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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PER

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Astrology, 16:"path in life," the influence of the planets, per se, definitely weakens and steadily becomes lessAstrology, 26:esoteric influences and not astrology, per se. Our subject is the seven rays and [27] theirAstrology, 128:of esoteric astrology, and numerology, as it is, per se, a branch of esoteric astrology. Love -Astrology, 579:VII - THE RAYS, CONSTELLATIONS AND PLANETS (As per Tabulation X) We come now to our last discussionAstrology, 601:Will and not to consciousness. Consciousness is per se the recognition of a progressive plan. TheAtom, 58:of atoms. We have earlier dealt with the atom per se, but have in no way considered its buildingAutobiography, 160:The salaries at Krotona were ten dollars per week. Walter Evans' money had ceased coming in sinceAutobiography, 160:only twenty-eight he was clearing a large sum per year. This he gave up entirely, in order to helpAutobiography, 175:papers." Today my record is about 6000 letters per year because I delegate so much of myDiscipleship1, 361:same time is of so necessary a nature that it per force calls forth your best effort. The thirdDiscipleship1, 438:medium of soul expression and not as an agent, per se, on the astral plane. This ray force givesDiscipleship1, 439:upon a frail body than it is with disease, per se. Remember that inner acquiescence with physicalDiscipleship1, 480:and the impediments to contact are twenty per cent. less. For this, I can and do commend you and,Discipleship1, 587:claims your attention. Give, if you can, sixty per cent of your time to the group effort, for thatDiscipleship1, 587:and duties. Give, then, the remaining forty per cent of your time to the outer activity in theDiscipleship1, 735:work. The majority of disciples are not even 6o per cent effective because their points of tensionDiscipleship2, 5:- all of them concerned with the group work per se; none of them concerned you, as individuals. IDiscipleship2, 109:a superficial sense of false values, and seventy per cent of their information is wrong and of noDiscipleship2, 148:the final stanza of the Great Invocation, as per my promise. I gave you the first about nine yearsDiscipleship2, 580:all your effort should now shift to the networks per se and away from a constant consideration ofEducation, 61:as good. Bear in mind, however, that energies per se are neither bad nor good. The Great WhiteExternalisation, 103:worlds and not to the astral and mental planes per se, or specifically to egoic levels. If theExternalisation, 125:will but not the divine principle of free will per se. Of that we know as yet but little. Only theFire, 298:orgy and horror will be reduced seventy-five per cent. The interplay between the three denseFire, 483:p. 157. "The Secret Doctrine is no 'authority' per se; but being full of quotations and texts fromFire, 517:the body of a solar Lord, whilst atomic matter per se goes to the formation of other parts of HisFire, 530:planes are concerned with the evolution of man, per se, in the fourth kingdom, and he only beginsFire, 602:He manifests. We are dealing with solar fire per se, with the essence of thought, with the coherentFire, 631:to carry the thought any further. Of Spirit per se we can know nothing, and beyond predicating theFire, 635:are the builders of the body of consciousness per se. From the psychic standpoint of occultFire, 799:dissociate them in his mind and deal with Spirit per se, or with matter per se, any more than theFire, 799:mind and deal with Spirit per se, or with matter per se, any more than the atom of substance inFire, 802:is no longer the slave of the rhythm of matter per se, but controls it in the three worlds of hisFire, 1232:Then, and only then, the pure light of Spirit per se becomes visible to him through a justGlamour, 108:and of the conflict between the physical body per se and the vital etheric body. A dimly sensedHealing, 97:brain disease, but the mind itself and thinking, per se, cannot cause disease and trouble in theHealing, 112:I have earlier made on this matter. Ninety per cent of the causes of disease are to be found in theHealing, 112:the Atlantean stages of consciousness, only five per cent of the prevalent diseases are due toHealing, 174:that the transference of solar plexus energy per se is the task of all aspirants to the Path ofHealing, 461:of the statement that the physical body is, per se, vacated when death is assumed by the watchingHercules, 61:hinders it from full expression. It is not evil per se. It is to be noted that in the garden ofHercules, 216:order of the signs at the rate of 50 1/3 seconds per year." Dictionary of Astrology, p. 204.Intellect, 257:periods - these should be continued as per schedule, - but to become more mentally interested inMagic, 311:also for evil, as we use the word "evil". Evil, per se, is non-existent, as is good in the sense ofMeditation, 135:than the Brother of the Light, - not more power per se but more apparent power, because the WhitePatanjali, 72:utilization of prana that is the cause of eighty per cent of the present physical diseases. ThePatanjali, 72:the present physical diseases. The other twenty per cent is produced through ill directed lifePatanjali, 72:the centers, and attacks primarily the twenty per cent of humanity which can be called mentallyProblems, 104:persecution. The Jews constituted only twenty per cent of the dispersed persons in Europe after thePsychology1, 9:it is true that there is no black magic, per se, until one reaches the realm of mind. No one can bePsychology1, 130:which is characteristic of all forms. Matter, per se, and in its undifferentiated state, prior toPsychology2, 41:Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art is not the ray, per se, of the creative artist. The creative artistPsychology2, 312:inspiration and to initiation. The personality per se, is, at this stage, exceedingly potent, andPsychology2, 657:intelligent minority (a minority of about forty per cent of the whole). The remaining sixty perPsychology2, 657:per cent of the whole). The remaining sixty per cent is formed by the unthinking masses, who arePsychology2, 658:there is little yet to be done. With the forty per cent, however, much can be achieved when the NewRays, 222:reach and energize the soul, the second aspect per se. But now, in the final stages of the greatRays, 232:and in the others the will-to-evil. Energy per se is entirely impersonal. The group, therefore,Rays, 263:said that, what does it mean to you? Being, per se, can only be grasped by those who, have "comeRays, 274:of goodwill to make progress. It is not goodwill per se, but the creation of triangles of energyRays, 477:ancient Lemuria, the life thread, the sutratma per se, was the dominant factor in the lifeRays, 491:in the personality and the soul. The antahkarana per se, completed by the bridge built by theRays, 509:working agent and it is not an act of projection per se. The act of projection is the work of theRays, 529:plane has been duly emphasized; that the soul per se has been lost to consciousness in the sea ofRays, 635:and that - for instance - there are eighty per cent of other people in the concentration camps ofRays, 635:concentration camps of Europe and only twenty per cent Jews. The Jew, however, fought only forRays, 679:against freedom of thought. Communism per se has no such objective; it is the totalitarian policiesReappearance, 130:the victim of that which he has made. Eighty per cent of the teaching given about the astral planeSoul, 143:accomplishment to their credit. Seventy-five per cent testified to seeing a light in the head. Were
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