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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Externalisation, 496:forces who were impressing the negative German people were unable to attain the point of tensionExternalisation, 499:making it possible for a few rich and privileged people to have too much when others have tooExternalisation, 504:plane. To this fact can be traced the interest people are now showing in occultism and in the workExternalisation, 504:and in the work of the Masters; more and more people [505] are becoming sensitive to and consciousExternalisation, 506:the dominant demagogues and organizers of the people. His interests lie with all those who, withExternalisation, 506:especially with the masses of the Christian people who inhabit the occidental countries, and whoExternalisation, 506:of the Western culture, nor the needs of the people who carry forward the destiny of Christianity.Externalisation, 506:stimulating the intuitive perception of its people. He has under observation all those who are trueExternalisation, 512:lump, and being in a form comprehended by the people, it can touch the great masses of seekingExternalisation, 520:the understanding acceptance of the intelligent people everywhere, and also with the devotedExternalisation, 521:plus the directed invocation of the spiritual people of the world, and the effect of the world warExternalisation, 528:in some measure and who work via the intelligent people in incarnation primarily, so rapportExternalisation, 543:this Full Moon of June, will be to prepare all people everywhere (if possible through theirExternalisation, 543:was the ancient revelation, given through the people of India, as to the existence of the Self andExternalisation, 544:that (in a weak and feeble manner) Christian people, those of the other world faiths, andExternalisation, 544:the other world faiths, and spiritually minded people are likewise preparing. Therefore, we haveExternalisation, 547:outlined below: 1. I attempted to reach certain people in order to see how far an ashram couldExternalisation, 549:to foster that enthusiasm [549] in the hearts of people everywhere which will enable them to workExternalisation, 551:a wrathful Jehovah, caring only for his chosen people. This is a basic evil. The Lord of the World,Externalisation, 551:Reasons Because where there is no vision the people perish. [552] Because human expectancyExternalisation, 554:on the fact that there has not yet been time for people to slip back into the old ways of thinkingExternalisation, 555:of a closer relation between Christ and His people, between the Hierarchy and Humanity. The wordExternalisation, 565:rapid development of integration among advanced people, which has forced many on to the Path ofExternalisation, 572:This they will do by the free choice of the people and by virtue of their advanced and provenExternalisation, 572:will simply signify the free recognition by free people of certain spiritual qualities andExternalisation, 575:are active, when the Lord is with His people and Christ has returned to earth. Religion is thenExternalisation, 578:and a better emphasis. They will meet the people's need. The churches, being today headed towardsExternalisation, 580:will still be full of selfish and self-seeking people, but public opinion will be such that certainExternalisation, 581:consumption by national groups chosen by the people and under international direction. Upon thisExternalisation, 581:changes which the new generation of young people (now growing up) will shortly inaugurate. UponExternalisation, 585:own standpoint they are simply busy, energetic people, gifted with a good mind, profoundlyExternalisation, 588:unrecognized, owing to the relatively few people who express, as yet, its quality. When thisExternalisation, 590:difficult to induce the intelligent masses of people to accept the impossible Deity and the feebleExternalisation, 592:of millions of simple and spiritually-minded people down the centuries which have elapsed sinceExternalisation, 596:a divine hope and background may possibly take people back into the churches and world faiths, butExternalisation, 597:faithful have put Him, little groups of these people have reasoned themselves into the belief thatExternalisation, 597:been doomed to failure. He has not come. Such people have been laughed at by the crowd and rebukedExternalisation, 598:first time in human history, the demand of the people of the Earth is so potent and so in line withExternalisation, 600:and through action taken by the masses of the people from the depths of their own consciousness. Externalisation, 603:which is already evoking recognition from those people who [604] do seek first the Kingdom of GodExternalisation, 609:basis in fact. That He will ultimately lead His people, humanity, into Jerusalem is a fact, foundedExternalisation, 611:of the man who sees a vision. There are also the people who must be found in the market [612] placeExternalisation, 612:market [612] place of daily life; these are the people who must be trained in the divineExternalisation, 613:read what I have to say. I am writing here for people who are disciples of the Christ, but my wordsExternalisation, 614:through the war, the fate of the starving people who are still taking the brunt of the attack inExternalisation, 617:the fact that there are so many exceedingly good people in the world today, so many selflessExternalisation, 617:workers and disciples and so many truly saintly people, that the spiritual competition would callExternalisation, 617:enough effective workers and spiritually-minded people to change the atmosphere of our planet; thenExternalisation, 618:but to that state of the realm in which the people themselves will rule; these people will notExternalisation, 618:in which the people themselves will rule; these people will not tolerate authoritarianism in anyExternalisation, 619:simple and down on the level at which most people work and think today; let us be intenselyExternalisation, 620:do anything. This is particularly the case with people who have reached their fiftieth year orExternalisation, 621:another alibi leading to inertia is the fear people have of speaking about the things of theExternalisation, 621:lose opportunity, and never discover how ready people are for the discussion of realities, for theExternalisation, 622:that in the place where they now are, among the people who are their karmic associates, and withExternalisation, 623:event, to clear the highways, familiarize the people with the idea, and bring about the requiredExternalisation, 624:workers of the world have not only to train people to give according to the need and their means,Externalisation, 625:of it really goes into the teaching of the people, into a living demonstration of the fact of HisExternalisation, 627:into new directions. The voice [627] of the people must prevail, but it must be a people educatedExternalisation, 627:of the people must prevail, but it must be a people educated in the true values, in theExternalisation, 627:with which they have been entrusted? How can the people of the world, the men of goodwill and ofExternalisation, 627:be rightly used? The answer lies within these people themselves. [628] There are two groups who canExternalisation, 628:and secondly, the mass of the good, kindly people in all classes and spheres of influence. TheExternalisation, 628:say with confidence and insistence - the little people of the world, enlightened and selfless inExternalisation, 628:There are esoteric students and devoted church people to whom appeal can be made for aid inExternalisation, 628:work of thousands of apparently unimportant people is required. I would say, my brothers, that theExternalisation, 629:he preaches. If, for instance, the millions of people who love the Christ and seek to serve HisExternalisation, 629:and work; it lies with the seeming inability of people to give. For one reason or another, theyExternalisation, 630:for which the financial support is required. People may have the courage to speak, but anExternalisation, 633:there was the necessity to find the nucleus of people through whom I had to work; the first stepExternalisation, 633:I began to form my own Ashram and to find people in all countries who were disciples, qualified asExternalisation, 635:far more important function of World Teacher. People love to be saved, for it ignores their ownExternalisation, 637:fetter and imprison the spirit of man; but the people under the sway of this evil influence and theExternalisation, 643:adequately the needs of the different types of people who compose humanity and who are representedExternalisation, 645:for true peace and understanding. These people will therefore aid in the task of implementingExternalisation, 647:human relations" is not simply goodwill, as people seem to think; it is a product or result ofExternalisation, 650:certain principles and certain beliefs on their people, and by withholding the truth or the factsExternalisation, 650:the realities, they contrive to swing their people into an acceptance which means - for theExternalisation, 650:Synthesis. The number of these semi-enlightened people is growing fast; desperation is hasteningExternalisation, 651:and believe. The unskilled laborer, the numerous people who never think, who are only young in theExternalisation, 652:Wisdom function objectively and physically among people in - for instance - our great cities? ForExternalisation, 668:great because they belong to no one group of people and to all the ideologies. The chaos producedExternalisation, 668:outline of the new civilization presented to the people. This major Ashram is therefore confrontedExternalisation, 668:two elements in every land and nation: those people who hold on to the bad old things of the past,Externalisation, 678:that the concentrated meditative activity of the people engaged in the Triangle activities willExternalisation, 682:from there I have influenced and helped far more people than I could possibly have reached had IExternalisation, 694:little difficulty. Having discovered such people, Their next step is to subject them to a processExternalisation, 694:without a high grade intelligence - all these people must be sought for upon mental levels. TheExternalisation, 695:He must not be deceived by the fact that people like him on the platform; that is group work, butExternalisation, 697:inspection are required by the authorities; such people as these "transitting initiates" would notExternalisation, 698:the most respected, enlightened and cultured people on the planet will be looking for Him. AndExternalisation, 699:also the possibility of the existence of people on earth who have no wrong inclinations and no badExternalisation, 700:for the guidance of disciples, aspirants and people of goodwill. Specifically, the externalizedExternalisation, 701:the will of the few upon the total mass of the people. The defeat of this undesirable tendencyFire, 46:of consciousness, the thinker, the Ego. Few people as yet are in such close touch with their higherFire, 81:and even inseparable, though at the present day people seem to disconnect the two. Yoga derivedFire, 237:by men of every school of thought - by religious people who enquire: - "Why did God create at all?Fire, 237:sciences in every civilization and among every people; by the biologist in his persistentFire, 453:existence of the etheric levels, thereby freeing people from the onus of adverse public opinion,Fire, 455:therefore of recognized psychic powers among the people. This psychism, being tinged with mentality
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