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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLE

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Psychology2, 615:a few Aquarians, many Pisceans and a number of people who are in a transition stage between thesePsychology2, 616:same problems may also affect the three or four people who, with the group leader and inPsychology2, 618:the greater the pain and suffering. First ray people who have naturally a "technique of isolation"Psychology2, 618:them and - when they are not deeply spiritual people - they can return them to their originatorsPsychology2, 619:be almost annihilated by the personality love of people. But this is not of such a poisonous naturePsychology2, 622:not closely related) from which the majority of people have suffered in this age and generation.Psychology2, 624:are, as yet, seldom found, though many new age people are coming into manifestation. Only in thePsychology2, 633:control and suggestion of slightly more advanced people. They can be easily regimented, influenced,Psychology2, 636:ideas and formulate them into ideals. These people speak the words, write the articles and books,Psychology2, 636:the New Group of World Servers: These are the people who are beginning to form a new social orderPsychology2, 637:in every nation, city and town, - a grouping of people who belong to no party, take no sides eitherPsychology2, 640:sterilization, utopias, the rights of the people, dictatorships, rearmament defense tactics, publicPsychology2, 640:which we seem to have reached. On every hand, people are coming to the front with some solution,Psychology2, 642:Those constitute an incredibly large number of people who hate war because they regard all men asPsychology2, 642:but to gather into one organized whole all these people, without creating a new organization orPsychology2, 643:who is working to heal the breaches between people, to evoke the sense of brotherhood, to fosterPsychology2, 643:and thus constitute a slowly growing body of people whose interest is shown on behalf of humanityPsychology2, 648:and eventually turned to practical use. These people will constitute a new body of practicalPsychology2, 653:wise consideration of the needs of the entire people, excepting no part of the national life.Psychology2, 659:to new paths and producing in the minds of the people new and better ideals. They seek to teachPsychology2, 662:is misinterpreted. The immediate good of the people as a whole is felt by the leaders far toPsychology2, 662:more than for humanity, and on the necessity of people to affiliate with them. They emphasize thePsychology2, 665:of the printed page and later, when trained people are available, through the medium of the spokenPsychology2, 665:of the New Group of World Servers. The mass of people whom they will eventually gather around themPsychology2, 665:must not be forgotten, first of all, that many people of many races and religious views, form aPsychology2, 667:that they may be powerful and influential people, that they may work through the spoken and thePsychology2, 667:outlined above should be worked out in detail. People must be trained to work for the expansion ofPsychology2, 670:ends. They enforce drastic measures upon the people in order to bring about the acceptance of thesePsychology2, 673:but not applied, by all right thinking [673] people today. These principles must be formulated inPsychology2, 676:world events. There will then be enough people enlisted in the cause of good will to affectPsychology2, 676:It is the plan for the development of a group of people, gathered out of every nation, who arePsychology2, 676:Group of World Servers seeks to discover these people, and unify them into a coherent group. InPsychology2, 676:and applied - of this emerging group of people, who can constitute a third group or "middle party"Psychology2, 677:history of humanity when so large a number of people have been awakened to the finer spiritualPsychology2, 677:opinion through the education of the thinking people in the principles of good will and rightPsychology2, 680:At the end of that period there should be enough people in the world who are alive to thesePsychology2, 681:Their objectives are as follows: To educate the people in their nation in service, in kindlyPsychology2, 693:The exact hour is immaterial, provided as many people as possible participate at some time duringPsychology2, 696:longing on the part of a large group of people. It is a strenuous mental endeavor, and involves thePsychology2, 705:affairs. When there are a sufficient number of people who are in conscious touch with their souls,Psychology2, 705:earth, must necessarily become effective. These people will then bring about changes of suchPsychology2, 708:or the physical ills of the highly developed people of the world. These are predominantlyPsychology2, 710:- that of the mind. These are the brilliant people, normal in most of their expressions of life butPsychology2, 710:unify and blend and gather around them groups of people. This group of advanced people is comingPsychology2, 710:them groups of people. This group of advanced people is coming increasingly under the influence of,Psychology2, 711:What is it that [711] differentiates these people from their fellowmen? Heredity, opportunity,Psychology2, 718:World Servers have also been successful. These people are far more the instruments of divinePsychology2, 725:the world. Only by the united effort of the people of peaceful intention and of innate freedom fromPsychology2, 730:for what they are by a sufficient number of people. The work of the great first ray influences isPsychology2, 730:world is that the enlightened and responsible people will readjust world relations, worldPsychology2, 731:New Group of World Servers and these prominent people, working in the field of economic enterprise,Psychology2, 738:hold - spiritual, mental or financial - over the people and are playing a losing game, because thePsychology2, 739:seeds of dire trouble and catastrophe faces the people, as it has three times before, though on aPsychology2, 740:this message and idea; secondly, to educate such people in the laws of love and of rightPsychology2, 742:force and through sheer weight of numbers, these people can make their presence effectively felt.Psychology2, 743:number are known. They are practical intelligent people, not visionary idealistic mystics, workingPsychology2, 743:could increase the existing cleavages among people, races and religions. Let us leave it at that,Psychology2, 744:and fundamentalist groups and the liberal minded people who react to the newer spiritual impressionPsychology2, 746:and of cooperative good will. Look out for such people and work with them. Do not hold thePsychology2, 748:The spiritual Hierarchy cannot work through people whose tongues are critical, whose ideas andPsychology2, 748:national or religious prejudice. Put these people in touch with the Units of Service in theRays, 9:swept back into Inertia Blindness Bondage Many people are not only under the control of some one orRays, 29:is quite apt to be misunderstanding. To most people the burning ground stands for one of twoRays, 35:had to gather around him a group of like-minded people or [36] personalities. On the upper arc ofRays, 54:Law of Vibration is progressively revealed as people learn to sound forth the Word in its threeRays, 89:of a World Savior and "for the salvation of His people, He comes forth." He thus meets the need,Rays, 89:Him. That accomplished, He stays with His people as Head of the Hierarchy until His secondRays, 111:also that as humanity develops and more and more people begin to function as souls, the nature ofRays, 112:and the growing personality influence of so many people. Many groups, under self-seeking leaders,Rays, 112:with Ashrams and as occupied with training people for initiation. Signs of this can already beRays, 112:tendency and astralism of the majority of people and, secondly, with the rapid advance of the humanRays, 114:The reason for this is that more and more people will be living as souls and therefore expressingRays, 121:division, separation and isolation. Little as people realize it, these concepts are relatively newRays, 121:their students and neophytes, for it will be the people trained interiorly in these schools whoRays, 122:will be generally recognized by the thinking people and believed in by the expectant masses. InRays, 127:of its application - would sacrifice time, people and life itself to the call of the Initiator - orRays, 209:not at this time anent impersonality. For some people, impersonality is simply an escape mechanismRays, 210:There is little, in reality, to link these people except inclination, a joint aspiration and a goalRays, 233:eyes of men, for "where there is no vision, the people perish." To act as an intermediate groupRays, 245:minds and the brains of advanced human beings. People are apt to forget that with each forwardRays, 253:who are dealing with the horoscopes of advanced people and disciples will use the esoteric planetsRays, 253:if they are not advanced, they may regard people as advanced who are far from being even trueRays, 254:the Buddha in the minds of spiritually inclined people everywhere, with the result of a greatRays, 260:is reversed. It would now be an effort for such people to think and react as personalities. I wordRays, 273:triangles now being created by a mere handful of people are related to that basic triangle. A thirdRays, 274:to do and will do; it is not what some earnest people regard as goodwill work or a phase of theRays, 300:the universality of the field from which these people emerge, demonstrates their underlying unity.Rays, 325:property; it has meant very little for most people and nothing at all to the mass of men; it hasRays, 341:get the idea of initiation into the minds of the people, the Hierarchy chose the mode (nowRays, 343:for group training. Opportunity is given to such people to contact on the physical plane some ofRays, 343:initiation, and this should be remembered. Such people thus being trained and related are, from theRays, 364:in an Ashram. The assumption by orthodox church people that the word "spiritual" connotes profoundRays, 367:spine; it is entirely inactive except in those people who have [368] taken the third initiation.Rays, 374:as disciples in preparation for initiation. People are apt to regard magnetic [375] potency asRays, 385:I mean when I point out that many thousands of people in the world today have taken the firstRays, 389:clearer to those who can profit by them. Such people will necessarily be initiated disciples. YearsRays, 428:and the basic political inexperience of that people. The United States of America is also young andRays, 428:but not to the same extent as are the Russian people. Today, the Russians are suffering from theRays, 429:ideal, held by an immature, a too young a people. The selfishness of the United States is also dueRays, 429:is - fortunately for the soul of this great people - much suffering in store for the United States.
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