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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Meditation, 193:impossible to get a sufficient number of people at the same stage of evolution, at the same pointMeditation, 194:by the occult knowledge of the leaders of the people who - being versed in the science of sound andMeditation, 195:matter. We will presume that a congregation of people is desirous of linking up with that channelMeditation, 195:of their heart centers. By means of this the people will be enabled to reach heights and receiveMeditation, 196:receive the higher illumination. The healing of people gathered together for that purpose. TheMeditation, 196:may be brought about. The initiating of people into the Lesser Mysteries. In this paragraph, as youMeditation, 196:directed action, followed in unison by a body of people, which results in certain alignments andMeditation, 198:illumination. When an entire concourse of people is thus animated by a single high desire, whenMeditation, 199:for the achieving of certain results. Groups of people will gather together to study the creativeMeditation, 199:alignment is better grasped, and when groups of people in physical incarnation can work in realMeditation, 200:the at-one-ment is more comprehended, when many people tread the Probationary Path, when theMeditation, 201:and politics, sitting in the assemblies of the people, giving out the laws and apportioningMeditation, 223:law can then work and emancipation be hastened. People ask themselves, how does the law work? WhatMeditation, 234:As stated before, the color of large masses of people can be gauged and judged. It is in this wayMeditation, 243:is the value of his magnetic action on other people? [244] Having studied the patient from allMeditation, 246:the subtle body of the emotions. A number of people who know somewhat the rudiments of the law ofMeditation, 246:In the group, also, will be a number of people who can meditate occultly, and can, by the power ofMeditation, 249:will be likewise imparted in terms of color. People will eventually be grouped under theirMeditation, Since:are a part of His consciousness. They include people whose egoic ray is the same as His, or whoseMeditation, 267:is the same. [267] This means that two types of people are concerned: Those who are preparing forMeditation, 267:You have here a cause of the transference of people from one ray to another. It is only an apparentMeditation, 273:but is beginning now to gather out his own people, and form a group himself. This group will be atMeditation, 298:here and there achieve the goal, that some people do master the system of Occult Meditation andMeditation, 298:where it will be safe to train him further. People in many civilized countries are underMeditation, 298:future efforts for the race. Especially are people in America, Australia, India, Russia, ScotlandMeditation, 300:lower mind through the instrumentality of the people themselves. With this object in view They planMeditation, 320:supported through the voluntary contributions of people, and through a knowledge of the laws ofMeditation, 339:time two colors are being applied to many people for the specific purpose of keying up the throatMeditation, 348:to retire when other or [348] more important people are sent to fill the niche he may be occupying,Meditation, 354:The deity manifested through every nation and people. The outward expression, or the effect of thePatanjali, 20:here, in respect to the facility with which people judge they have seen one of the Brothers (orPatanjali, 30:by each individual is as varied as there are people participating in it. Non-attachment has to bePatanjali, 64:and to the heavy rate of rhythm found in most people. That is the reason why Raja Yoga necessarilyPatanjali, 64:in this sacred science. For the majority of people, the awakening of the mental body, thePatanjali, 185:the formulation of a man's belief regarding God, people, things and forms through the medium of thePatanjali, 220:primarily the head and heart centers. Most people receive force only from the physical and astralPatanjali, 231:be given in such a work as this. The majority of people have to master the first two stages andPatanjali, 234:the thought images in the minds of other people become apparent. 20. As, however, the object ofPatanjali, 275:spiritual man. Therefore only egoically centered people can truly acquire this knowledge. It mightPatanjali, 275:It might be asked here what therefore do those people see who are emotional and not mental, whenPatanjali, 277:who sees. This is not the case any more than the people and activities seen out of any window in aPatanjali, 279:the thought images in the minds of other people become apparent. It should be remembered that thePatanjali, 355:of the prophet "Where there is no vision the people perish." The development of sight and thePatanjali, 369:free from the pairs of opposites. Those of other people are of three kinds. 8. From these threePatanjali, 389:free from the pairs of opposites. Those of other people are of three kinds. This sutra expressesPatanjali, 404:are [404] similar in some respects. Yet no two people see an object in exactly the same way,Patanjali, 424:as well as the low, has to be developed. Many people, when they are transferring from the path ofProblems, 5:Introduction It is essential that all thinking people should give time and thought to theProblems, 7:be peace. It is so simple and practical that people fail to appreciate its potency or itsProblems, 7:This is the major problem facing spiritual people at this time. [8] Problems, 11:and is most effective in conditioning the people. A Pole, a Frenchman, an American, a Hindu, aProblems, 11:The problem, therefore, becomes one in which all people share. Nations can be (and often are)Problems, 13:national possessions at the expense of other people will seem some day to a more mature race of menProblems, 14:national gain are emphasized and one in which people are trained in right national citizenship uponProblems, 15:in the Bible that "where there is no vision, the people perish". History indicates a long past ofProblems, 18:the philosophers. The major fault of the German people is an extreme negativity which makes themProblems, 18:which makes them the most easily "conditioned" people of all time, plus an ability to acceptProblems, 18:and with a deep sense of inferiority. The German people are consequently easily exploited, easilyProblems, 18:keynote of all future education of the German people. Given that and given right idealisticProblems, 18:given right idealistic propaganda, the German people can develop right habits of thought as easilyProblems, 18:thinking. The regimentation of the German people must not be stopped for a long time to come butProblems, 18:advantage of the responsiveness of the German people to propaganda and see that it is properly andProblems, 19:The spiritual potentialities of the German people must not be forgotten. We must look forwardProblems, 20:been the cause of extreme irritation to other people, particularly the nation which emerged fromProblems, 20:have taken place in the thinking of the English people. Old things have passed away; the casteProblems, 20:major psychological problem before the British people is to gain the confidence of the world andProblems, 23:of the Nations Poland As for the Polish people, a long historical past lays upon them theProblems, 23:Being a strongly emotional and individual people, they are, within their own borders, in a state ofProblems, 25:learned that lesson in some form. The American people - as they pass out of the stage ofProblems, 25:experience. This is a lesson that all young people have to learn. The German race is old; theProblems, 25:the German nation is very young. The Italian people are of ancient origin; the Italian state isProblems, 25:commercial efficiency, as many materially-minded people think. The reason lies in a deeplyProblems, 25:is rapidly passing into the hands of the "people" and out of the hands of the so-called rulingProblems, 25:largely true of Great Britain. The roots of the people in the United States are necessarily inProblems, 26:out of those countries. They have no indigenous people except the Red Indian who has beenProblems, 26:this rapidly integrating nation. Like all young people, symbolically speaking, the people of theProblems, 26:all young people, symbolically speaking, the people of the United States show all theProblems, 26:adolescence. Again, symbolically speaking, the people of the United States are of the agesProblems, 27:the best minds are deeply aware. Like all young people, Americans feel superior to more matureProblems, 27:to world problems. Again, like all young people, the American is intensely critical of otherProblems, 27:the American is intensely critical of other people, but often blind to and always resentful ofProblems, 28:and labor, isolationists and internationalists, people violently against certain groups or nationsProblems, 29:even before it reared its ugly head because the people of America are international by origin andProblems, 30:[30] problem exists) and a plebiscite of the people to determine their nationalities and loyalties.Problems, 31:indeed. Yet there are enough spiritually minded people in the world today to change world attitudesProblems, 32:of the race lies in the hands of the young people everywhere. They are the parents of the comingProblems, 36:all the great Sons of God, all truly spiritual people, all artists, scientists, humanitarians andProblems, 36:Present Problem of Youth The world, as known to people over forty years of age, has crumbled and isProblems, 37:and his nation are infinitely superior to other people and peoples. He is taught consequently to beProblems, 39:of humanity a genuine possibility. Will cultured people realize their opportunity? Will ourProblems, 41:as far as possible, to care for their own people, to salvage their own children, to restore theirProblems, 41:the world should be to cooperate with these people. It is not their task to impose upon them whatProblems, 42:do not want a horde of [42] well-meaning people taking over their educational or medicalProblems, 44:today. The United States is composed of people from every known country; over fifty different racesProblems, 46:of some dictator. In other countries, some people and some groups - through hereditary position orProblems, 48:gestures of the emerging individual. Older people are apt to foster in a child an early andProblems, 48:on constantly at evil deeds perpetrated by older people; this will have perverted their outlook,Problems, 50:we have not yet succeeded in giving our young people the kind of education which will enable themProblems, 53:or a sense of synthesis is cultivated. Young people in the future will be taught to think ofProblems, 60:to life and the future which many thousands of people hold today, and among them many educators in
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