately as quite a few people, when the Tibetan says something with which they doAutobiography, 169:pacifists and well meaning, though unthinking, people among the students of the Arcane School andAutobiography, 170:situation had been fundamentally changed. Those people were put into office in any lodge who wereAutobiography, 171:thing to me was that the majority of the people slated to hold high office in the Hierarchy and inAutobiography, 171:personal friends. I knew some of these people - worthy, kind, and mediocre, none of themAutobiography, 171:I had traveled so widely and had met so many people whom I knew to be more effective in worldAutobiography, 171:Owing to all these various causes many people were leaving the Theosophical Society in disgust andAutobiography, 171:did not and a great number of the worthwhile people got out, feeling frustrated and handicapped andAutobiography, 177:a respectable connotation and lots of worthwhile people are perfectly willing to have themselvesAutobiography, 177:approves or disapproves of either of these two people. What they are interested in is the [178]Autobiography, 178:occupy themselves with defaming and running down people who have been dead for decades. There isAutobiography, 179:be used by those who seek to help others. Some people are too superior to pray and regardAutobiography, 179:the mind and is greatly needed by the unthinking people of the world. Prayer is of the emotionalAutobiography, 180:of men and matters. She was one of the few people to whom I could go for advice because she and IAutobiography, 181:the intense pressure of the work to be done for people and for the Masters but it had to beAutobiography, 182:never forget telling an audience of around 800 people, one day in New York, that all of them couldAutobiography, 182:berated me for giving myself away to so many people on such trivial matters. I replied to her byAutobiography, 182:too much of this in various occult groups. When people come to me and tell me that their familiesAutobiography, 183:is not lived at the expense of others, and if people are suffering because you want to go to HeavenAutobiography, 183:by some as elusive as an eel but I do leave people free. It was this contact with the generalAutobiography, 185:as I said several times in England to the people who were criticizing the G.I. boys to me, -Autobiography, 186:education and of the instilling into young people in their later 'teens that the wages of sin isAutobiography, 188:They were constantly meeting interesting people, listening to interesting conversations and inAutobiography, 188:and in touch, through Foster and myself with people all over the world, and their education,Autobiography, 189:of spiritual evaluation and the way in which people belonging to the Fifth Root Race make theirAutobiography, 190:Avenue where we could [190] hold classes and see people by appointment. This Secret Doctrine classAutobiography, 190:in 1921 and was exceedingly well-attended. People from the various Theosophical societies andAutobiography, 191:other side. They [191] were, naturally, all old people when I first met them. The attitude of theAutobiography, 191:Consciousness of the Atom" had been printed. People are apt to assume that if you write a book onAutobiography, 191:to get letters from all over the world from people asking me to teach them to meditate or to putAutobiography, 193:school or knew anything about handling people by correspondence. All we had was good intention, aAutobiography, 193:on occult subjects. Since that time over 30,000 people have passed through the school. ManyAutobiography, 194:from easy to take the responsibility to teach people true meditation. It is difficult to tread theAutobiography, 194:perception, and the lower psychism which many people share with the cats and dogs. It is not easyAutobiography, 195:that they naturally objected to my not putting people into the E.S. instead of into my own group. IAutobiography, 195:years members of the T.S. and I asked him why people who were ready for esoteric training should beAutobiography, 196:[196] but that we were a school for training people to be "accepted disciples" - that is, those onAutobiography, 196:work together I could have passed many of these people on to the E.S. He was neither impressed norAutobiography, 196:ahead of them on the Path of Discipleship. Why people should think that an emotional, strongAutobiography, 197:and Protestant, Christian Scientists, Unity people and members of almost every possibleAutobiography, 197:has a spiritual or religious basis. We take people who have no beliefs at all but who are willingAutobiography, 199:papers and articles. I was eternally seeing people by appointment and by 1928 I was often seeingAutobiography, 199:by appointment and by 1928 I was often seeing people every twenty minutes right through the day. IAutobiography, 199:made any charge and my days were full of seeing people who had some problem or other and hoped I
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