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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Discipleship1, 598:people as they are and in a true perspective. People are not what you want them to be and they liveDiscipleship1, 610:and not because they are fellow pilgrims or people you can love and help. Yourself as a server andDiscipleship1, 610:that no one can get near you. Take time to know people for themselves, and not for their possibleDiscipleship1, 613:disciples on the Way. You did this with two people, both of them good probationary disciples, andDiscipleship1, 619:work for years; glamor about money; glamor about people. Today your glamor is centered aroundDiscipleship1, 621:to avoid all static conditions. Many first ray people become static or crystallized, as that is theDiscipleship1, 621:you seek to teach (even if it is only one or two people), the Way of the Disciple and that youDiscipleship1, 621:the Disciple and that you prepare at least two people during the next three years for the Path ofDiscipleship1, 622:their group and their Master, for they will be people who have already made their soul contact.Discipleship1, 626:your being telepathically sensitive to other people. Instead of so much "will to love," why notDiscipleship1, 635:held together in form-activity by the few people who are on their way through the astral plane toDiscipleship1, 638:in other lives and a natural intuitive grasp of people's problems. You know people because you loveDiscipleship1, 638:intuitive grasp of people's problems. You know people because you love them and because you areDiscipleship1, 643:and have an intuitive understanding of people. Please bear this in mind without over-estimatingDiscipleship1, 650:integration or group relation. There are two people, my brother, whose influence upon your life isDiscipleship1, 651:govern your [651] approach to the majority of people you will contact. You evoke as yet too violentDiscipleship1, 652:as you are now in a key position and meeting people [653] of every nation, your opportunity to fireDiscipleship1, 653:the torch of living love to others, and to send people forth as agents of the light to their ownDiscipleship1, 653:one who is handling situations and dealing with people, yourself as the dramatic center of all thatDiscipleship1, 654:largely used in portraying yourself to the people around you. You are the theme of all you say. HadDiscipleship1, 655:yourself, and realize the impression you make on people. You must find out and decide for yourselfDiscipleship1, 655:during the day - the work I had to do, other people or myself? Wednesday... What was the center ofDiscipleship1, 655:Why? Saturday... What effect did I have on people? Why did I have it? Did I speak of myself toDiscipleship1, 657:dominantly a personality trait, for second ray people are not prone to this dramatic egocentricDiscipleship1, 663:group work, your open-minded attitude to other people, and the fact that (subjectively) you haveDiscipleship1, 668:is an essential quality for all those second ray people who are oriented particularly to treading,Discipleship1, 668:The tension of fear is great in the world today. People everywhere are living under great strain.Discipleship1, 668:remember also that the will of the masses of the people unless misled, is towards good andDiscipleship1, 683:He is not primarily occupied in looking for people who are good - so-called. Self-forgetfulness andDiscipleship1, 683:the utmost good. He seeks for those types of people who can respond in unison to that aspect of theDiscipleship1, 689:if they choose, at will. They are integrated people from the personality angle and susceptible atDiscipleship1, 689:consciousness. They are clear-visioned as to people but they are basically non-critical; theDiscipleship1, 693:What is the task to be done? Who are the people I can help? Which aspects of the Master's workDiscipleship1, 694:and his Ashram. This is seldom realized. Many people can be found in a Master's group but theDiscipleship1, 702:you to realize that an Ashram is not a group of people, working under the tutelage of some Master.Discipleship1, 708:of truth. The Master takes a group of people with fixed ideas (which they are entirely sure areDiscipleship1, 709:and dogmatic ways of looking at life and people (based usually on tradition and circumstance) whenDiscipleship1, 710:influence of Shamballa and the mode of preparing people for with that first majorDiscipleship1, 713:This stage is so definitely exoteric that many people have left it far behind. The first indicationDiscipleship1, 716:physical plane and, for a very large number of people (as I have several times pointed out) liesDiscipleship1, 717:aspirants in the world and for highly advanced people with a humanitarian consciousness, the firstDiscipleship1, 717:the first stage lies far behind. Many people today are "accepted disciples" and that is, as youDiscipleship1, 719:study the present era of human living. In it, people with the Lemurian consciousness, focused onDiscipleship1, 719:concerned with the physical plane, are present; people with the Atlantean consciousness, emotionalDiscipleship1, 719:on the present, are everywhere to be found; and people who are definitely Aryan in their state ofDiscipleship1, 721:of peace and goodwill, soothe the hearts of the people and lead mankind into realms of beauty andDiscipleship1, 722:will sweetly love and quietly deal with his Own people and will sweep the evil doer out of theDiscipleship1, 723:time, there is a great increase in the number of people who are being thus related and the seniorDiscipleship1, 725:"first things first"; they put many things and people before their duty and spiritualDiscipleship1, 733:of future inevitable experiences upon the Way. People do see thought-forms of the Masters, forDiscipleship1, 735:you are preoccupied with the failures of other people or with their ideas about you, you will againDiscipleship1, 737:disciples and teachers at this time. Many other people are today passing through the stage ofDiscipleship1, 741:types fail to record. The rank and file of the people are inherently astral in their activities,Discipleship1, 747:around the Master. An Ashram is not a group of people seeking spiritual realization. It is a centerDiscipleship1, 751:becomes a chela on the thread until he has many people in the outer world who (on a lower turn ofDiscipleship1, 761:of mouth, and personal influence - upon other people. Under the Law of Correspondence, there isDiscipleship1, 769:is caught and heard by many different types of people and in their response much distortion of thatDiscipleship1, 769:- Part IX Let us look at some of the types of people who respond to the call. Most of them do soDiscipleship1, 771:it is not possible for any person or groups of people to isolate themselves away from [772] humanDiscipleship1, 778:upon personal unfoldment and liberation; the people who were indicated as initiates and seniorDiscipleship1, 780:however, in the case of highly developed people, aspirants, disciples and initiates who areDiscipleship1, 780:It is against the occult law and too many people of no particular spiritual focus or intellectualDiscipleship1, 781:study and giving esoteric teaching - leave people to make their own adjustments, to interpret theDiscipleship1, 783:and (where possible) objectively all those people of spiritual purpose and deep love of humanityDiscipleship1, 783:of goodwill. I made an effort to reach these people in 1936 when there was a faint possibility thatDiscipleship1, 783:word and by the radio but there were not enough people, spiritually interested, to take the neededDiscipleship1, 784:death and agony, many spiritually minded people were anxious to stay aloof from the struggle. TheyDiscipleship1, 784:of humanity and for the release of the suffering people. This necessarily placed the Hierarchy inDiscipleship1, 784:concerned, was demanded of spiritually inclined people. Such people fail to think clearly andDiscipleship1, 784:demanded of spiritually inclined people. Such people fail to think clearly and confuse anDiscipleship1, 785:cannot, therefore, endorse the nations or the people in any nation who are against human freedomDiscipleship1, 785:Hierarchy will work to change the attitude of people as to what is spiritual. I have, therefore,Discipleship1, 786:I indicated a group of approximately 45 people - some known personally to A. A. B. and some quiteDiscipleship1, 786:the group work of the new discipleship. These people received direct personal instructions from meDiscipleship1, 786:instructions remain as given. Necessarily these people have, from their contact with me,Discipleship1, 786:difficulty, owing to the fact that hundreds of people in nearly every country in the world haveDiscipleship1, 788:upheld. They are not the spectacular and illbred people portrayed by the mediocre leaders of manyDiscipleship1, 789:voluntarily, has reached literally millions of people by pamphlet and radio, by the use of theDiscipleship1, 789:the Hierarchy stands, that Christ is with his people, that the world is full of disciplesDiscipleship1, 789:and radiant influences which will attract people to truth and goodness but not to the [790]Discipleship2For this purpose the Master selected some fifty people, most but not all of whom were known toDiscipleship2, 6:absorption, the apparent rejection of certain people is not the fault of those people, but that ofDiscipleship2, 6:of certain people is not the fault of those people, but that of the group which is not yetDiscipleship2, 24:Plan." Such a group must itself be composed of people who have taken initiation. As one of yourDiscipleship2, 34:characterizes an Ashram. A Master's Ashram has people working both on the outer and on the innerDiscipleship2, 39:interest at the forming of triangles, reaching people who are already active, and seek to aid themDiscipleship2, 45:which is so emphasized that it antagonizes other people. There is much loneliness in a disciple'sDiscipleship2, 62:It will in due time be found that the Japanese people, with their peculiar knowledge of thoughtDiscipleship2, 63:particularly towards the large number of waiting people who hold within themselves the potencies ofDiscipleship2, 64:intensive efforts of the world disciples, more people along many and varied lines are beingDiscipleship2, 64:you think in terms of the Masters (as most people do) or of the higher initiates. This is notDiscipleship2, 68:the political, economic and social life of the people, it would produce a far more serious cleavageDiscipleship2, 85:life of a disciple. It is the books which bring people into the various phases of the work; you canDiscipleship2, 86:as possible [86] masculine and put no sixth ray people in positions of influence; they know not howDiscipleship2, 86:doing it; I suggest the addition of young people to the group of workers as need arises and placeDiscipleship2, 86:and the Goodwill work are in the hands of young people who must be strengthened, trusted andDiscipleship2, 86:will greatly reassure all groups. Young people should be found and trained - trained in theDiscipleship2, 91:workers. The Masters are perforce driven to use people to carry out certain phases of the exotericDiscipleship2, 102:increasingly present. But neither of these four people will be working in my Ashram and for this IDiscipleship2, 103:much personal karma in this group of over fifty people; this was necessarily so; otherwise little
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