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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PEOPLES

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Glamour, 148:going to the Jews and the other to the German peoples. The quality of your love will count and notGlamour, 164:determined religious attitudes, and enslaved peoples. The whole and the part, pointing to the timeHealing, 229:had its own methods of teaching these infant peoples, just as the smallest child can be taughtHealing, 250:is a major trouble among the rice-eating peoples of the world, and that cancer is rampant in GreatHealing, 263:this Law, but I choose to refer to the Hebrew peoples because their history is so well known andHealing, 330:age, have their variations, and Asia and its peoples are very, very old. The body stock is wearingHealing, 353:conditions, correct dieting and housing for the peoples. That, however, takes much time, and whilstHealing, 361:nearer in His thought and activity. Should the peoples of the world respond to the presentedHealing, 451:of the Mysteries and the rehabilitation of the peoples of the Earth. The two go together. This isHercules, 45:esotericist, and among primitive agricultural peoples, been regarded as the form-building aspect.Initiation, 54:chaos and unrest, and of welding her diverse peoples into an ultimate synthesis. The Master Morya,Initiation, 105:and from them in turn it flows out to all peoples and tongues and races. It may not perhaps beMagic, 83:paramount place in the lives and thought of the peoples is now approached skeptically, andMagic, 329:message and brought an increase of light to the peoples. Now, in the fullness of time, and throughMagic, 528:consciousness and the history of all races and peoples that have lived or are living upon ourMeditation, 55:fourth plane and ray. That note permeates the peoples of the world at this time and ever since theMeditation, 165:mantrams will be given back in pure form to the peoples. [166] There are also mantrams for use inMeditation, 178:days knew how to do this, and among savage peoples and by some individuals in civilized countriesMeditation, 185:intellect is to be seen burning in all civilized peoples. All energies are turned to the feeding ofMeditation, 191:is so much a part of the public life of all peoples that its raison d'ętre, and the resultsProblems, 8:is potently conditioning the minds of all their peoples today. It is here that our major difficultyProblems, 18:is to recognize their relation to all other peoples on equal terms. The major trouble facing theProblems, 19:The British are frequently disliked by other peoples; their aloof hauteur, their national pride andProblems, 21:upon her western frontier. She is lifting the peoples of her own land from a condition of ignoranceProblems, 22:upon the physical plane. Nevertheless, all peoples view Russia with expectation; they dimly realizeProblems, 22:and integrate a vast population, and to lead her peoples still further into the light. Russia mustProblems, 24:glory, but on the basis of what is best for the peoples involved. They themselves must determineProblems, 24:the world reap the benefits of free election, if peoples in disputed areas are permitted by a freeProblems, 29:unity and beauty of rhythm in the life of its peoples. To foster the spirit of right relations.Problems, 30:pursued educational process by which all the peoples in the world can be grounded in the onlyProblems, 31:and religious - and work for the good of all peoples? Will they overcome the forces arrayed againstProblems, 37:are infinitely superior to other people and peoples. He is taught consequently to be a one-sidedProblems, 44:fought in every part of the world; persecuted peoples have escaped from one land to another;Problems, 44:group. India is composed of a multiplicity of peoples, religions and tongues and hence her problem.Problems, 63:not as a fighting aggregate of many nations and peoples, competitively engaged in getting the bestProblems, 65:war, if the reactionary and the conservative peoples in every nation can be prevented from swingingProblems, 87:selfish implications; it breeds distrust between peoples and hatred throughout the entire world andProblems, 90:These distinctions, which have in the past set peoples and races so far apart, are rapidly dyingProblems, 105:on equal terms with what we call the "civilized" peoples. In the case of the Negro, we areProblems, 110:The [110] European nations and the British peoples are now following a program leading to theProblems, 110:time, a sane patience should lead the African peoples to concentrate on educational processes, andProblems, 110:carefully consider. They can place the Negro peoples as rapidly as possible on an equality ofProblems, 114:however, that intermarriage between the white peoples and the yellow races (the Chinese and theProblems, 114:between the soldiers of all nations and the peoples of the countries in which they find themselves.Problems, 167:world's resources and the settled unity of the peoples of the world are in reality one and the sameProblems, 172:and undemocratic treatment of the Negro peoples in the United States and Africa which is [173]Problems, 173:world which makes the Russian leaders keep their peoples in ignorance of the attitude of otherPsychology1, 176:serious problem to the Great Ones than do the peoples of the Occident, for ignorance is deeplyPsychology1, 362:and as peace and good will between the peoples. I could continue emphasizing these relations, but IPsychology1, 388:dangerous, for destiny lies in the hands of the peoples, and no one knows exactly what way theyPsychology1, 400:and the offshoots and affiliations of those peoples, including the modern Egyptians. These are allPsychology1, 400:the eldest of the three disciples. The Latin peoples and their various branches throughout thePsychology2, 453:the planet is considered; nevertheless among the peoples of our Western civilization and among thePsychology2, 475:which are the prerogative of all races and peoples at certain stages of development, and I only usePsychology2, 580:plus a very small sprinkling of the Lemurian peoples - so small as to be negligible. The Aryan racePsychology2, 580:held themselves separated off from all other peoples in the world. The result is that they are nowPsychology2, 597:centuries that the kingdom of God is within, the peoples in the occident have not accepted thePsychology2, 630:and of so persistent a character that the peoples of the world would be, in the one case,Psychology2, 632:as worked for by the churches everywhere. The peoples of the world today are divided into fourPsychology2, 635:who seek to impose the new rhythms upon the peoples, - the political groups, the religiousPsychology2, 662:of some idea, or group of ideas, upon their peoples. This seems to the leaders, no matter howPsychology2, 695:To fuse and blend the united aspiration of all peoples at each May full moon - so that a channelPsychology2, 746:all the old methods such as attack on persons, peoples, nations and ideologies of force andRays, 135:of the Mysteries, and the rehabilitation of the peoples of the earth. The two go together. This isRays, 570:necessarily a ferment in the daily life of peoples everywhere; the life of the personality,Rays, 572:through the stimulation of the sex life of all peoples and in the three worlds through theRays, 593:word) by the appearance of the Christ among the peoples of the world and by a stupendous inflow ofRays, 595:openly or subtly, but - at the same time - their peoples have free access to press and radio andRays, 624:and religious cleavages condition her many peoples. The soul energy of India is that of the Will toRays, 631:by an amalgamation of many nations, of many peoples speaking many different languages, and isRays, 632:for a closer relationship between these three peoples. These three points of a divine triangle ofRays, 634:are constantly instigating difficulties between peoples. Such has ever been their history. FrenchRays, 682:which - in the long run - are not good for the peoples involved. We therefore come back to theRays, 732:to erase this particular fear and to confirm in peoples' minds the idea that incarnation and theRays, 746:an otherwise fine record on behalf of dependent peoples, but it is rapidly becoming a thing of theRays, 751:are not so openly engaged in telling other peoples what they should do. Why, for instance, shouldReappearance, 12:its fanatical zeal to make "Christians" of all peoples and not followers of the Christ. It hasReappearance, 80:and human relationships established among all peoples, enabling men everywhere to sit down togetherReappearance, 109:governmental action and the habitual life of all peoples, including the entire field ofReappearance, 170:of the Wisdom; it is the unrealized demand of peoples in all lands. Where there is this unificationTelepathy, 14:among the savage races and non-intelligent peoples - these are all instances of that lowerTelepathy, 26:heal breaches, and produce synthesis among the peoples. Love (not sentiment) is the clue to
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