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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Discipleship2, 107:of thought and activity) are usually composed of people possessing some basic idea upon which theyDiscipleship2, 107:and reason) that a group composed entirely of people upon the same ray, and who were also atDiscipleship2, 107:subrays; there is also a constant shifting of people as they make true progress from a minor ray toDiscipleship2, 108:of permanent personality integration. They are people in the fullest sense of the term althoughDiscipleship2, 122:of the soul, via the heart center. That is why people who work creatively usually have first rayDiscipleship2, 137:and esotericists of the world, by the religious people of enlightenment, by broad minded statesmen,Discipleship2, 150:the world situation, which obsessed the German people and directed the Japanese people, and whichDiscipleship2, 150:the German people and directed the Japanese people, and which worked through barbarity, murder,Discipleship2, 163:have affected the spiritual and the humanitarian people of the world, blending them into one groupDiscipleship2, 164:Evil has been driven back; there are enough people aware of the possibility of divine enlightenmentDiscipleship2, 164:that the inertia so prevalent among spiritual people is overcome. There is divine indication ofDiscipleship2, 168:will deny its truth [168] and usefulness; such people are fortunately few and far between. It isDiscipleship2, 168:dimly sensed and which only the forward-thinking people of the world have desired. Thus through theDiscipleship2, 169:this destiny can be publicly recognized and people can be swept increasingly and voluntarily intoDiscipleship2, 170:Triangles falls into two categories; some people work more easily with one type of energy thanDiscipleship2, 171:ideas which are necessary to human progress. People recognize the present darkness and misery, andDiscipleship2, 176:condition the thinking of spiritually-minded people for many decades. The Stage of FixedDiscipleship2, 203:intelligently love their fellowmen. All of these people, if they are members of the New Group ofDiscipleship2, 204:serve their fellowmen. An increasing number of people who respond to the idealism and the purposeDiscipleship2, 212:its living conditions for the better. These people are not open to direct spiritual impression, butDiscipleship2, 219:rays) is opening the minds of thousands of people. The pronounced contrast in ideas - as, forDiscipleship2, 225:and this must be true of all spiritually-minded people, of all true esotericists and of theDiscipleship2, 273:nations." Flags are symbols of the devotion of a people to their national soil and to theirDiscipleship2, 273:is the point of inspiration to the soul of the people. Not yet, equally of course, is the "pointDiscipleship2, 273:the "point moving forward into the circle of the people's life"; as yet, you have only the squareDiscipleship2, 273:the square of the personality reactions of the people and the lines of their evolutionary approachDiscipleship2, 273:consciousness we call the "soul of the people." Some day, the point will take its place in theDiscipleship2, 296:untrained or as the result of training - done by people in their millions down the ages through theDiscipleship2, 311:is the destiny of the initiate to bring to the people. You will note that I choose the wordDiscipleship2, 333:is not an easy matter to elucidate to a group of people who are still so polarized in theirDiscipleship2, 335:general attitude within his mental approach to people, he is then free to become a full member ofDiscipleship2, 335:well wonder why on earth I chose such a group of people or why I chose to make myself aware ofDiscipleship2, 335:make (as are all the Masters), everyone of these people shows a definite soul intention, all areDiscipleship2, 335:nature, and in spite of wrong emphases, these people were and are ready for training. TheirDiscipleship2, 336:which the Masters have undertaken to prepare people for initiation. This decision to do so, andDiscipleship2, 336:first initiation, as have so many thousands of people in the world today. Many have taken theDiscipleship2, 338:meaningless statement to the majority of people. For the aspirant, whether his goal is the Path ofDiscipleship2, 353:amongst the masses of well-intentioned people. [354] These, through their ignorance rather thanDiscipleship2, 386:"promised land." The whole story of the Jewish people is based upon a recognition of thisDiscipleship2, 387:which are basic characteristics of the Jewish people, in spite of many exceptions. The "area ofDiscipleship2, 395:enthusiasm; it is a peculiarly hard thing for people upon the sixth Ray of Idealism or Devotion toDiscipleship2, 410:training to be given to aspirants and disciples. People everywhere are joining groups of all kindsDiscipleship2, 446:who have just been accepted into my Ashram. Such people are not beginners in the world of occultDiscipleship2, 463:the injunction to identify themselves with other people must involve complete identification withDiscipleship2, 466:all your group brothers is yours, and many, many people are today sending love to you and many,Discipleship2, 470:of failure. This work can be undertaken only by people who, like yourself, repudiate without anyDiscipleship2, 474:is then unimportant. Deliberately, he gathers people to him because he steadily loves and helps.Discipleship2, 476:yourself, that I seek to draw your attention. People of pledged devotion are those who have reachedDiscipleship2, 477:correspondence in others. That is why sixth ray people can easily form a group around themselves.Discipleship2, 480:shoulders as he seeks to prepare a group of people for world service; seldom do they understand theDiscipleship2, 482:- took refuge in a negative attitude to people as a whole; you developed an insulation which madeDiscipleship2, 482:for you to set up any major relation with other people. Yet, my brother, little as you may realizeDiscipleship2, 482:those you contacted, were ever desired by the people you met; people [483] have always wanted toDiscipleship2, 482:were ever desired by the people you met; people [483] have always wanted to get closer to you; theyDiscipleship2, 483:brother, to be individually outgoing towards the people you meet and with whom life andDiscipleship2, 483:contact, to work in full cooperation with other people and with co-disciples, and thus to forceDiscipleship2, 484:(in order to help and serve) at least three people - either known to you or unknown. You might findDiscipleship2, 485:into consideration by a disciple in relation to people contacted, it is of enormous usefulness;Discipleship2, 485:- presents a most useful study, particularly to people like you. Finally, I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 487:With disciples there is still contact with people (usually those with whom they have beenDiscipleship2, 504:during the next few years, is how to gather people together and work through them. This, as youDiscipleship2, 508:else, endeavor to reach and interest the young people. They are the hope of the future and areDiscipleship2, 512:also at times the quality of your impact upon people and occasionally the fruitfulness of yourDiscipleship2, 519:and your mode of approach to life and to people. This loving simplicity - free from complicatedDiscipleship2, 525:power, and the feeling that you can see through people from a superior position - so that theirDiscipleship2, 530:you and brought untold suffering to three people in your life. This is known only to you.Discipleship2, 534:not on work to be done, positions to be filled, people to be laboriously understood and theDiscipleship2, 537:groups, and these can oft be unknown or include people who react to the aura of a disciple, plusDiscipleship2, 541:my brother. You only deeply love two or three people; let that limited love be the seed which willDiscipleship2, 543:accessible, my brother, and more and more people will seek you out. Your work in the future, as youDiscipleship2, 544:the small effect it appears to have upon other people. He wonders constantly where the difficultyDiscipleship2, 544:inability to work out right relations with people, fretting and gnawing at the lower layers ofDiscipleship2, 544:a state of inner rebellion against life, against people, against the disciple's own decisions,Discipleship2, 545:In a curious way, you are isolated from many people by the power and focus of your third rayDiscipleship2, 549:of "my work, my group, my teaching, my people, my plans," and in so doing stabilizes himself in hisDiscipleship2, 558:is seldom his. Life, circumstance, events or people take care of the situation and - holding on toDiscipleship2, 559:distributed, can act as a great magnet, drawing people from all over the planet into the Ashrams ofDiscipleship2, 570:any personal sacrifice. The temptation of many people these times is oft to evade the issue andDiscipleship2, 572:and not the group of so-called cultured people, should take your time and attention as well as yourDiscipleship2, 579:thought) the content of what you give to the people who read the notes you send out. I feel no needDiscipleship2, 580:the growth of the networks than to educate people in the nature of light and its uses, or even toDiscipleship2, 585:off and termination of karma in relation to some people, and secondly, the attainment of theDiscipleship2, 586:then - in my presence - name each [586] of the people in the groups of nine and in the new seedDiscipleship2, 586:the new seed group, as well as the three other people who have been in receipt of "the AshramDiscipleship2, 586:tendencies, to the very heart of the Hierarchy? People are apt to regard obedience as the carryingDiscipleship2, 592:of groups and of millions of well-intentioned people, forward-looking and kind, of all races andDiscipleship2, 595:you) who are on the second ray, or first ray people in whom the love element is highly developed,Discipleship2, 595:over-developed. You are apt to be suspicious of people's motives. Give them due credit forDiscipleship2, 595:in the Ashram of the Master Morya. This few people understand. Any other form of meditation wouldDiscipleship2, 597:and help which you will give to the younger key people, as they endeavor to adapt the Arcane SchoolDiscipleship2, 597:work is properly handled) and thus prepare the people for the new world religion. R.S.U. has alsoDiscipleship2, 597:steadily with you and with the younger key people. I particularly want her to work with themDiscipleship2, 606:certain karmic adjustments during this life. People seldom appreciate adequately the fact that theDiscipleship2, 607:of a karmic nature) between themselves and the people with whom they have to work out certainDiscipleship2, 613:brought into contact with thousands of [613] people of all degrees, religions and points of view;Discipleship2, 618:a form of false humility and a desire to have people realize that you are not proud and so thatDiscipleship2, 619:situation and yet - as you would yourself teach people - that personality attitude is the [620]Discipleship2, 620:condition of personality emphasis gives to other people whom you contact a sense of insincerity andDiscipleship2, 621:by registering daily your effect upon people. That means that you study them and not yourself. DoDiscipleship2, 643:own high grade reactions to circumstance and people is of course true but I question whether
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