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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Problems, 60:realize that "where there is no vision, the people perish". An international system of education,Problems, 61:endeavor to bring educational facilities to the people. Their mental attainments and theirProblems, 62:of the Children of the World When the young people of the future - under the proposed applicationProblems, 63:and the separative attitudes of nations and people, we shall have succeeded in constructing a worldProblems, 66:This is increasingly obvious to all thinking people. Because of the triumph of science - theProblems, 67:things: The steady and planned education of the people of every nation in right human relations andProblems, 68:them. There are reactionary and class conscious people in the British [69] Empire who fear theProblems, 69:and standing; they would hold back the British people from progress and would like to see theProblems, 69:paternalistic and feudal system; the mass of the people, speaking through the voice of labor, willProblems, 72:a growing spirit of unrest. The masses of the people in every land are aroused and awakening and aProblems, 80:all evil. There are, however, large numbers of people whose lives are not dominated by the love ofProblems, 82:mode of their release remain in the hands of the people's chosen representatives and are not theProblems, 82:of men of goodwill - trusted and chosen by the people - should safeguard these potencies. If thisProblems, 86:in the world who are an ancient and civilized people with a full culture of their own, plus certainProblems, 86:can exist between a conquered and a conquering people, between a militant [87] group and aProblems, 88:engenders also a willingness to sacrifice other people's interests to one's own and a basic failureProblems, 89:it defends its constitution, its lands and its people through the rectitude of its livingProblems, 89:infringe, for any reason, the rights of other people or nations. It aims to improve and perfect itsProblems, 90:two things: first of all consider what makes a people, a race or a nation a minority, and thenProblems, 93:angle for place and position, the masses of the people in every land - great and small - are fullProblems, 95:that it is essentially the problem of the white people and one which they must solve because theyProblems, 96:the separative instinct derives from the white people; the Negro is struggling to end it and,Problems, 97:they [97] are a strictly commercial and urban people and have shown little interest in agriculture,Problems, 97:They are and remain an essentially oriental people - which the occidental is apt to forget; if heProblems, 97:their need, down the centuries, to live off the people among whom they wander, to seize theProblems, 97:what the cost to others, to cling to their own people in the midst of the alien races among whomProblems, 98:of the aptitude of the Jew to live off other people and to live within a nation, benefiting by itsProblems, 99:persecution; as a race, he is nowhere liked and people are on guard against him and his methods.Problems, 100:God of the Jews; [100] the Jews are God's chosen people; they must be preserved in physical purityProblems, 100:of their contacts and interest in any other people or God. To these divine requirements they have,Problems, 100:To these divine requirements they have, as a people, been obedient and hence their plight in aProblems, 100:The word "love" as it concerns relation to other people is lacking in their religious presentation,Problems, 101:as the history of a cruel and aggressive people - apart from the Psalms of David, which all menProblems, 102:is no excuse or condonation, and right thinking people everywhere are aware of this and are eagerlyProblems, 103:basis. It concerns the interplay between people of different races but recognizing brotherhood inProblems, 103:problem like it in the world today - an entire people of distinctive race, religion, goals,Problems, 104:to admit them in their hundreds. Right thinking people in every nation are seeking and willProblems, 104:spiritually identified with all men everywhere. People know that there is "neither Jew norProblems, 105:the first case you have an exceedingly ancient people who for thousands of years have played theirProblems, 105:In the case of the Negro, we are considering a people who have (during the past two hundred years)Problems, 107:and the steady rising into power of millions of people who have, as yet, only made the first stepsProblems, 108:a minority, greatly outnumbered by the white people. In Africa the Negro is virile and militant; inProblems, 108:to realize that Africa can belong to its own people and at the same time be a cooperating partnerProblems, 108:happen when the antagonism between the white people and the black races is ended; between the twoProblems, 109:of wars between the different Negro groups which people that continent? Or will the matter beProblems, 109:farsighted policy on the part of the white people, plus cooperative planning for the future? WillProblems, 110:the release of Africa into the hands of its own people. At the same time, a sane patience shouldProblems, 112:the good intentions of the mass of American people by perpetuating these evil conditions andProblems, 112:of other enlightened nations why the broadminded people of the United States - vociferous in theirProblems, 113:easy, accommodating, kindly and anxious to like people and be liked; if today so many Negroes areProblems, 113:is because they have been made so by the white people. The white people face a grave responsibilityProblems, 113:have been made so by the white people. The white people face a grave responsibility and it lies inProblems, 113:equally good living conditions. It is for the people of America to speak with a clear voice andProblems, 116:truth, it is difficult in this case to make people admit its feasibility. Nevertheless, because itProblems, 116:as such, not only in the minds of a few people here and there but on a large [117] scale throughoutProblems, 117:but on a large [117] scale throughout the world. People are looking eagerly for the unexpected andProblems, 120:is far more widespread throughout the world than people think; it simply needs to be discovered,Problems, 122:of religion but simply the problem of those people and organizations who attempt to teach religion,Problems, 122:to the fact of God. Christ lives and guides the people of the world and He does this not from anyProblems, 123:itself open to attack and the mass of thinking people know this; unfortunately, these thinkingProblems, 123:people know this; unfortunately, these thinking people are a small minority. For the sake ofProblems, 129:the Buddhist and Hindu Scriptures have kept the people in a quiescent condition from which they areProblems, 130:is the goal and not the welfare of the little people. The present program of the Catholic ChurchProblems, 130:A planned policy whereby the mass of the people are kept in intellectual ignorance and, throughProblems, 131:and evolutionary presentation of truth to the people; its roots are in the past but it is notProblems, 134:brings illumination and strength to their people. They are the hope of humanity for they are inProblems, 134:beliefs have failed to meet the need of people and have broken down under the test of the times;Problems, 134:provided is coming from groups of well-meaning people and a few statesmen who seem as bewildered asProblems, 135:humanity on towards spiritual living. Everywhere people are ready for the light; they are expectantProblems, 136:consciousness of churchmen than the need of the people for a simple presentation of life-givingProblems, 136:to let the bad old ways go and turn to the people with the message that God is Love, proving theProblems, 136:of simple loving service? Will they tell the people that Christ forever lives and bid them turnProblems, 137:life is now possible? Will they remind the people that Christ Himself said that it is not possibleProblems, 137:failures of their representatives to teach the people aright be swept away? These were the thingsProblems, 137:spiritual values had no place in the life of the people and this was due to the fact that forProblems, 138:that the authority is still vested in the wrong people. There is no indication on any large scaleProblems, 142:continuously renewed opportunity, controls the people. Christianity has emphasized immortality butProblems, 143:repudiated by all [143] sane, sincere, thinking people. No one of any true reasoning power or withProblems, 143:- through doctrine, fear and threat - to keep people in line with the obsolete old teaching. TheProblems, 144:of Christ, the living Christ, present among His people, fulfiling His promise, "Lo, I am with youProblems, 145:orthodox. So many know this truth and so many people of integrity and worth are cooperatingProblems, 145:us for two thousand years, watching over His people, inspiring His working disciples, the MastersProblems, 149:moments down the ages, God drew nearer to His people and humanity at the same time made great,Problems, 151:were focused in the Buddha. He challenged the people to tread the Path of Illumination of whichProblems, 154:comment or fury - the doctrines which hold the people in a mental prison and present those few andProblems, 154:Himself approach His regenerated and purified people. Another point which should be remembered isProblems, 159:will be the invocative work of the masses of the people, everywhere trained by the spirituallyProblems, 159:everywhere trained by the spiritually minded people of the world (working in the churches wheneverProblems, 159:and ritual have prepared humanity will train its people to present - at stated periods throughoutProblems, 159:throughout the year - the voiced demand of the people of the world for relationship with God andProblems, 160:of its frequent misuse for selfish purposes; people, more intelligent and more mentally focused,Problems, 164:the Hierarchy as the God-man, the leader of His people and "the Eldest in a great family ofProblems, 165:and His Hierarchy would draw nearer to His people; God, through the instrumentality of the Buddha,Problems, 168:and fascist. [168] The inert masses of the people in every land, ignorant for the most part,Problems, 169:duty and responsibility - the leadership of the people. They have left the power in the wrong handsProblems, 169:little to change men's hearts or to benefit the people. Now, under cyclic law, political ideologiesProblems, 169:planning are occupying the attention of the people and everywhere efforts are being made to bringProblems, 173:and lack of interest of the masses of the people which permit the wrong men to be in power; it isProblems, 173:States, thus keeping much of the truth from the people; it is the upheaval of labor everywhereProblems, 174:[174] who are endeavoring to guide their people wisely but have as yet too much with which to
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