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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERCEPTION

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Discipleship2, 253:This refers especially to the following: Your perception of the vision. Your contact with me, yourDiscipleship2, 257:the world of glamor so that there can be a clear perception of the new vision; a new light isDiscipleship2, 267:can take the second initiation, whilst spiritual perception or intuitive instinct signifiesDiscipleship2, 269:lower, via the antahkarana. Perhaps clarity of perception will come to you if you realize that theDiscipleship2, 280:intuition, and at the same time, keep the mental perception in an active and wholesome state. ThisDiscipleship2, 280:he confounds them with ideas and their intuitive perception. He has not learned to discriminateDiscipleship2, 293:the concept of "whole vision" or a synthesis of perception, and then comes recognition of thatDiscipleship2, 293:be called) which utilizes the physical senses of perception, and through their united contributionDiscipleship2, 293:gets a "whole vision" and a synthesis of perception of the phenomenal world, according to man'sDiscipleship2, 297:yet an embryonic sense or entirely new avenue of perception and relatively close to and an aspectDiscipleship2, 299:to realize that a cultivation of this first ray perception is a potent mode by which the highestDiscipleship2, 299:more rapid vision and a more acute revelatory perception. [300] That power has always been present;Discipleship2, 312:time; it results in an instantaneous intuitive perception, and this is one of the early aspects ofDiscipleship2, 313:he serves; he learns also, through unfolding perception, to penetrate into the levels of abstractDiscipleship2, 324:a presented truth or to respond to an intuitive perception. Their grasp of the Law of Cause andDiscipleship2, 338:as we comprehend the term. There is a factual perception of such a nature that the element of timeDiscipleship2, 339:to consciousness two factors: [339] A dualistic perception of that which has been attained and ofDiscipleship2, 343:Today, owing to man's greater intellectual perception, the hint is still obvious, but it isDiscipleship2, 350:admitted into the world of ideas, of intuitional perception or of buddhic awareness; their task wasDiscipleship2, 350:by divine ideas but by the divine Will (their perception of that Will will be according to theDiscipleship2, 351:and, if I may use such an inadequate phrase, the perception of all within the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 351:is tremendously enhanced; areas of the divine perception, clothing divine purpose, are steadilyDiscipleship2, 351:- a process made possible by the higher mental perception of the incoming disciples. Group work,Discipleship2, 354:take all that you have of mental and intuitive perception. The significance which is immediatelyDiscipleship2, 364:of present opportunity as well as an intuitive perception of [365] the future possibilities whichDiscipleship2, 367:with higher areas of consciousness: Recognizing Perception. Interpreting Perception. SpiritualDiscipleship2, 367:Recognizing Perception. Interpreting Perception. Spiritual Perception. Decisive Perception. TheseDiscipleship2, 367:Perception. Interpreting Perception. Spiritual Perception. Decisive Perception. These terms willDiscipleship2, 367:Perception. Spiritual Perception. Decisive Perception. These terms will suffice to convey to theDiscipleship2, 367:the Ashram and is changing his apparatus of perception from the tangible one of the three worldsDiscipleship2, 368:It is at the sixth Initiation of Decision that Perception and Recognition of the revelation reachDiscipleship2, 368:effects and results of vision, recognition and perception - all of them constituting what we meanDiscipleship2, 369:and which is the seed of an oriented [369] perception of that which lies permanently within theDiscipleship2, 372:ourselves with that which lies behind the mental perception of the ordinary man and with theDiscipleship2, 400:spiritual and instinctual trend towards monadic perception and livingness. Discipleship2, 400:and reflected upon) will begin to train your perception and develop the third eye, enabling it toDiscipleship2, 403:religion will be founded upon a deeper spiritual perception of the Father or Life Aspect, in placeDiscipleship2, 403:consciously give way to a much higher phase of perception, for which we have, as yet, no word. InDiscipleship2, 403:in relation to this new process of simultaneous perception and interpretation, we employ the ratherDiscipleship2, 404:the initiate can gradually come to a true perception of the significances involved. These points ofDiscipleship2, 412:high stage of mental understanding and perception, the older process has proved too simple andDiscipleship2, 415:by the measure of light, of intuitive perception and of revelation which appears to him to beDiscipleship2, 430:all that you have of intuition and spiritual perception. I would beg you to repudiate all thatDiscipleship2, 431:otherwise you are working with no intelligent perception and are using words without meaning. Discipleship2, 437:about these three words because they involve the perception of some truths which are apt to beDiscipleship2, 489:moment of release, perhaps a flash of light, the perception of an aperture of escape, or theDiscipleship2, 490:upon the world of the emotions or of mental perception, or upward towards the soul. These threeDiscipleship2, 490:some bewilderment, the expansion of some mental perception into an intuition, with its consequentDiscipleship2, 513:Vision must give place to intuitive focused perception - a very different thing, my friend. YouDiscipleship2, 519:which will take much intuition and spiritual perception to write, and it can only be written byDiscipleship2, 583:the ideal, my brother, for that is incidental). Perception of reality. Creative manipulation. TheseDiscipleship2, 584:hierarchical idea at any given time, of correct perception of truth as it underlies relationshipDiscipleship2, 604:of spiritual being. Of these two worlds of sense perception, the two eyes are the symbol, as youDiscipleship2, 617:and which involves the testing of their mental perception, their emotional reactions and theirDiscipleship2, 623:emotion is, in its turn, the result of sensory perception. There can be much feeling reactionDiscipleship2, 629:seed thought, capable of bringing much intuitive perception and later revelation. [630] Will youDiscipleship2, 630:mental poise bring their reward of clarified perception, then endeavor to apply the recognizedDiscipleship2, 632:hierarchical awareness; they are related to his perception of truth as response to the Master'sDiscipleship2, 671:need these days to learn this new truth, and its perception will greatly change humanDiscipleship2, 673:deep love and understanding as well as a clear perception of your status as a disciple. Since thatDiscipleship2, 690:to any growing hardness or rigidity of perception is Love, and the great lesson for all disciplesDiscipleship2, 707:from the angle of the organization. Have you the perception to realize what an esoteric schoolDiscipleship2, 731:plane activity. If you can develop mental perception to a fuller degree, and if you can achieve inDiscipleship2, 756:reach, where a supreme effort, based on clear perception and insight, is essential. To aid you inDiscipleship2, 762:with you the same quality or grade of spiritual perception. This you may deny, for your life isDiscipleship2, 762:or on the Path; and secondly, an intuitive perception of the point in evolution of those we contactDiscipleship2, 764:life of an Ashram. The solitude of spiritual perception. The solitude necessitated by the serviceEducation, 2:which is the world of ideas, of intuitive perception, of spiritual insight and understanding.Education, 40:of God and nature in terms of feeling-perception - these laid the basis of that ancientEducation, 41:to formulate concrete ideas based on material perception, material desire and material purposes -Education, 41:With the emphasis shifting away from feeling-perception to mental attitudes towards life, with theEducation, 52:The antahkarana concerns the continuity of man's perception. Education, 62:that the esotericist must enter as far as his perception permits; he will sequentially discoverEducation, 83:and the development of abstract thinking and perception will be fostered; this latter phase will beEducation, 84:education will concern itself with the right perception and use of ideas, of their transformationEducation, 113:- to which one might give the name of "mystical perception." I use this term in a far wider senseEducation, 113:would have you regard this quality of mystical perception as inclusive of: The mystical vision ofEducation, 114:you will see how inclusive the term "mystical perception" is. It is no more and no less than theEducation, 119:recognition of the fact of the mystical perception. Its primary quality will be the intuitiveExternalisation, 9:But the higher psychic powers, such as spiritual perception with its infallible knowledge, theExternalisation, 15:of the higher psychic powers - spiritual perception and telepathy. These people will constituteExternalisation, 69:the immediate situation or dilemma; too close a perception and too near a point of view does notExternalisation, 99:the mind. It is a blend of intuition, spiritual perception, cooperation with the plan andExternalisation, 120:types; men began to acquire some form of mental perception and to bring what little mind they hadExternalisation, 123:dedicated to the life of material aspiration and perception. [124] This nucleus which was saved,Externalisation, 130:and a blended expression of feeling and perception and mind, are actively and effectively workingExternalisation, 151:untinged by much mental activity or intellectual perception of the implications or the scientificExternalisation, 288:or development as man's intellect and spiritual perception unfolds; they are not basic orExternalisation, 312:out of a clear note, based on clear mental perception, the recognition of those allied in the workExternalisation, 339:- the phenomenal growth - of [339] spiritual perception. This shows itself in the fact that, inExternalisation, 339:and theological interpretations. Spiritual perception has become inclusive and now concerns theExternalisation, 359:then will have reached, the world of spiritual perception, of truth and of divine ideas will standExternalisation, 411:Path of Illumination, of which wisdom, mental perception and intuition are the aspects. Then cameExternalisation, 412:unaware of the lure of the world of sensory perception. Through dispassion, the emotional nature isExternalisation, 432:realistically but this time with true mental perception and not instinctively. The thinking man, inExternalisation, 437:in His place unmoved and unafraid, with clear perception of the truth and spiritual insight intoExternalisation, 449:human thinking which will work out in a clearer perception of necessity. What they do will evokeExternalisation, 467:You are demanding enlightenment and illumined perception for those who have to guide the destiny ofExternalisation, 506:the field of America, stimulating the intuitive perception of its people. He has under observationExternalisation, 524:(if you attempt to do so) an [524] intuitive perception of the proposed hierarchical integrity and
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