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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Externalisation, 206:of goodwill, there exist today many thousands of people in Europe, America and elsewhere who areExternalisation, 207:faced. The recognition that, though the German people weakly acquiesced in the rule of Hitler, theyExternalisation, 208:because it is the inert mass of unthinking people who will constitute the hardest problem. AppealExternalisation, 209:and consciously used, and when the wishes of the people involved are consulted in a non-partisanExternalisation, 210:of the work and some way in which these people can be reached and swept into cooperative activity.Externalisation, 211:about through the aspiration of all right-minded people, plus the intelligent and constant use ofExternalisation, 213:muddled thinking of vast masses of well-meaning people (many of them not immediately implicated inExternalisation, 213:eyes. The choice is clearly before the thinking people [214] in every country, and upon theirExternalisation, 214:national leaders, of the representatives of the people in the governments, of the churches, and ofExternalisation, 214:is formed internally of two groups: first, those people who are potentially weak and are thereforeExternalisation, 214:in the world at this time three groups of people who embody the three major views of the whole ofExternalisation, 215:negativity, as expressed today by the dominated people in the strongholds of aggression and by theExternalisation, 215:of aggression and by the neutrally minded people everywhere. They are all colored by racial fear,Externalisation, 215:are to be found in every land and among all people - in every church and in every home. No nationExternalisation, 215:war. Every nation has its selfish, aggressive people, who believe that might is right and that menExternalisation, 216:nation has also within it those neutrally-minded people who fail to think clearly, who seek toExternalisation, 216:stand and will refuse to be conditioned by other people's points of view and the worldwideExternalisation, 218:is wrong; a nation is but the sumtotal of its people. To refuse to think because of the generalExternalisation, 219:idealism which underlies the activities of many people in many countries. It is the importance ofExternalisation, 222:is sensed at times by the spiritually-minded people of the world, and Their reality is recognizedExternalisation, 222:and the embodiment of the wish-life of the people - this time of humanity as a whole, for the firstExternalisation, 222:for the first time in racial history. Such people are apt to feel that this embodiment has no trueExternalisation, 223:has been built over a long period of time by the people of the world, a further and final stageExternalisation, 223:well-meaning efforts of the emotionally oriented people and the agonized longings of the masses,Externalisation, 227:- Section II - The General World Picture Many people the world over have for years been trained toExternalisation, 229:can only be truly known and appreciated by those people who today think in terms of humanity as aExternalisation, 230:problems. For these sincere but bewildered people, I write. I find that there is little that I canExternalisation, 231:and true human welfare. These enlightened people will back their judgment with a focused will toExternalisation, 231:for us as yet to reach the soul of the German people within that unhappy land, so complete is theExternalisation, 231:and interpretations with which the masses of people, even in neutral lands, have been deluged.Externalisation, 233:of importance to you. Are the peace-minded people of the world going to reap the benefits of aExternalisation, 233:for which they have paid no price? It is the people who value peace above all [234] else who areExternalisation, 234:Hierarchy works and which the spiritually minded people of the world envisage even whilst theyExternalisation, 235:prevent. Yet many neutrally minded and pacifist people are unwilling to pay any price for what theyExternalisation, 235:state - preparatory to a peaceful conquest of a people who refuse sufficiently to value theExternalisation, 236:emerge into realization when there are enough people in the world who think clearly, see the visionExternalisation, 238:both in thought and action will rest upon our people. We, not less than others, have our lesson toExternalisation, 243:forces and evaded by the well-meaning but weak people of the world. These must all be seen in theirExternalisation, 243:seen in their true perspective. The eyes of the people who seek to work under the Forces of LightExternalisation, 245:right methods of government and the good of the people. The unhappy past of all nations is todayExternalisation, 252:and energies which have long been generated. People are apt to think that these must lie outside ofExternalisation, 252:and interact upon each other. There are many people today who find an alibi for themselves in theExternalisation, 255:truth or of Christ's teaching are hindering many people today. Release for humanity will come whenExternalisation, 255:for humanity will come when the so-called good people of the world give up their pet theories andExternalisation, 255:(for that is what they often are as most people are idealists because they seek to save their ownExternalisation, 256:of peace - which beguiles so many well-meaning people - gives way to the determination to takeExternalisation, 259:take place. The Prince of Peace will lead His people - through war - to peace. Those who think onlyExternalisation, 259:and will take place when the free will of the people, blended by invocation and prayer, can makeExternalisation, 260:with divine purpose. The stimulation of certain people to phenomenal action, and the instigation ofExternalisation, 261:directed, selfless thought. Are there enough people in the world today whose focused and illuminedExternalisation, 262:it might now be more safely permitted if enough people can stand together spiritually andExternalisation, 263:and only the grasp of the spiritually minded people of the world and their steadfastness inExternalisation, 264:and that He must come to the assistance of His people. No matter what the dogmatic interpretationExternalisation, 265:this manner, and herein lies a difficulty. Those people today who work only mentally or who sit andExternalisation, 267:and to see all the oppressed and enslaved people of the world also liberated. Every move of anExternalisation, 269:One is seen coming forth to the rescue of the people "riding upon a white horse." In the OccidentExternalisation, 269:again and He can then issue forth to lead His people to triumphant victory. This coming One is onExternalisation, 270:rightly used and voiced by an adequate number of people, those who can in some measure employ theExternalisation, 270:bring Him forth to save and lead the masses of people. Are there enough focused minds and intenseExternalisation, 270:white horse as He responds to the demand of the people everywhere, pouring through Him that dynamicExternalisation, 273:can be brought about by the spiritually minded people in the world, by the men and women ofExternalisation, 273:seen and much needed at this time. So many people are animated by wishful thinking, by hoping andExternalisation, 277:this time. It is usually selfish in purpose, and people long for peace because they want to beExternalisation, 279:however, be delayed by the reactionary types of people, by the ultra-conservative and closed minds,Externalisation, 281:spiritual event - one for which all enlightened people are working. It will - after a period ofExternalisation, 281:confined our efforts to reaching the intelligent people, impressing the spiritually minded, and inExternalisation, 286:the annual return of the Buddha to bless His people everywhere and to convey the message of wisdom,Externalisation, 287:and ever loves; that He is not unmindful of His people; that the heart of the universe isExternalisation, 287:- itself drawn forth by the massed need of the people of all lands. [288] Here, my brothers, is aExternalisation, 296:mystics, aspirants and all enlightened people in all lands the cry goes up, "Let light and love andExternalisation, 296:or thread of energy: the focused will of the people, the massed intent of the world disciples andExternalisation, 297:human right or correct human demand. All these people have worked actively upon the physical planeExternalisation, 298:Lincoln, coming forth from the very soul of a people, and introducing and transmitting racialExternalisation, 301:agency; They occasionally reach those thinking people, focused on the mental plane, who have clearExternalisation, 302:possibility. The plight of vast groups of people upon the planet today lies heavy upon the heart ofExternalisation, 302:more desperately needed than among the German people in their unhappy land. God grant, therefore,Externalisation, 302:who are seeking to free Germany and the German people from the imposed tyranny of the evil Lodge,Externalisation, 303:and then only if the massed intent of the people evokes this Avatar of Synthesis during the nextExternalisation, 304:the physical plane and there appear, to lead His people - as the Prince Who leads through war toExternalisation, 305:aided by the Hierarchy. Will the demand of the people be strong enough to evoke the higher potency,Externalisation, 305:far than the demand of the spiritually oriented people - the disciples, the aspirants, the men ofExternalisation, 308:appear, and they number millions of expectant people. Some say He is already on His way. Is itExternalisation, 310:The right attitude is now present in many people in every race, and it is the recognition of thisExternalisation, 310:So far has man progressed that there are enough people in the world today to turn the tide if theyExternalisation, 312:that I suggested the forming of triangles of people, pledged to use the Invocation and to extendExternalisation, 314:it. This work can only be carried forward by people who love their fellowmen enough and haveExternalisation, 314:face of anything which may happen; they must be people who will endeavor to permit no personalityExternalisation, 320:are two factors conditioning the thinking of the people: First, a deep seated though not unnaturalExternalisation, 321:lands, the rapidly developing intuition of the people, and established precedent, all bear constantExternalisation, 324:light and goodwill, so that an inner network of people, pledged to goodwill, to the use of theExternalisation, 325:could be shortened if the spiritually minded people lived up to their inner belief and knowledge.Externalisation, 327:to this the monetary ruin of the masses of the people, and you have a true and not a sensationalExternalisation, 329:possible. Such a task can only be undertaken by people who have no religious bias, no politicalExternalisation, 330:the minds of men. 5. Keep in touch with people in all countries - occupied and unoccupied - who canExternalisation, 330:Thus this group will be ready to vitalize people and groups everywhere with whom they are in touchExternalisation, 330:touch objectively and subjectively with as many people as possible, all over the world. 6. TheExternalisation, 340:demonstrated this. When, the spiritually-minded people of the world, the men and women of goodwill,Externalisation, 340:differences and the personality inclinations of people and when it serves to prevent that unity ofExternalisation, 345:as in the case of the sensitive, negative German people and its use by the Axis nations forExternalisation, 345:but massed opposition of the well-meaning people of the world who talk vaguely and beautifully
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