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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Discipleship2, 643:and make all final decisions. Leave people, brother of old, the opportunity which you yourself soDiscipleship2, 643:everywhere. Physically and emotionally, people throughout the world are handling the maximum ofDiscipleship2, 644:the tests and difficulties which assault other people but, as I have pointed out above, they haveDiscipleship2, 649:strength of my Ashram has been at your disposal. People often fail to realize the nature and theDiscipleship2, 652:is to refrain from expectation - from life, from people and from circumstances - except thatDiscipleship2, 658:is in respect to your own judgment where other people are concerned and it involves also an almostDiscipleship2, 665:your major mode of service. Find your own people, and write that which will inspire and help. LetDiscipleship2, 667:of the Plan. Let naught - fatigue, frustration, people or circumstance - deflect you from yourDiscipleship2, 681:and learn to consider and take part in other people's plans besides your own. What more can I sayDiscipleship2, 692:and which were related principally to the people and the relatives with whom you associated. YouDiscipleship2, 693:which brings about the withdrawal of devotion to people or causes. This statement covers theDiscipleship2, 699:to your lower nature - contact with other people, particularly with your group brothers,Discipleship2, 705:Learn to analyze life, circumstances and people from the angle of the work, and not from the angleDiscipleship2, 707:point of view, and talk about you among other people and whip up resentments against you -Discipleship2, 709:second ray line of teaching. You are one of the people (relatively few) who have a sound andDiscipleship2, 709:in upon the background and the consciousness of people contacted. You are a man of strong likes andDiscipleship2, 709:succeed in so doing, with the exception of three people - dislike of whom renders you unreasonableDiscipleship2, 712:any elaboration from me - you must take the people you do not like, particularly the three who soDiscipleship2, 725:time was taken in submitting them to various people, and to what end? There was in them nothingDiscipleship2, 727:of personalities? Until you have learnt to see people as they truly are, you cannot do the exotericDiscipleship2, 735:of testing, the energy which brings about trial. People struggle with ideas, with attaining theDiscipleship2, 741:infer from this that you are not of service to people; but it is an individual here and there thatDiscipleship2, 742:You have (could you but realize it) what many people dream of possessing - time and leisure. You doDiscipleship2, 742:You are magnetic and attractive and can reach people through the expression of your potent loveDiscipleship2, 747:[747] You need to learn to protect yourself from people, in a psychic sense. This protection can beDiscipleship2, 752:or the race mind or popular opinion or the people with whom they are associated through ancientDiscipleship2, 752:here to character expression or to being what people ordinarily call good. I refer to effectiveDiscipleship2, 752:I would say: Outer circumstances, and two people in particular, plus an acutely sensitiveDiscipleship2, 753:and also by the influence of several people. Come out from behind that obstructing wall, myDiscipleship2, 758:its limitations as well as its benedictions. People can be held too closely to you for their ownDiscipleship2, 758:weaker who are thus held and the less advanced. People in this way can become dependent upon theDiscipleship2, 761:by an increasing clarity of vision. You see people and life more truly than you did when you wereDiscipleship2, 763:understanding which leads to the seeing of all people in truth, with their faults and theirEducation, 3:to compete with the information which other people possess. III. Education to date has been largelyEducation, 10:or logic? Then perhaps as life goes on our young people will be graded into two groups: theEducation, 31:from, or is anchored in, the head. A few people are steadily linking the soul and the mind, whichEducation, 31:threads, has its anchor in the heart. A very few people (the initiates of the world) havingEducation, 38:and his nation are infinitely superior to other people and peoples. He is taught consequently to beEducation, 38:in many countries and for certain classes of people. Some of the literature of the world is alsoEducation, 41:their emergence into the racial life. These people are the custodians for the advance ideals of theEducation, One of:The seething turmoil in which the masses of the people are now living and the emergence of one orEducation, One of:now living and the emergence of one or two key people in every nation have a close relationship.Education, One of:nation have a close relationship. These key people make their voices heard and evoke attention;Education, 46:today. The United States is composed of people from every known country; over fifty different racesEducation, 47:Mussolini or a Hitler. In other countries, some people and some groups - through hereditaryEducation, 50:This will be increasingly the case, until young people of fourteen will have the equipment andEducation, 53:He inaugurated the "age of love" and gave to the people an expression of a new divine aspect, thatEducation, 57:group love. This will be done by training the people and the individual in the rules of RightEducation, 59:they are cultured; to take likewise the cultured people and train them in the ways of theEducation, 59:the teaching given to the advanced, thinking people of the world today will be adapted to the needsEducation, 63:activity of the churches; governments condition people and aid in the production of any currentEducation, 63:great step forward. When the spiritually-minded people of the world include this relatively newEducation, 71:from the past will serve real purpose. Young people will then be studied from the standpoint ofEducation, 79:we have not yet succeeded in giving our young people the kind of education which will enable themEducation, 82:or a sense of synthesis is cultivated. Young people in the future will be taught to think ofEducation, 86:to life and the future which many thousands of people hold today, and among them [87] many, manyEducation, 87:realize that "where there is no vision, the people perish." An international system of education,Education, 88:past upon social organization. When the young people of the future - under the proposed applicationEducation, 89:and the separate attitudes of nations and people, we shall have succeeded in [90] implementing aEducation, 90:not as a fighting aggregate of many nations and people, competitively engaged in getting the bestEducation, 95:much progress that the bulk of the intelligent people in the world and of all classes and nationsEducation, 100:it noticeably is to prepare millions of young people in the world for intelligent, but directed,Education, 102:- down the ages - set their mark upon the young people they have taught and thus oriented them andEducation, 103:of a state, empire or nation, and not only people with an individual future, but that they areEducation, 104:state in life and my wants permit? Who are the people who are above me, to whom I must look andEducation, 106:The growing interest of the mass of the people in the common welfare. Hitherto the upper layer ofEducation, 107:control, as in Europe and Great Britain. The people are told just what is good for them;Education, 115:playing with words and can voice with emphasis people's grievances, the juggler in statistics, theEducation, 116:the behest of an urgent intellect; they will be people whose minds are so subordinated to the groupEducation, 116:and of inner truth. They will not necessarily be people who could be termed 'religious' in theEducation, 118:are sidetracked in dangerous ways and lead many people into error and trouble. In the long run, theEducation, 119:you nevertheless that the only fourth root race people to be found upon our planet are the Chinese,Education, 121:the Hierarchy of Wisdom sought to bring the people to the point of satiety. The world situation isEducation, 124:in restaurants, railway carriages, or wherever people consort, argue and talk. This is apt to beEducation, 130:world order, educators will prepare the young people in school and college for participation in anEducation, 131:for this new teaching, because the young people in every land are forcing upon their parents andEducation, 138:working towards these ends. But the mass of the People in their untold millions are totally unawareEducation, 139:the basic motive - that of love between two people - will remain unchanged or more properlyEducation, 139:be seen clairvoyantly by an increasing number of people, will be scientifically related to theExternalisation, 7:of this energy has brought many hundreds of people into a new and deeper spiritual realization; itExternalisation, 15:- spiritual perception and telepathy. These people will constitute eventually a body of linkingExternalisation, 23:public opinion and to familiarize the thinking people of the world with the urgency and theExternalisation, 24:who are distributing the pamphlet, or to gather people together for discussion? Can I not dedicateExternalisation, 29:The time has now come when there are enough people to be found who - having themselves made theExternalisation, 32:state of consciousness of the mentally polarized people of the race, of the intelligentsia or ofExternalisation, 32:should not be overlooked. The spiritually minded people of the world are negative to the higherExternalisation, 34:with that Hierarchy. It was realized that many people could be trained in the appreciation of thisExternalisation, 34:where theory could pass into practice. Yet these people would not be equipped throughout theirExternalisation, 34:to form the New Group of World Servers. These people belong to neither group and yet they canExternalisation, 40:heart by advancing humanity, then the foremost people of the race will know that the astral planeExternalisation, 43:is established and who work through the souls of people, enabling them therefore: To stand inExternalisation, 45:case with a few - a very few - of the advanced people, or the disciples of the world and the seniorExternalisation, 47:the tenth, which will be composed of the key people in the other groups, beyond stating that whenExternalisation, 48:and the masses of ordinary intelligent people, educated under the mass systems of the present time,Externalisation, 48:by the words "upper and lower middle class" people, the professional classes and the bourgeoisieExternalisation, 48:same time there is to be found a vast number of people who are human beings but who are not theExternalisation, 49:to the lowest grades of these slowly evolving people; all three groups are now strictly human andExternalisation, 50:groups everywhere. So few truly first ray people are manifesting on the planet at this time and,Externalisation, 51:Hierarchy will be related to the masses of the people by a chain of developed men and women whoExternalisation, 51:between the ruling spiritual body and a people who are oriented to a world of right values. This
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