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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Autobiography, 282:cannot cope with the work. We never encourage people to stay in the work unless they show fitness,Autobiography, 283:high because we, too, are looking for people who can use their minds or who show at least aAutobiography, 290:to themselves; personal claims delude many people. False Masters are to be found in many countries,Autobiography, 290:are to be found in many countries, deceiving the people and prostituting [291] the divine scienceAutobiography, 291:of Christ to be found in St. Matthew XXIV. People are very easily deceived - largely through theirAutobiography, 292:Churchmen of all denominations and spiritual people who own no ecclesiastical allegiances areAutobiography, 293:plane events become the concern of all spiritual people everywhere. May it not be true that,Autobiography, 293:the esotericists and the professional "spiritual people" of the world who regard money as somethingAutobiography, 296:but are held as beliefs by millions of people. These, therefore, are the seven governing factors inAutobiography, 300:Plans. An esoteric school could find the people and give the preliminary training which would helpBethlehem, 6:and this perhaps is one of the reasons why people speak of a failing Christianity, and look forwardBethlehem, 16:in full expression. When a sufficient number of people have grasped this ideal, the entire humanBethlehem, 23:with initiation, and the world is full of people who are claiming to be initiates. They fail toBethlehem, 49:this distant God drew a little nearer to His people, taking on a more human coloring until, in theBethlehem, 51:airplane is today the lot of everyone. Groups of people in many countries are being transferredBethlehem, 54:and the vision. "Where there is no vision, the people perish." (Prov., XXIX, 18.) But that visionBethlehem, 57:of God is eternal, and that His love for His people has been steadfast and unalterable. WheneverBethlehem, 57:Whenever the time is ripe and the need of the people warrants it, He comes forth for the saving ofBethlehem, 63:the Eighth [63] Century, says that 'the ancient people of the Anglian nation', by which he meansBethlehem, 68:aspect of God the Father. In these three people, Joseph, the infant Jesus, and Mary, we have theBethlehem, 70:earth's uniqueness has often troubled thinking people. Can so infinitesimal an atom in space as ourBethlehem, 74:today seems to be the very life-blood of the people, must be consecrated to the Christ.Bethlehem, 79:own mind. Secondly, that much can be done if people would not talk so much about what they areBethlehem, 88:to say, "I lift up my heart unto the Lord." Most people live in their heart nature and in theBethlehem, 100:life which is the determining factor with most people. The first initiation symbolizes theBethlehem, 108:essentially and utterly human at the same time. People make these statements, but they are apt toBethlehem, 119:a unified whole, as is only the case in advanced people, disciples and initiates. In these threeBethlehem, 127:the devil next attempted to ensnare the Christ. People are apt to be astonished when it is pointedBethlehem, 131:and healing all manner of disease among the people." (St. Matt., IV, 17-24.) He had registeredBethlehem, 135:His three favorite disciples, with the three people closest to Him. His demonstrated self control,Bethlehem, 138:seem to function in a "split" manner; people are distraught because of this cleavage. We hear ofBethlehem, 141:He exercises a definite influence upon other people. Yet overseeing the personality is the innerBethlehem, 142:mind cannot hold him in thrall. These are the people who pass on to liberation, and who, from oneBethlehem, 157:which is specific and true for all time to all people. Christ revealed the quality of the divineBethlehem, 184:should be in the hands of all Christian people, because then and only then can they arrive at aBethlehem, 184:than the basis of the belief of several million people in their heavenly future Christ'sBethlehem, 187:God who demands a blood sacrifice. Intelligent people today must agree that "...modern thought doesBethlehem, 188:into true and vital life for the meeting of the people's need. Let a living Christ be its theme,Bethlehem, 199:and idea of sacrifice for the sins of the people was not the original and basic idea. Originally,Bethlehem, 203:of balance and of equilibrium, we are iniquitous people in the true sense of the word. These thingsBethlehem, 208:farseeing men and reformers, down the ages. Many people have passed through the GethsemaneBethlehem, 208:unique vision. The lack of comprehension of the people, and the distorted interpretations whichBethlehem, 210:we can emphasize a future and coming kingdom. People are no longer interested in a possibleBethlehem, 214:that Jesus requested His Father to forgive the people who crucified Him; He evidently, then, didBethlehem, 218:did these words mean? Below Christ stood the two people who meant the most to Him, and from theBethlehem, 240:is a statistical fact that about fifty million people die every year. [241] Fifty million peopleBethlehem, 241:people die every year. [241] Fifty million people are more than the entire population of GreatBethlehem, 241:faced with the imminent and personal issue. People face death in many different ways; some bring toBethlehem, 248:In an attempt to meet this question millions of people have [249] accepted the Oriental doctrine ofBethlehem, 251:Christ died and rose again. He lives. And some people in the world today do not need to have thisBethlehem, 262:that his handling of life, and his attitude to people and his environment, are correct andBethlehem, 263:the kingdom upon the minds of the more advanced people of the world. The mystic and the ChristianBethlehem, 265:of those who can impress the masses and lead people forward. They seek to guide by mental processesBethlehem, 265:is needed, for "where there is no vision the people perish." (Prov., XXIX, 18.) We have not lackedBethlehem, 265:nor have we been too greatly unintelligent. Most people, faced with issues and problems, act withBethlehem, 265:which would render realization possible. People ask for guidance; they demand right leadership;Bethlehem, 273:is not composed of orthodox theologically minded people. Its citizenship is wider than that, andDestiny, 8:Communism, though they are not really as new as people are apt to think. They are alike on oneDestiny, 9:(supposedly but as yet never factually) the people govern and the government represents the will ofDestiny, 9:and the government represents the will of the people. The idea of a world state, divided intoDestiny, 9:of a spiritual Hierarchy which will govern the people throughout the world and will embody inDestiny, 14:into the theatre of world activity. These people are in direct contact with this Shamballa forceDestiny, 14:by their undeveloped consciousness. These people are found in every [15] field of human affairs.Destiny, 17:felt is through the voice of the masses of the people throughout the world. This will expressDestiny, 18:drastic things to happen. This "voice of the people," which is in reality the voice of publicDestiny, 20:of idealists and servers and in every body of people who express human thought, particularly in theDestiny, 20:potency of love-wisdom can express itself. These people are frequently misunderstood, for the loveDestiny, 24:every hand; on all sides the dead level of the people (the ignorant masses) is played upon by theseDestiny, 29:in this time and a very large number of people are responsive to its influence. It is still theDestiny, 29:studies. Suffice it to say that the sixth ray people are the reactionaries, the conservatives, theDestiny, 30:and philosophic - is to throw the millions of people who do not respond to either of the aboveDestiny, 30:of the Rays Today These three groups of people, influenced by the sixth and seventh rays or who areDestiny, 30:subjective pattern in the minds of the illumined people of the world and to [31] the spiritual planDestiny, 31:all. It is with these three groups of people and with the work upon which they are engaged that anyDestiny, 34:emphasis upon his position as one of the "chosen people," has stood symbolically throughout theDestiny, 34:the wandering, incarnating soul, but the Jewish people have never recognized the symbolic missionDestiny, 34:same mistake and instead of holding before the people of the Occident the realization that thoseDestiny, 35:of God, they regarded themselves as the Chosen People and all who did not think as they did areDestiny, 35:devotees recognize their identity with all other people and express this identity through rightDestiny, 35:is due to the fact that so many millions of people are beginning to think. This means that theDestiny, 36:at this time is the rapid educating of the people in the Plan and in the nature of the forces whichDestiny, 44:evolutionary development. The masses of the people are today Atlantean in their consciousness andDestiny, 45:and the seventh. First, that entire groups of people are increasingly susceptible to theirDestiny, 48:the world disciples and the spiritually-minded people measure up to their opportunity. Today thereDestiny, 53:Ray of Power or Government. The will of the people will then be seen in the light. It is in thisDestiny, 53:and India's soul ray are the same. Many British people are subjectively linked with India, by pastDestiny, 53:manifestation at this time, yet the bulk of the people in power in Germany during the past worldDestiny, 53:can contact the German race and handle the people in that sad country more understandingly than canDestiny, 55:one, for destiny lies in the hands of the people and no one knows exactly what the people will do -Destiny, 55:of the people and no one knows exactly what the people will do - once aroused and educated. TheDestiny, 55:The time has not yet come when the bulk of the people of any nation can see the picture whole or beDestiny, 59:stands steadily for peace, no matter what the people may believe under the influence of nationalDestiny, 60:of the Russian genius, expressed through its people as a whole. Hence also the correctness of theirDestiny, 61:of a mystically and spiritually minded people, and all this in a most pronounced and peculiarDestiny, 61:and the truly religious orientation of the people is the eternal guarantee that a true and livingDestiny, 62:crystallized. The intense individualism of the people can be noted also as a definite part of theirDestiny, 63:could approach this subject of what predisposes people, nations and races to certain lines ofDestiny, 64:nation is, for instance, a great synthesis of people, as is the United States of America, and also,Destiny, 65:super-racial attitudes of the bewildered German people are the attitudes of the separate tendenciesDestiny, 66:the masses. Forget not that the soul of the people is represented by those who [68] react to the
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